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It happened in conservative rural Davidson County, NC.  A high school student has been suspended for using the term "illegal alien" in class, even though that is the correct legal term used thoroughout our immigration laws for those present in the country illegally.  This will now be part of his permanent school record.

An English teacher had included the word "alien" in an assignment, and the student simply asked if this was intended to mean a space alien or an illegal alien.




This travesty is even being reported in the British press:


The LIbs of Tik Tok have taken this incident viral, as it should be.   The teacher and the principle responsible for this Orwellian "thought police" / "speech police" incident should be immediately fired and the student have all negative marks removed from his record.

The way to stop this happening in Beaufort County is to vote out the school board members who are pathetic rubber stamps for our liberal superintendant - T.W. Allen, Eltha Booth, and Mack Hodges..

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( April 18th, 2024 @ 10:19 am )
What this school administration did to this student was pure evil and those responsible should be fired. Apparently, an illegal alien boy threatened to attack this kid, and it is that threat that should be punished.
Big Bob said:
( April 18th, 2024 @ 9:30 am )
White isn't evil. White people do and have done evil crazy crap and then act all but hurt if one points that out. The inability of some to own their own actions is the evil. Evil knows no color.
All of you need to man up.
( April 17th, 2024 @ 11:39 pm )
Fundamentally I believe that the super and the gang do truly want to do the best thing for students and empower them to be profitable individuals as adults. The disagreements arise on the process of how to obtain that goal.

I do not believe many of them understand that there is a deception afoot and that the “woke” status quo is one piece of a grander scheme to destabilize our society. We have been conditioned for decades to grow more and more tolerant towards lawlessness.

Under the guise of love and care, we withhold the rod of correction from civilization thus leading to less civilized people. If we create an environment where we say we will accept abominations then abominations we will foster. The acceptance of the thing breeds the thing itself.

Many are focused on the mental health of students. Yet in their ignorance, they affirm mental illness further damaging the spirit. The child is not in mental anguish because they were born in the wrong body. They are in mental anguish because they know not the God who made them.

They call themselves “woke” mentally as if it is some kind of new enlightenment like the “great awakening” but in fact it is the opposite making them dead. They do not know the Lord that they mock is the only one who can awaken the dead. Their actions fulfill the scripture that reads:

“But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;

How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.”
( April 17th, 2024 @ 8:35 pm )
With our woke school superintendant and the weak-kneed seat warmers on the school board, I could very easily see this same scenario happen here in Beaufort County.
( April 17th, 2024 @ 5:30 pm )
This is absolutely outrageous. I hope the boy's parents, having gotten nowhere with a woke imbecile of an assistant principal, will follow this on up to the principal, the school superintendant, the school board, and if that does not work, then to the courts. It is likely a conservative legal group would be willing to take up the case. If the school boards turns them down, then they need to recruit some opponents to run against those school board members.
Van Zant said:
( April 17th, 2024 @ 10:07 am )
So, in Davidson County Schools correct English is hate speech.

War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength; Two and two make FIVE! We obviously have Orwellian totalitarianism in some N.C. schools. We sure as He$$ don't want it in Beaufort County Schools.
( April 17th, 2024 @ 9:04 am )
"Illegal alien" is indeed the correct legal term as set out in the definitions in US immigration law. It is right there in the US Code. Nobody should ever be punished for using a proper and correct legal term.

The idiots on the left want to call them "undocumented immigrants" but that is not legally correct, and is an insult to real immigrants. The term "immigrant" is defined in our immigration laws as ONLY applying to those who go through the proper immigration process. Calling an illegal alien an "undocumented immigrant" is like calling a street corner drug dealers an "unlicensed pharmacist".

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