‘Shameful’: Douglas Murray Blasts Biden For Alleged Plans To ‘Reward’ Palestinians With A State | Eastern North Carolina Now

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Hank Berrien.

    Douglas Murray, the British author of "The War on the West," blasted President Biden for his alleged efforts to prepare for declaring a Palestinian state.

    "It's amazing how long bad ideas take to die. That's certainly the case with one of the least successful ideas in the world. The idea of the two-state solution in the Middle East," Murray began in an opinion piece titled, "Shameful Biden tries to reward Hamas terror with a Palestinian state."

    "How do we know it is unsuccessful? Because it has been tried for decades and never works. Generations of US Presidents have wasted energy on the idea. All based on a falsehood."

    Murray targeted the "song" he said had been sung by "Republicans and Democrats alike" that "if the Palestinian people had another state then all the other problems of the Middle East would be solved."

    "The economy of Yemen would suddenly boom," he quipped. "The Ayatollahs in Iran would suddenly grant equal rights to women. There'd be gay pride in Saudi Arabia."

    "It is a fairytale, of course," he pointed out. "None of the rest of the Arab world gives a damn about the Palestinians. Most actively hate them - seeing them as bringing terror wherever they go (as the Palestinians did when they went to Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon - to name just a few)."


    Noting that the Palestinians have "doggedly refused a state every time they were offered one," he continued, "In 2005, the Israelis effectively gifted the Palestinians a state in Gaza, when the Israeli government forced every Jew out of the area and handed the strip over to the Palestinians. And what did the Palestinians do with their new state? Well, they voted in Hamas, who then had a coup and spent 18 years taking US taxpayer dollars to build a terror state from which they invaded Israel again last year."

    "After the 7th October who on earth could believe it is a good idea for the Palestinians to be given another state?" he asked rhetorically.

    "Ever since the atrocities of October 7th, Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken have been insisting that now is just the time to 'double down' on the two-state solution," he wrote. "It is like watching an alcoholic trying to recover from a hangover by having the first drink of the morning."

    Pointing out that within a month of the October 7 Hamas massacre of Israelis Biden had insisted on a two-state solution, Murray questioned, "But why? Why after Palestinians had carried out the most brutal day of terror since the creation of the State of Israel should they be rewarded with a state? And why should it be governed by the Palestinian Authority? ... It is a totally corrupt entity."

    "On October 8th - as terrorists were still running wild across the south of Israel - Blinken told CBS, 'We think the best way to resolve [the Israeli-Palestinian conflict] remains a two-state solution,'" Murray recalled. "A month later he could be found claiming that a two-state solution was 'the only way to end a cycle of violence.' By the time he was in Davos in January Blinken was telling the New York Times that creating a Palestinian state would solve all the problems of the region, including (bizarrely) regional instability caused by Iran. ... By the end of January Blinken was reported to have ordered the State Department to review options for American recognition of a Palestinian State."

    "I wonder how many more terror attacks will come about by incentivizing terror in this way?" Murray speculated.


    "But the other reason why it is so wicked is that since 2005 we know what a Palestinian state in the West Bank would look like. It would not just be one more failed Arab state. It would be another Palestinian terror state. One which had views over the entirety of Israel and where the rockets could this time easily hit Tel Aviv, Haifa and Ben Gurion airport," he wrote.

    Murray concluded, "So long as the Palestinians celebrate terror, encourage terror and pay for terror they should not have another state. Two-states? It's not a solution. It's part of the problem."

26 days after the October 7th Terror attacks on Israel, where over 1400 Jewish men, women and children were gruesomely murdered, and hundreds more made hostage: Should the Biden /Harris administration finally state that the administration's primary Middle East negotiating partner, Iran, is behind the funding and strategy of the aggressors, the Hamas Terrorists, or continue to take the more moderate position of "Don't," which is clearly not working?
  Yes, name Iran as the funding /strategy culprit, and begin to enforce the President Trump era sanctions to END Iran's ability to prosecute this war against Israel and the United States.
  No, Iran is a valuable partner in the motives of the Biden / Harris administration, and must not be named as the culprit and our enemy.
  I have larger concerns just to survive in this economy.
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In the minds of many, since January 20, 2021, the World has become far less safe in every theater of conflict, beginning with the attack of Israel by Iran /Hamas, so the question becomes: What caused this Worldwide calamity of extreme geopolitical dysfunction, and what will correct it?
  Joe Biden is the cause of this frightening Worldwide situation, and it will end when a Republican is elected president.
  This delayed Worldwide dysfunction and constant conflict is all Donald Trump's fault, as it is with everything that occurs going forward, and long before the man ever became the 45th president..
  Joe Biden is the "root cause" of this frightening Worldwide situation, and it will end when former President Donald John Trump is elected president.
  In the imitable words of Alfred E. Newman: "What, me worry?"
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