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    I wanted the Eastern NC NOW /Beaufort Observer readers to get a truthful and accurate statement after recent untruthful comments were posted by someone posing as me, Donald Shreve.

    At no time have I indicated how I will vote on the recent proposed curriculum, SAVVAS, which was presented to the Beaufort County School Board of Education on January 17th. In fact, I am still researching the curriculum in order to make the best possible decision if asked to vote on it.

    I do find it very suspicious why someone would jeopardize their reputation, and possibly their career, by intentionally misleading the public and posing as a Beaufort County School Board of Education member. Additionally, I believe this proposed social studies curriculum should be properly vetted as any would. I strongly encourage the public to come out and attend School Board meetings to be better informed about what is happening in Beaufort County Schools.

    Publisher's Note: Below is printed a comment beneath the offended post by Publisher Stan Deatherage regarding this incident of The Imposter posing as Donald Shreve:

    For all that are not fully aware of who Stan Deatherage is: I shall explain myself simply as the publisher of Eastern North Carolina NOW.

    It has come to my attention that School Board Member Donald Shreve has a comment attributed to him about his position on a new initiative that will be his responsibility to take a position on. I am not aware of that issue. In fact right now, I am not aware of too much because I have been away from my computer for about an hour and a half ... oddly, enough time for me to be out of the loop of an interesting development here on my publication.

    The development is not any political/governmental position ascribed to Donald Shreve; the development is that some nefarious bastard Infiltrated our comment section posing as Donald Shreve.

    It took me about 10 minutes to figure this out with School Board member Charles Hickman on the telephone, to whom I explained my process in figuring that Donald Shreve /Eastern North Carolina NOW was Infiltrated by a Political Imposter (Could this be a breaking of a federal code?).

    Am I certain that it did occur? Absolutely, and here is how they did it.

    Someone using IP location of, posing as DonaldShreve, using an email of posed as Donald Shreve making a comment on this post at 6:46 pm.

    The comment was approved by me thinking that it was legitimate, as Donald Shreve is an upstanding member of Eastern North Carolina NOW, where he writes posts on education issues, and comments from time to time.

    Where I screwed up, after yet another long day, is that the real Donald Shreve would not need my approval for a comment due to his designation as "Trusted Commenter" allows for his commenting without a moderator; plus if I had looked closer, I would have noticed that the status of the FAKE DonaldShreve was that of a User, and Donald's status is that of a valued Writer.

    My apologies not only to the members of Eastern North Carolina NOW, but especially to Donald Shreve for this injustice by someone using what is false to further their pathetic purpose.

    Tomorrow, I will ask my lead tech guy to investigate the IP of to see if we can discover the perpetrator of this falsehood.

    Without objection, as publisher, I will remove the FAKE comment from this Fake DonaldShreve, and all other resulting comments replying to that comment.

    Again, I are sorry for this event (this is the first time this has happened on this publication in all of our 14 years), but we will endeavor to discover who uses the offending IP - Wish us luck, and actually ...

    That would be a far bigger story than anything published here today, maybe for the entire week.
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