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    In the southern part of Texas
    In the town of San Antone
    There's a fortress all in ruins
    That the weeds have overgrown

    Colonel Travis, Davey Crockett,
    And a hundred eighty more
    Captain Dickinson, Jim Bowie
    Present and accounted for

    With his banners a-dancin'
    In the dawn's golden light
    Santa Anna came prancin'
    On a horse that was black as the night

    Sent an officer to tell
    Travis to surrender
    Travis answered with a shell
    And a rousin' rebel yell

    Now the bugles are silent
    And there's rust on each sword
    And the small band of soldiers
    Lie asleep in the arms of the Lord
   - Paul Webster

The Hawk, Hrvatska Izvestajna Sluzba 37, and the Correspondent take a final briefing before vectoring the Krajina. Herceg-Bosna 1990-something: Above.     Click image to enlarge.

    When Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi waved the Ukrainian flag from the House rostrum last week before a global television audience, it signaled not only further erosion of American sovereignty but also a clear signal World War III soon to escalate. Permitting the madman Zelensky to rant in his designer sweatshirt and jeans before a joint session of congress about the need for hundreds of billions of dollars in fresh military assistance to Kiev -- while Americans are freezing to death over the holiday weekend -- shows you how the New World Order globalists believe they are in command now.

    Maybe they are. Everything falling apart in America of late under the Joe Biden reign; child medicine shortages, rising food costs and power grid failures just the latest of debacles the Democrats now delivering. And that is before the Ukraine mess now hurtling the globe toward a nuclear exchange. That the fools in DC believe America can win this scenario speaks further to the harsh reality of global tyranny.

    The war for Russia is an existential trial by fire. They could not permit a NATO weapons-infested Ukraine on their doorstep -- and after eight years of shelling in the Donbas launched their Special Military Operation in February during a tough window waiting for the Beijing Olympics to conclude. Now Putin has mobilised the country for full war -- a war it appears will expand beyond just Ukraine with the numbers increasingly being observed on Russian TO&E.

    Russians don't play the Euro-trash soi-boi game when it comes to military operations. The holiday season Sarmat posturing by Moscow a clear signal that the price to be paid for Western intervention in next month's Winter offensive would be fatal. Poland once more eyeing Galicia and DC urging them on.

    When Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi wave the Ukrainian flag like a couple of giggling school girls before a joint session of congress and a global television audience, it is like waving the red flag in front of a bull. The red flag Moscow now waving is the new MIRV (Multiple Independently targeted Reentry Vehicle) "SATAN II" ICBM Russia is deploying for the coming year.

    Armed with 15 separate warheads that can each destroy a major Western city, the Sarmat can hit London in nine minutes following launch. There is no air defence system in the world today that can stop this missile flying in at 16,000 mph.

    Putin makes one call and a button push and a Western city goes boom. He is challenged by the adolescent school girls Harris and Pelosi. This is not a good indicator for the West.

    Moscow slated to launch their Winter Offensive the evening of January 6/7 from Belarus and the whole Western world thinking to sacrifice Poland one more time. The only good news about such is that it would certainly be the last time.

    Russia has a nuclear missile advantage that cannot be countered with today's Western technology threshold. Don't poke the bear.


WASHINGTON vs TEXAS     (three and the hook)   @ San Antonio,    Thursday    9 pm EST ESPN

    Missouri could not get it done against Wake as we drop to 4-6 and now down 6.8 units. Hartman was able to connect in mild weather conditions and the Deacon defence was good enough to stymie the Mizzou explosive plays. The more experienced QB the difference here and something we want to remember as we move forward.

    We need to find a winner and think the Alamo Bowl a perfect spot to do so. We have two teams playing we went against earlier in the season and from this insight we hope to suss the knowledge of victory from splitting decisions in those contests.

    We were very fortunate to win with Oklahoma State against Texas as our first call here. Even with the Texas QB injured hand it still took a dropped Longhorn pass on a sure TD to get us through it. Texas since the days of Fred Akers sends speed to defence, and the current bunch a smothering gang of eleven with a slight speed edge versus the Huskies.

    We took a bad loss with Washington State against Washington in the Apple Cup. We built up Washington QB Michael Penix as Superman but thought the weather would slow him down in the rivalry game. Clark Kent might have gone into the phone booth that night but he never came back out -- Penix displayed a throwing arm, the likes of which you normally see on a Sunday.

    Wider hashes (40' vs 18.5') in college football means more isolation plays to the wide side, set up by trips to the short side. This match-up one of the keys to any non-weather college gridiron tilt. Penix can make those throws all day long as well as run with authority when not injured. This leads us to the venue factor on the game.

    The line opened Texas minus five and has been knocked down to the current three and the hook price. Much of this predicated on the Longhorns familiarity with the Alamo Bowl having seemed to have lived there the last few postseasons. In essence this a home game for Texas and they will bring a very loud crowd to the battle.

    The venue advantage for Washington is that it is indoors. Penix with relatively few indoor games during his career to include his stint at Indiana. With perfect conditions this guy will tear it up. If he stays healthy Penix will win the Heisman next year. The guy is a talent level above anything else in college football now.

    Both teams yield points by the bunches and should be equally motivated. Texas has played a tough schedule and at times has suffered towel indignity by departing the conference. Longhorns should get a little better break from the refs with the whole world watching and a neutral crew calling the game.

    A big lesson learned from Apple Cup was the improvement in Washington's pass blocking. When Penix has the time he cannot be stopped. You will be amazed at some of the throws this guy makes Thursday night.

    The symbolism of old San Antone and the spirit of Travis, Crockett and Bowie not lost here. Their valiant sacrifice a true story of Americans riding to the guns and saving the day unlike the farce known as Hunter Biden and Ukraine. With that in mind best to go for it and see if we can crash through the Mexican lines before they form up.

    We will make the strictly amateur move and go with the Michael Penix one-on-one weak side iso for all of it. Like Crockett riding from Tennessee with his long gun, we see Penix making the same trip to San Antone to fight for freedom. We think Travis and Bowie would have made it back in '36 if carrying three and a half points in their pocket like we do Thursday.

    Our call here is Washington (plus three and the hook) for five units. If we lose we skip the rest of bowl season and wait for the pro playoffs and the eventual Super Bowl safety play. When we win it is the foot on the gas the distance at the higher volume.

WASHINGTON HUSKIES   44  •  Santa Anna Longhorns  31

    It has been so cold this past week Zelensky had his hands in his own pockets. His Capitol speech last week an embarrassment for America.
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( December 26th, 2022 @ 8:15 pm )
These are tremulous times with the sorry level of intellect prevalent in Washington, DC, dominated by the Democratic Socialists, and the "bipartisan" Republicans, so fulsomely in the minority if one counts the bureaucracy at large that these poor Republicans somehow revere.

With this kind of deficit spending so available for all the wrong reasons to all the wrong people, one must always be cognizant of the over-paid, under-worked Democratic Socialist hired help. One thing is for sure the 18 Republicans that crossed the line to do the unthinkable, they are listing into the category of the grossly unaware.

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