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    Publisher's Note:   After some many months of not presenting Beaufort County's government for a variety of reasons, Eastern NC NOW returns to a full presentation of all news of YOUR local government, those elected representatives who tend to that business of fully representing YOU.

    We begin this aforementioned process anew by showcasing the November 6, 2023 general meeting, with its succeeding segments; however, in this space on this expanding platform, we will deliver all meetings from the recent to relatively distant past not yet presented, including many videos segmented and explained; to inform, and, moreover, to provide an archive of what your local government has been doing for you, or to you, depending upon your personal perspective notwithstanding.

Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson is masterful in digging up issues that are often glossed over, or not brought to the attention of Beaufort County's Commissioners; this issue regarding the recordation of hardcopies manifesting the record of our People's precious documents is one such case.

    The night of the October 2, 2023 General Meeting, Commissioner Richardson brought before the board of commissioners a discussion of his new found knowledge that the Register of Deeds, unbeknownst to all commissioners including myself, was not recording the public's documents in hardcopy. As Commissioner Richardson explained that this issue had become his recent knowledge, my background in real estate law, decades in government as an elected official, and my expansive knowledge of the digital space, all gave me pause to the point of great concern that our county's records could be placed in great peril should we become the victim of a perilous event.

    Regardless, as we continue forth n explanation, if Commissioner Richardson's information was true, and it usually is, there would be a great need to consider this neglect of hardcopy recordation as a serious issue, on multiple levels, understanding that North Carolina is one of two "Race to Record" states; which dictates that public records, such as all deeds of conveyance and deeds of trust, etc. recorded in the Beaufort County Registry are considered to have a priority position to deeds not recorded, or as will be explained; documents once recorded that can no longer be quickly accessed from this public registry.


    The aforementioned Priority Position stipulates that all challenges to the authenticity of that manifested document of record, shown in that priority position within the Register of Deeds vault, would have trouble succeeding. Besides providing a point of easy public access the Register of Deeds serves the primary and best placement of precious documents, especially considering the tremendous fraud in today's United States of America, as our federal law enforcement institutions have been turned against law abiding citizens to satisfying the interests of the Non Patriot Left, now in Executive power. Considering this vast corruption currently levied against real Americans: Is it NOT incumbent upon elected representatives, who are of an honest nature, to diligently watch over the many protections of our good People?

    Those protections, in regards to document recordation, could tragically waver, then fail US all due to the calamitous event(s) of: an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) detonated in multiple strategic locations by the evil hands of Man in times of war, thus destroying most servers / the "cloud," and frying the electric grid to a point of total disservice; successful cyberwarfare waged by a foreign adversary, thus destroying the ability to retrieve important digital records for perpetuity; or, by the hand of God. a massive solar flare, even beyond the damaging effects of the Carrington Event of 1859, which now would not only destroy most servers /the "cloud," but irrevocably obliterate the nation's electric grid. At times such as this, it would be imperative to keep recorded hardcopies of all precious documents of record properly stored ... If only, when accessing them, one could read them by candle light as evidence of ownership.

    Fundamental issues such as this, as presented by Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson, should be a top concern of all elected officials representing Beaufort County's citizens, and all handsomely paid bureaucrats alike. It becomes an incredulous situation for some of the more responsible parties, when those responsible for this sorry mess seek to delegitimize the warranted concerns of those elected to serve the best interest of their tax paying constituents.

Here below is the segmented video of that discussion of this issue where precious documents not recorded in hardcopy was first broached by the Beaufort County Commissioners, where only this subject issue of deed vault recordation is showcased.

    Publisher's note: As a history of Beaufort County's local government, an archive of all current, future and past Local Government business will be archived here. Additionally, all futures and some past meetings videoed, in full or segmented, originating with the November 6, 2023 Commissioners' general meeting, will be archived here.
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