It was a Week ... Again ... of Rants; Continued in Segments - Volume VII | Beaufort County Now | I speak my mind whether my audience cares to hear what I stand and deliver, or not. This is a transparency /honesty feature that erupted in me many decades ago, when I was first elected to the office of Beaufort County Commissioner in November, 1994.

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It was a Week ... Again ... of Rants; Continued in Segments - Volume VII

    I speak my mind whether my audience cares to hear what I stand and deliver, or not. This is a transparency /honesty feature that erupted in me many decades ago, when I was first elected to the office of Beaufort County Commissioner in November, 1994. It was then that I decided, should I do this job right, honor the position /the office, then I should never really consider re-election, and to that end, always be honest and transparent in my duties, and how I represent such.

    This post that I submit here on BCN is a collection of rants that I submit to Facebook, which I have not incorporated into any other opinion to date. These comments of mine are quite raw, succinct and mostly regard this crazy political season on our national stage, where there is no shortage of substance, yet a true disparity of truth coming from the Democratic Socialist Leftists. Therefore, it is my option and pleasure to extend my efforts to keep the reality of it all transparently active.

    I have always wondered from whence these rants of mine originate; could if be my bitter honesty, or my quickened consternation for the Propagandists running the Fake News roughshod over real Americans, pounding the lot of us all a little bit further down by their Leftist activism. Regardless, it is within me, and through these rants if becomes completely out of me for a while, and that is my free right to do so as per our First Amendment guaranteed right, which, as publisher of a very large informational platform, and far less partisan than any propagandist outlet, I hold very dearly.

    Here below is a collection of these professions of my perspective beginning October 1, 2020, with a continuing list of all such posts here:

Please Be Patient - November 18, 2020

    I know that there are those that are well influenced by the Wanton Propaganda and Censorship Industry, and while they may not realize the systemic, coordinated failings within the 2020 General Election, possibly nationwide, they need to realize there will be a peaceful transition of power ... but not an easy one.

    Everyday, there is a growing part of me that sees that the inauguration of the next president may be postponed for a few months, and we may possibly get a new election for president under far tighter and real, legal scrutiny. It could happen, and I caution everyone to be ready for it.


All American Freak Show Compliments of the Democratic Socialists - November 18, 2020

    Now I have seen, and much of it was hard to watch, America's second most horrendous /Republic ending, thus systemic issue going forward.

    The greatest systemic horrendous /Republic ending issue in America, and will remain so until it is overhauled top to bottom; but mostly at the top, is our failed Education Industry.

    But I digress, the second greatest systemic problem in America today, which is also a condition of the flagging Education Industry, is the wanton propaganda and censorship industry. Remarkably, both abhorrent industries are peopled, in vast majorities, by Democratic Socialists.

    This is how elections are stolen; this is how Republics fail and fall.

    Yesterday, November 17, 2020, the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned and considered two major components of the vast wanton propaganda and censorship industry - Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook - which was a disaster for them and every Democratic Socialist Senator bowing and scraping to these billionaires, who well know digital algorithms, but nothing about the First Amendment.

    And, therein lies their Achilles heal. They are no longer in the digital platform business, they are now publications that editorialize posing as social networks.

    However, they could still get away with this; just take the time to observer Democratic Socialist Senators: Chris, "I'm really not that short" Coons; Mazie "I'm really not that Crazy" Hirono; Corey "I am Spartacus" Booker.

    While "Crazy Mazie" and "Spartacus" opined in unintelligible ramblings, "Short Stuff" Coons begged for censorship as an ally to more Democratic Socialist hegemony. "Short Stuff" is an educated lawyer, albeit a Democratic Socialist politician, yet does not understand the First Amendment or 47 U.S. Code 230.

    Yeah, I was disgusted. If the Democratic Socialists are allowed to steal more elections like they did in the 2020 General Election, I reckon I better get use to it until the Republic fails, for it cannot be sustained under these horrendous conditions.


Could Covid Joe be the Next President? - November 16, 2020

    I just watched Covid Joe and the Propagandist Media enact a pre-scripted news conference and question period, when about halfway through, I could not tell who was more stupid - Covid Joe, or the well dressed, extra-polite Propagandists acting as journalist imposters; where I did not recognize one of them, which was really odd.

    If Joe China prevails, and becomes the 46th president of the United States, both Covid Joe and his Democratic Socialist Media Lapdogs better smarten up, or I will have an ongoing field day every day.

The Assciative Justice Sounds the Alarm Regarding the First Amendment - November 13, 2020

    Justice Samuel Alito, in his speech to the Federalist Society, stood tall in his stout defense for the First Amendment, and boy did the "hit dog yelp".

    A majority of the yelping Democratic Socialists will never defend our First Amendment, and a great group of that majority of those Democratic Socialists are actively working to subvert and destroy this most important amendment to our United States Constitution.

    I see it every day, and you should too.


John Kennedy Zings the Former FBI Fool - November 10, 2020

    Andrew McCabe was questioned by the US Senate Judiciary, about his direct involvement in perpetrating the Russia Hoax upon America's patriots, and it was clear from his specious non answers that his strategy is to assume the Dumbass Defense.

    Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, truly one of the funniest guys to ever occupy the senate chambers, said this (and I paraphrase), 'What do you think the American People think about that answer Mr. McCade? I'll tell you what I think the American People are thinking, sir; I think the American People are questioning how you ever made it down the birth canal.'

    Now, that is funny ... and an accurate assessment.


Should President Trump concede the 2020 Presidential Election to the Biden /Harris team before all the votes are counted, and states' elections certified?
  Yes, Trump will lose in the end anyway.
  No, the President should continue to uncover the truth of the most flawed election in modern American history.
  I don't vote, so I don't care.
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