WTAS: Democrats Continue to Lose Hispanics | Beaufort County Now | President Joe Biden and the Democrats continue to blame everyone and everything except themselves for the current economic crisis the country is in.

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    Washington, D.C. - President Joe Biden and the Democrats continue to blame everyone and everything except themselves for the current economic crisis the country is in. With inflation hitting a 40-year high and Hispanic families' approval of President Biden hitting a record low at 26%, here is what real Hispanic voters are saying:

    Arizona: Aguirre, 43, usually votes for the Democratic Party. But with inflation hitting a 40-year high in February he has a stark warning for Democrats as they seek to keep control of the U.S. Congress in November's elections.

    "If the Republican Party has something better to offer us, I will vote Republican," said Aguirre. Republicans, he believes, are generally better economic stewards who could have more success in reducing prices.

    Arizona: In the Maryvale district of Phoenix, retiree Jose L. Mendez, 66, stands with his wife Maria, 63, next to a shopping cart filled with rice, pinto beans, tacos and kitchen roll.

    Mendez, who has voted Democratic every year since 1988, had driven 45 minutes to hunt for bargains. He thinks Democratic spending has partly caused rising prices and thinks Republicans might do a better job.

    "Inflation has affected us a lot. I'm willing to change my vote," he said.

    Arizona: Evangelina Diaz, 56, drives about an hour from Maricopa, Arizona, to her job in central Phoenix. Gasoline prices hit particularly hard in the state, where workers drive further and more often than the average American. She says filling her tank now costs up to $50.

    "We're working to put gas in our car," Diaz said. "It's real ridiculous."

    Colorado: In the district's town of Platteville, Daniela Castro Tobar, 19, was working the front of Rosalee's, her family's restaurant. She considers herself a liberal and voted for Biden in 2020. But the economic pain inflation is causing her family is making her reconsider her support for Democrats.

    "I'm very open to either party right now. We're all suffering right now, we're all dealing with inflation," Castro said.

    Colorado: Julian Verdugo was still dressed in his dusty oilfield work clothes when he took over behind the counter in the small Mexican sweets shop his family owns in Commerce City, a heavily Latino area near Platteville.

    As the 24-year-old helped a customer decide what treats she should stock up on for a party, he explained why he was considering casting his ballot for Republicans, breaking with family tradition.

    "I was raised as a Democrat. But then I started working in the oil and gas industry, and I realized the Democrats are really against it," he said. "Now, with the inflation of fuel, we've had to raise prices in this candy shop three times in the last three months because our products are shipped from Mexico."

    Florida: In Orlando, Florida, Fox News found Leticia Andaverde, who says her biggest worries right now are the price of gas and maintaining good employment. When asked if she feels the influx of migrants at southern border will impact how she votes in November, she told Fox News, yes.

    "I feel the more people you add in a home, the more problems it can create," Andaverde said. "There's a lot of American people right now in need. And they're giving people that come from other countries the help where there's already enough people here that need that help."

    North Carolina: North of where Andaverde lives, in Charlotte, North Carolina, Edgar Ulises says he worries most about the economy and says he thinks the American dream is gone.

    Las Vegas: Heading West, Fox News found Hector Zaragoza in Las Vegas, Nevada, who calls the current administration's handling of illegal immigration, 'very poor, very sad." Zaragoza worries for the victims of sex trafficking and expressed frustration over the decision to end Title 42. "I believe it is, it's just like opening the borders and saying, welcome. That's all he's doing."

    Many Americans across the county are hurting thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrats: Of 35 Hispanic voters, Reuters spoke to in two toss-up races in Arizona and Colorado, 20 - including Aguirre - said soaring inflation is causing them to seriously consider voting for Republicans. The majority of those said they usually vote Democrat. Of the 18 Hispanic voters in Phoenix who spoke to Reuters, all said inflation was by far the most pressing issue for them. Record-high gas prices, and a doubling and tripling in the cost of food, was putting enormous strain on family budgets.

    Will Mark Kelly, Michael Bennett, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Cheri Beasley continue to support President Biden's radical agenda that's hurting Americans, or will they start working for the American people? They should explain to voters in their states why inflation is destroying the American Dream.

   Contact: NRSC Communications
   Email: NRSCCommunications@nrsc.org
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