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   UPDATE OCTOBER 2016: I am throwing some political rants up for your perusal and possible a chuckle or two. Some are just to make you think and be more informed about your choices when you vote. I hope to provoke some thought beyond the meme and cliche stuff we see on social media. If you disagree feel free to cast you ballot as you see fit on November 9, 2016.

    Today's media is largely irrelevant to many of us. The playing field has been leveled by the presence of alternative media sources (like BCN) where the location of the hub does not have to be in New York or Los Angeles. Anyone with a smart phone, laptop computer and internet connection can offer their opinion. Sometime it falls flat without followers like one of Bobby Tony's political rants. Other times it may take wings and fly across the fruited plain (3rd cliché).

    I have often thought about how it would be to have a morning news show originated in the living room or coffee shop of some flyover country (4th ringy dingy) where people just sit around a real non-studio coffee table and discuss the issues of the day.

    The cost of putting that up would be minuscule compared to the large studio and expensive HD cameras and make required to have someone read a teleprompter and rehash points developed in the focus group and conference room in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City (MSNBC HQ).

    The news business today is based around ratings and advertising. It is now about the money. It was not always that way. In the early days of broadcasting, the news programs were loss leaders that were required by government mandate to keep your broadcast license. The newsreader was most likely the last guy hired and he was required to read the AP or UPI feeds just after or before the RCA test pattern. Eventually we added a deep voiced announcer with a non-specific accent and we were off to the races (Cha-chign)

Click here if your test pattern is blurred.

    Isn't it ironic that we had to establish a large bureaucracy to monitor free speech? ( (Federal Communication Commission) Their job is to monitor the free access of information to the public and be sure that no one is abusing their "free speech right." They currently employ 1720 people and have an annual budget of $388 million.

    Like any government institution, they are more interested in diversity than actual work.   Do not worry, like any good government agency there are a few unaccounted for employees. In this case it appears to be 32 not fitting the pie chart description.

    I would like to see a pie chart on the viewing habits of all 1720 employees. That would give me more information about their effectiveness than the mix of left and right handed people. How many are watching porn on the government TV's?

    My proposal would cost little and would be a rotating venue that originates where people live and work instead of a studio. The local resturant, pub or neighbor's porch. We are fast approaching the time where the test of a representative government is determined by the density of population. Those states with the most people make the rules for the rest of us. Our founders envisioned that and properly instituted States Rights which eventually led to a war and the rule of the majority that we now seem to have. 

    I would replace the FCC with a coffee monitor. When someone gets off base (bingo 6th) the monitor would cut off their coffee supply and mute their lapel microphone. Of course they would still continue to record everyone's lapel microphone in case someone says something that could be considered news worthy. One other idea I had was that each lapel microphone come with a bar of soap and a note to remember that "BIG BOTHER IS WATCHING."

       So do not pay too much attention to what you hear in various news media outlets and especially from so called Political commentators unless you have verified the facts for yourself. Now if I may have missed a cliché  (or two) please make note of it to yourself. You see in my scenario, you are the final editor and authority.

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