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The Democrat party began creeping to complete dysfunction before the lame Occupy Wall Street movement, the Socialism and Barack Hussein Obama, but, now, the Democrat party has ruptured into a full blown hemorrhage of loyal voters, flowing out and away.

In Georgia's hotly contested 6th District congressional race, the Democrats' Resistance Movement never really caught on.

    The Democrat party began creeping to complete dysfunction before the anti-Capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement, the Socialism, and Barack Hussein Obama, but now, the Democrat party has ruptured into a full blown hemorrhage of loyal voters, flowing out and away. The tone of the Democrat leadership's response reminds one that this party, as the patient, may end up bleeding to death, whereby the leadership stays in power of this zombie-like-party tending majorities never regained in congress, and few presidential hopefuls ever making their Socialist way into the Oval Office.

    Remarkably, this barren political landscape will be gained by default; the Republicans, who at least govern by a modicum constitutional ideals, are in a mild disarray, and, while it is certain that they are without consistent direction, they are at least struggling to find a group footing and will, eventually, find a unified focus on a path forward. Where the The Democrats are failing is that they elected to become the party of identity politics, a party assuming the identity of every special interest group, and, therefore, with only one clear message - 'we are there for all of you', regardless that there will be real conflicts between all of the groups at some point. 'For all the rest of you that are loyal to the betterment of the Republic, you are not welcome here in our Democrat party'.

    This identity lace inclusive party to these splintered special interest parasites, but exclusive to patriots desirous of saving the Republic manifests a pitiful success rate of late, and that ever present Democrat philosophy can be well gauged by their four losses in the recent special elections. Special elections, where congressional seats traditionally held by Republicans in recent times, were won handily, yet again, by the GOP. Regardless of the recent political history of these Republican held seats, the Democrat party challenged mightily, wrongly convinced that Trump's so-called unpopularity in the Democrat Media tracking polls would translate into newfound political successes for the Progressive Liberals; the political heart of today's Democrat party.

    It did not happen. In fact all I heard was the flushing sound of Liberal's contributions forever spent on four lost causes.

    The most recent Democrat lost cause, Georgia's congressional 6th District, the former seat held by the Trump Administration's HHS Secretary Tom Price, was targeted by the Democrat party as a probable victory; so certain that they could win, they spent six times more campaign treasure than the Republicans to win this Republican held seat. The Democrat challenger, Jon Ossoff, was a good candidate; looked the part, worked hard campaigning, spent more than enough of the campaign funds necessary to win, but still lost by over 10,000 votes to the Republican, Karen Handel, who raised and spent one sixth of the money than that of her Democrat opponent.

    The Democrat Media breathlessly reported that Candidate Ossoff was an erudite candidate smartly campaigning to win a highly educated congressional district (as if smart people vote for Democrats, "Deplorable" Rednecks for Trump), and would, because of recent favorable polls (as we learned in the 2016 general election, the early polls are always right - Hillary was victorious: Right?), win the race for the Democrats for the first time since 1978. Well, the early polls were way off, and while documentary filmmaker Jon Ossoff was, that good, very well funded (most of the money from Hollywood New York Liberals /Socialists), a majority of Georgia's 6th District voters just could not stomach just one more Liberal voting by the dictates of Nancy Pelosi, who governs strictly by the guided course of her so often stammered San Francisco values. Additionally, one might assume that Georgia's "well educated voters" just do not hate Trump at the level that New York /Hollywood Liberals unquestionably assumed.

    Could it also be that Georgia's 6th District voters do not embrace the core Democrats "Resistance" movement, where all efforts on behalf of their constituents is to obstruct the Republican /Trump agenda, which could be well influenced by Democrat bipartisanship. With our Republic truly now treading in troubled waters, these core Democrats would rather expend their misguided efforts to make matters worse for all Americans, and then lay ample polititcal blame on all elected Republicans, President Trump and the Basket of Deplorables that put them in office. This is the political climate that now exists in some Liberal /Socialist sectors of our United States.

    All the while, Liberals /Socialists bask in their newfound misbegotten momentum from their so-called Resistance Movement. This silly little exercise for yet one more infantile identity politics rallying point for yet another poorly considered exercise to win the hearts and minds of the unknowing, which well appears to be the core of the Democrat party.

    Years ago, in an attempt to lower the functional IQ of this Millennial Generation, to make them more intellectually malleable to their collective Progressive will, the predominately Liberal Education Industry has limited the instruction of our History as Americans as citizens of this World. Also, to lend new perspective to an age old necessity to get the past right, some stories of all collective past have been revised to represent a more fulsome Liberal perspective.

