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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Virginia Kruta.

    According to a new video released by Christopher Rufo, Disney's hard left turn into politics can be traced back to then chairman Bob Iger's reaction to the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill.

    "I've obtained exclusive new video from Disney marking the exact moment the company decided to become political-days after January 6, 2021," Rufo said in an X post teasing the video.

    A short time later, he posted the two-minute clip with the following caption: "In January 2021, then-Disney chairman Bob Iger told employees he was committing the company to 'taking a stand' on politics because of January 6, then praised himself for making Black Panther, which he said was an example of 'diversity and inclusion.'"


    "We've kind of shied away from politics, and in doing so, I think we've shied away from talking about issues that aren't political at all," Iger began, arguing that people were so afraid of what might be considered political, they avoided what he believed to be important but apolitical topics.


    "Because we believe in doing so, maybe it looks like we were taking a stand, but in that reality, we should be taking a stand," he continued. "By the way, I take responsibility for this. I was CEO for 15 years. And so I managed the company's public-facing processes and how we were portraying ourselves."

    Iger went on to use January 6th as an example, saying that he believed it was time for the company to be "less cautious" about weighing in on events like that going forward.

    "That's not political on our part at all," he said. "We know that what we saw was fundamentally wrong and it was rooted in hatred, disrespect, and contempt and intolerance."

    Iger followed with a call to lean in more to projects like "Coco" and "Black Panther," saying that he had allowed himself to get self-congratulatory and "complacent" rather than building on those projects to push further projects championing diversity.

    Rufo made headlines with an earlier series of videos showing just how deep the "not at all secret gay agenda" went in Disney programming - a series of videos that ultimately prompted Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing to launch the Bentkey kids streaming app.
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