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Conservative pundits like Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Michael Barron, Charles Krauthammer et al were fairly confident in their predictions that Romney would sweep to victory.

    Publisher's note: Alicia Colon casts a keen eye on the socioeconomic machinations of 2012 presidential Election in her missive , which was originally published in The Irish Examiner.

    Conservative pundits
Although one would think that the economy was the primary challenge, it wasn't. The super wealthy would continue to be rich and the poor have the government teat to suck on from cradle to grave. It is the middle class that was most concerned about the sinking economy. - Alicia Colon
like Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Michael Barron, Charles Krauthammer et al were fairly confident in their predictions that Romney would sweep to victory. Some, like Dick Morris, had even mentioned a possible landslide. The mood around conservatives was increasingly optimistic that the country would be saved. I held back on this hope because most journalists and pundits live in a different world than I and consequently I have a different perspective because I live in the real one. That means living in the neighborhoods with the, "Keep Obama in president, you know, He gave us a phone" citizens.

    My home is near garden apartments that the landlord has filled up with section 8 tenants since the housing market crashed and he can no longer sell the property. There is a swift vacancy turnaround because many have been arrested for drugs. While they are here they get food stamps, furniture vouchers, free phones, heating vouchers paid by HEAP even though heat is provided free by the landlord.

    A few blocks away is a large housing project with a parking lot filled with SUVs and new expensive cars bearing Obama stickers. The local stores opposite the public housing are bodegas, 99 cent stores and their windows reflect that they take food stamps and of course there are the ubiquitous Obama posters blocking an inside view of the premises.

    My daughter teaches in an inner-city parochial school and all her black students think Obama is a great president but can't explain why. They only repeat what their parents say which are Democrat talking points heard in the mainstream media and BET.

    I live on the North Shore of Staten Island which is heavily Democrat unlike the rest of the Island which supported John McCain in 2008. This area also largely escaped the wrath of Hurricane Sandy which made voting easier. The devastated families on the shores who lost their businesses and homes are middle class taxpayers and are predominantly white. They are still awaiting assistance from a city unprepared to deal with this part of the Island because it frequently votes Republican. In addition, these Islanders are independent and are unfamiliar with government bureaucracy except when paying taxes. In other words, they don't know how to work the system.

    The blame game for Romney's loss is ongoing with New Jersey governor Chris Christie being blamed for breaking Romney's surging momentum by embracing and praising President Obama for doing what he was supposed to do anyway. He made Obama look presidential when in actuality he did not do very much nor did FEMA to assist the hardest hit. After this painful loss, the establishment GOP is rethinking its message with a possible move to the center and reaching out to minorities, yada, yada, yada.

    What drove me nuts during the long campaign is how inept the party is in getting their message out where it belongs. It continually preached to the choir in outlets that were already in its pockets. I have never seen a Republican candidate campaign in my neck of the woods. They do not visit the local public schools or churches but the Democrats do but only in an election year. When I lived in Spanish Harlem, I saw many Democrat social clubs but not one Republican one. The GOP will never get minorities to vote in large numbers for them even though their policies would benefit their lives.

    The Republican Party is simply not street smart. When the RNC had Michael Steele as chairman it ignored all his recommendations to wise up and instead the establishment voted him out as soon as possible. Hard core conservatives viewed his reign as pandering to the lower element and surrendering our principles.

    Well, folks, the lower elements just reelected Obama for another destructive four years. Here's the sad truth: this country is dominated by an enemy that wants to undo the capitalist society that made this country great and by those totally ignorant of our history and easily seduced by that enemy.

    Condoleezza Rice wrote a column about Republicans sending mixed messages and in a way she is right but the answer isn't changing the message but spelling it out better. This especially applies to three issues: climate change, abortion, and immigration.

    Although one would think that the economy was the primary challenge, it wasn't. The super wealthy would continue to be rich and the poor have the government teat to suck on from cradle to grave. It is the middle class that was most concerned about the sinking economy. Thus the Democrats waged their battle using class warfare and fear tactics at women, Hispanics and stupid Hollywood celebrities who believe life is one big disaster movie.

    What they need to do is simplify the talking points for the 2014 race when the Senate will be in play.

    Climate change: Yes, there is climate change and there has always been change even before man appeared on earth. Most of the global warming hysteria has been debunked and was caused by faulty data and corrupt scientists. Google the facts. In any event we should only be concerned about cleaning up the environment to protect ourselves from contaminants in the air and water. Clean air and water should be our primary objective not saving a planet that has been taking care of itself for billions of years and routinely killing us in the process.

    Abortion: Roe v Wade was a bad decision. The entire case was built on lies. Just ask Jane Roe (Norma McCovey). Overturning it would not restrict abortion but return it to the states. Pro-life candidates should say this and just shut up. Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar corrupt industry undeserving of taxpayers' funding. If it was really concerned with woman's health it wouldn't be hiding the abortion deaths caused at its clinics. Look it up.

    Immigration: Quit obsessing about the illegal immigrants already here and the word amnesty. There have always been illegals here for centuries, many from European nations whose progeny ultimately become upstanding citizens. Most of us do not care about those who are already here unless they are criminals or do not want to assimilate to our culture and laws. That means no sharia.. What we don't want is giving illegals food stamps, health care, SSI, social security and disability benefits that only legal citizens and immigrants should receive. Charities should be allowed to tend to their basic needs without penalties. Secure our borders and reform our immigration system to accept worthy applicants and deny those from hostile nations. I use the word "illegals" because it is accurate. Calling them "undocumented" is political correctness gone stupid.

    Now that I've put my two cents in, here's my take on the election. Romney was robbed. Voter fraud was rampant especially in Philadelphia. Van loads of non-English speaking Somalis were bussed into Ohio to vote early for Obama.

    Machines in several states changed Romney votes to Obama.

    In 2004, a computer programmer Mr. Clint Curtis testified under oath that he had created a prototype program that would allow a user to alter the vote totals while using the touch-screen machine. The program had to be written so that even the human-readable computer code would not show its illicit capabilities, Curtis recalled. I would have liked to see a recount in several iffy states. That didn't happen but depression is not an option for this Latina. Despair is what old Beelzebub uses to recruit his minions.

    I think Mitt Romney is a very good, decent man and would have been a superb president and in that respect my perspective is the same as the afore-mentioned bloviators.

    Publisher's note: Alicia Colon resides in New York City and can be reached at aliciav.colon@gmail.com and at www.aliciacolon.com. Alicia would dearly love to hear from you.
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