    At the nexus of this generation of unmotivated minds, we have great groups led by intellectual tyrants, who profess to be anti-fascist, but have a poor understanding of fascism at best, while engaged in a puffed up, petty Resistance Movement, where they have none or little knowledge of what resistance to tyranny actually looks like. Led by intellectually dishonest leaders, like L. Hillary Clinton, their cool little Resistance exercise for this Millennial inclusion of purpose denegrates the real Resitance movements of heroes who fought to overthrow real Fascist tyranny.

    A mere 75 years ago, a brutal war was waged to remove real Nazi Fascism from the whole of Europe, much of the Middle East, and to keep it from the shores of our United States. From the the shadows of France to the Ghettos of Warsaw and the streets of Serbia, this Resistance movement, in conjunction with the Allied powers, fought the Fascist Nazis at every strategic point of strategic interest, costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of Resistance fighters (men, women and children) and their collateral families, and greatly aided in the overthrow of the regimes of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. To liken a silly hissy fit by Core Democrats to their heroic struggle to resist the tyranny of real murderous Fascism sullies their heroic struggle, while casting, yet again, the new core Democrat as a poorly informed, non patriotic pathetic puppet of the Liberal /Socialist Elites.

    I just do not see the Democrat party recovering from this hyperbolic level of intellectual dishonesty to the point that they will be viable in an intellectually recovering republic, which is my sincere "hope" for the 'changing' of our United States, their "Resistance" movement be damned.

In regards to the Russia Election Tampering matter: Is President Trump being treated fairly by core Democrats and the Mainstream Media?
  Yes, the new president is guilty until proven innocent.
  No, President Trump's treatment is dictated by the usual Democrat double standard.
  Don't care; there are more important issues facing America.
117 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

In regards to the Russia Election Tampering matter: Is President Trump being treated fairly by core Democrats and the Mainstream Media?
  Yes, the new president is guilty until proven innocent.
  No, President Trump's treatment is dictated by the usual Democrat double standard.
  Don't care; there are more important issues facing America.
117 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

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( June 23rd, 2017 @ 6:49 pm )
Correctamundo Old Friend.

It is not so much who controls the polls, but who controls the ballot box; long a Democrat maxim. I Our of my 5 general election victories, I had one recount, whereby I was challenged when I only won by about 45 votes. When it looked like I would prevail against the Democrat Board of Election, the local Democrat Newspaper - The Washington Daily News - wrote an editorial stating: "If Stan Deatherage really cared about the county taxpayer, he would concede and not unduly cost the already strapped taxpay for the cost of the recount."

I reiterate, I'm the candidate that won the race and was challenged.

I tend to have a very honest understanding of the Democrat /Liberal mind; and, you know, 'a mind is a terrible thing to waste'.
( June 23rd, 2017 @ 4:23 pm )
Since North Carolina is going through the lawsuits about redistricting, I thought it would be interesting to show how Gerrymandering affects a district in Georgia.

Jon Ossoff lost by about 10,000 votes. Democrats won both neighboring districts with a 351,644 vote Democratic margin. Which prompted the question show below. There were plenty of Democratic votes to spare in both the adjacent districts.

Urban areas make it extremely difficult to draw a demographic neutral district.

Drawing the districts is reminiscent of Stalin's quote “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.” Sounds Like a Democrat to me.
( June 23rd, 2017 @ 11:56 am )
These core Democrats have got to have that warm, reassuring feeling around their ankles right now; some to be working its way up their leg kind of like a Chris Mathews "tingle".

At this point, they better get some real solid dirt on the President and his team, or, it could be lights out for the Liberals /Socialists.
( June 23rd, 2017 @ 8:45 am )
Stan, you know this much better than anything I can imagine.

If you feel that everything is okay because you have a warm feeling, look around you may be in a pile of $h!t. (my old man)
( June 23rd, 2017 @ 8:12 am )
Fine work B.T. on giving us the politically scientific overview.

What may be the case here in Georgia's 6th District may translate into these very poor election results turning even worse if the Democrats continue down their monolithic path of destroying President Trump at all costs.
( June 23rd, 2017 @ 8:06 am )
The district has changing demographics and does not represent a solid Republican district any more. Trump only won by 1.5% but Price won by 61%. As you might suspect the old OCD Rooster has researched the numbers trying to understand the changes.

( June 23rd, 2017 @ 8:00 am )
A huge campaign war chest can make a significant difference, and he did outwardly appear to be a good candidate. If he had run in a district that included mostly Charlotte, he would have won.
( June 23rd, 2017 @ 7:07 am )
It scares me that Ossoff got 47% of the vote without living in Atlanta and no experience.

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