It was a Week ... Again ... of Rants; Continued in Segments - Volume VIII | Beaufort County Now | I speak my mind whether my audience cares to hear what I stand and deliver, or not. This is a transparency /honesty feature that erupted in me many decades ago, when I was first elected to the office of Beaufort County Commissioner in November, 1994.

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It was a Week ... Again ... of Rants; Continued in Segments - Volume VIII

    I speak my mind whether my audience cares to hear what I stand and deliver, or not. This is a transparency /honesty feature that erupted in me many decades ago, when I was first elected to the office of Beaufort County Commissioner in November, 1994. It was then that I decided, should I do this job right, honor the position /the office, then I should never really consider re-election, and to that end, always be honest and transparent in my duties, and how I represent such.

    This post that I submit here on BCN is a collection of rants that I submit to Facebook, which I have not incorporated into any other opinion to date. These comments of mine are quite raw, succinct and mostly regard this crazy political season on our national stage, where there is no shortage of substance, yet a true disparity of truth coming from the Democratic Socialist Leftists. Therefore, it is my option and pleasure to extend my efforts to keep the reality of it all transparently active.

    I have always wondered from whence these rants of mine originate; could if be my bitter honesty, or my quickened consternation for the Propagandists running the Fake News roughshod over real Americans, pounding the lot of us all a little bit further down by their Leftist activism. Regardless, it is within me, and through these rants if becomes completely out of me for a while, and that is my free right to do so as per our First Amendment guaranteed right, which, as publisher of a very large informational platform, and far less partisan than any propagandist outlet, I hold very dearly.

    Here below is a collection of these professions of my perspective beginning October 1, 2020, with a continuing list of all such posts here:

Who is Up First? - December 1, 2020

    Who will get the vaccine first?

    Well, if it does not get political and remains logical, which could be an impossibility with more Democratic Socialists in charge, the answers are simple - you give the vaccine to those that want it and are on the front line, and, or more susceptible to die from infection, especially the elderly.

    Regrettably, I have heard some illogical comments that we should first vaccinate the young because they have longer to live, which makes absolutely no sense, and cannot be supported by debate of data.

    In all actuality, the vaccine should first go to: doctors, nurses; those in extended care facilities and those that care for them; law enforcement; K -12 teachers and some administration; military personnel, oldest first and definitely sailors first; and then the elderly not in extended care, especially those with pre-existing conditions.

    After those folks vaccinated, I would suggest: federal, state and county prisoners; day care workers; social workers; then college professors, oldest first if they have not already qualified.

    After those folks, I would suggest: all folks who are employed who have not been vaccinated by any other criteria.

    What do you think, and what would you do if you could make these decisions?


Take Them Down? No, Not Yet. - November 28, 2020

    I was just in the western part of North Carolina, staying in Blue Watauga County, and along the way in my travels, even in Blue Watauga, I noticed that the Trump 2020 signs are not coming down. They even look to be fortified in structure, as if they are being maintained, especially the big ones.

    Here in North Carolina, one would wonder how Covid Joe (or 'Just Plain Covid Joe from Scranton') got even close to possibly winning the state of NC.

    But now, after careful consideration of how the Biden Campaign was able to pull this election off, so far; remembering that I am a rather astute political observer and sometime consultant, I may have the answer to their ominous success: THEY CHEATED!

    With the help of: local Democratic Socialist governors and their corrupt state boards of elections; corrupt Democratic Socialist state's attorney generals; the corrupt Propagandist Media, aka Fake News; the abject Censorship of the Trump message, including real investigative journalism, on all Democratic Socialist owned and operated Social Network platforms; the politically packaged Covid Pandemic ("follow the science") stupidity; the corrupt Deep State of three letter agencies; elitist and corrupt corporations spending billions to buy what may be America's first Idiot President, they were able to coordinate this outcome.

    My final analysis here: My Trump signs are going back up too, and I am keeping them up. It is kind of an unspoken coordinated thing.


Sidney Powell is Gone but Not Forgotten; Wait for It ... - November 23, 2020

    For all you supporters of President Trump, and his struggles against this farcical election constructed and construed by those who have, would and will always cheat, lie and steal; vomiting propaganda, ad nauseam, just to hold power, it may be nearing the end, and we all may need to lick our wounds, discover the obvious, and prevent this from ever happening again.

    Our Republic cannot continue when non patriots foment an environment of lies, supported by the vast majority of the media - The Propaganda and Censorship Board for Democratic Socialist Awareness - including their intolerance of what is real, which is their constant and resolute projection of Socialist (FB changed the typed socialist to separatist, and now I am changing it back) ideals.

    The reason I am coming to this sad conclusion is that Sidney Powell, proudly a North Carolina native, is no longer on Mr. Trump's defense of fair elections team. Sidney Powell, known well by all curious Conservatives, is a lioness for truth, a true heroine of a statuesque woman, a shieldmaiden for the righteousness of the Rule of Law - regrettably for whatever reason and purpose, her services will no longer be available to the Mr. Trump's team.

    Whether they, or anyone else realizes this, Sidney Powell will be sorely missed.
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