Maher Touts DeSantis’ Fight Against Disney To Protect Kids: ‘The Left Will Overlook Child F***Ing’ If Republican Calls It Out | Eastern North Carolina Now

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    Liberal comedian Bill Maher praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis this week for taking the fight to Disney over their sexualization of children.

    Maher, host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," made the remarks during his "new rule" segment on his show on Friday, which was about Hollywood's sexualization of children.

    "Have you all been watching the Max documentary called 'Quiet On Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV'? OMG. Nickelodeon, it wasn't a studio, it was Neverland Ranch with Kraft services," Maher said. "It is just scene after scene, clip after clip, of the child stars of their day being subjected to obviously inappropriate highly sexualized degradation, and quite a few pickles going through glory holes."

    "I don't know if this documentary is the talk of your town, but it is out here because it didn't just expose a dangerous workplace, it also exposed hypocrisy because it must be pointed out that when the evil governor of Florida was saying the exact same thing about kids and creepy stuff at Disney - that liberals now find intolerable at Nickelodeon - he was dismissed as a hick and a bigot," he continued. "But why would a kids content factory like Disney be all that different than the one at Nickelodeon? A 2014 CNN report discovered that at least 35 Disney employees had been arrested for sex crimes against children."

    "You know, Willie Sutton said he robbed banks because that's where the money is. And the reason we find pedophiles in the Boy Scouts and the rectory and kids TV is that's where the kids are," he continued. "DeSantis wasn't wrong, but we're so tribal now, the Left will overlook child f***ing if the guy from the wrong party calls it out. Sure, Nickelodeon messed up Amanda Bynes, but the Mickey Mouse Club was where Britney Spears got her start and she's perfectly fine."

    "And get this, after Brian Peck, who was one of the lead creeps at Nickelodeon served 16 months in prison for the molesting he did there, Disney hired him - naturally to work on a children's series," he added. "For pedophiles in Hollywood, it's a small world after all."

    Maher mocked leftists who say that "this is wrong and this is bad and exposing kids to an adult world of lurid costumes and garish makeup borders on abuse" yet they take their kids to drag queen story hour.

    "Sure kids love a clown, but does the clown have to have t**s?" Maher asked. "And when I see a 5-year-old tipping - tipping - at a bar under a sign that says, 'It's Not Going To Lick Itself,' do I have to pretend that's cool in order to keep my liberal ID card? Sorry, I can't do that."

    He said that progressives were wrong, they're not "adults wise beyond their years, they're morons."


    "They're gullible morons who'll believe anything and just want to please grown ups," he said. "And they don't have any frame of reference, so they normalize whatever is happening. That's why endlessly talking about gender to six year olds isn't just inappropriate, it's what the law would call entrapment, which means enticing people into doing something they wouldn't ordinarily do."


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