The Left Has Zero Idea How To React To Conservatives Actually Using Government Power | Eastern North Carolina Now | Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has certainly flung the Left into a tizzy this week, but not solely because he sent 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. The real reason for Democrat hysteria is that DeSantis’ move is the newest sign that the GOP is starting to wield government power.

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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Tim Meads.

    Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has certainly flung the Left into a tizzy this week, but not solely because he sent 50 illegal aliens to Martha's Vineyard. The real reason for Democrat hysteria is that DeSantis' move is the newest sign that the GOP is starting to wield government power.

    That reality has the Left terrified.

    The Florida Republican is the latest GOP state executive to actually use the authority granted to him under his state's constitution. Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, both Republicans, have been sending illegal aliens to Democratic districts as well.

    DeSantis' decision to send them to Martha's Vineyard, however, placed the illegal aliens on the island home to some of the most important players in Democratic politics.

    The Obamas and President Joe Biden's climate czar John Kerry summer there. It regularly boasts of its exclusive lodgings and Island authenticity - whatever that means. Illegal aliens - at least not the kind needing help - were never supposed to arrive there.

    And yet they did. Martha's Vineyard got a dose of what life is like for thousands of towns throughout the country.

    In reaction, folks like Ken Burns compared the flights to the Holocaust. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said it was all around "shameful ... reckless, and just plain wrong."

    Those same people, of course, were silent when Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot moved illegal aliens out of her city to wealthy suburbs. And they have also never condemned Biden's own migrant flights that allegedly ship illegal aliens in the dead of night across the country.

    Why would they? Nobody expects Democrats to genuinely rebuke those actions.

    It is obvious progressives do not actually care about the illegal aliens or any other issue they claim to be concerned with. They simply care about political power and preventing conservatives from using it.

    That means when President Donald Trump was in charge, Democrats accused him and other Republicans of being xenophobic racists for wanting a secure border. In turn, leftists argued that anybody and everyone who wants to come to America should be welcomed. That's what Emma Lazarus' poem at the Statue of Liberty says, after all. These progressives passed edicts making themselves sanctuary cities and safe havens for unlawful border crossers - including Martha's Vineyard.

    Now that a Republican governor has taken them up on their offer and has actually given them what they voted for - more illegal immigrants - they are slandering that politician as a fascist and despot.

    They have no real vocal response other than to call the Florida conservative a "racist." Meanwhile, they are now shipping the migrants to a new community, just as DeSantis did.

    In other words, they are frauds.

    Progressives have been phonies for quite some time, but the Democratic Party has never really received any true pushback from conservatives besides being called hypocrites.

    That doesn't really work because in American culture, being branded a racist is far worse than being called a hypocrite. Democrats didn't care that they were called hypocrites because they continued to advance their agenda without anybody stopping them.

    Republican politicians were afraid of being called racist, and therefore acquiesced and refused to use the levers at their disposal.

    Until now.

    As DeSantis' rapid response director, Christina Pushaw, pointed out, the flights were paid for by taxpayers under the 2022-2023 budget signed by DeSantis.

    "Underrated aspect of Martha's Vineyard meltdown today: The funding for transporting illegal aliens to sanctuary jurisdictions was a highlight of the budget @GovRonDeSantis signed MONTHS ago," Pushaw tweeted. "Dem legislators performing outrage today voted for it 🤡 Promises made, promises kept."

    This fiscal year, the Florida government allotted $12 million so that DeSantis could remove illegal aliens from its borders. DeSantis implemented that portion of the budget.

    He used his authority to benefit the Floridian people, to many conservatives' delight.

    Even Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) praised the move.

    "Right now Arizona and Texas and a few others take the whole burden, and other states ought to take their fair share," said Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT).

    But of course, the Democratic states would never take their fair share unless forced to, which is precisely what DeSantis, Ducey, and Abbott are doing. Tyrants - which is what the Left really are - don't do things out of the kindness of their hearts. They only respond to political force.

    As concisely explained by strategist Logan Hall, "You don't beat the Left by flat appeals to hypocrisy or morality. You beat the Left by using their tactics against them. They hate nothing more than a dose of their own medicine. Fight fire with fire. Double down."

    Ideally, the illegal alien bus trips and flights will continue until the border is closed.

    The views expressed in this piece are the author's own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

In what may be the most divisive period in modern American History, even more divisive than the turbulent sixties due to today's lack of patriotism, consider what are the major catalysts causing so much of this calamity of conflict, and vote: What most instigates the division of America, on this day September 20, 2022?
  Racism within our society
  Sex realignment to the detriment of our society.
  Biden /Harris Wide Open Southern Border Policy for the Demographic Upheaval of OUR Constitutional Republic
  Rampant Crime in Democratic controlled cities, and the possible contagion elsewhere
  Covid Pandemic, and its mishandling at the political, and bureaucratic levels.
  The unresolved questions /allegation regarding the flawed 2020 General Election
  January 6th Riot or "Armed Insurrection", depending upon patriotic perspective
  Joe Biden as Divisive Leader; Ineffective and Corrupt Executive
  Failed Education Industry, from an overall perspective, regarding all levels of education.
  Propagandistic Media in complete conflict with the First Amendment's guarantee of Freedom of Speech, and the awesome responsibility of a Free Press..
  "Orangeman Bad!"
  Bureaucracy rushing to a behemoth size, its unjustified expense, and far too often overreach.
  The Weaponized Deep State for political purposes
  A secular ambivalence to all that is real.
  Record number of overdose deaths from opioids and now Fentanyl
  Biden Administration's disastrous Foreign Policy
  Bidenflation /supply chain failure inevitably evolving into stagflation and recession.
  "Ultra MAGA Extremists" freely speaking louder AND LOUDER!
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