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Editor’s Commentary:  A fundamental element of Freedom is probable cause.   That is the concept that holds that the government has no right to invade our privacy unless it has good reason to believe a specific crime has been committed by a specific person.  “Specific” is the operative word here.  Probable cause does not allow generalized searches or intrusions into our private lives. 

It has often been said by those with experience that “give me enough time and access and I can find criminal violations by anyone.” 

That day has arrived.  With Artificial Intelligence and massive computing ability the government can, for nearly any non-specific, generalized reason, search our lives to find what it can find that it can use for whatever means it chooses to do.  It is a Brave New World, indeed.

Consider this and you may very well come to understand why the Democrat controlled tenacles of government have brought so many charges against Donald Trump.  The discovery process emanating from these cases may well be the motive rather than enforcing specific law violations.

Sundance, writing at the Conservative Treehouse, reports:

Yesterday, we noted the warrant demand from Special Counsel Jack Smith to Twitter, that included the demand for all information on Donald Trump’s account that relates to his followers and supporters.  {LINK}  However, the element for this focus is the granular demand for user metadata, and the bigger picture for 2024.

Within the warrant:

The U.S. government requested and received the metadata for accounts connected to, and in alignment with, President Donald J. Trump.

That’s billions of billions of datapoints on millions of American citizens, their locations, their devices, their ip addresses and ultimately their real identities and connected activity as attributed to -and connected with- their connected social media accounts.  Essentially, turning Donald J. Trump into the center of a surveillance virus.

People then say – how could the Jack Smith special counsel possibly comb through all of those users and all of that connected metadata?  The answer is Artificial Intelligence; but the serious concern comes when you combine the metadata, AI organization and the previous announcements from DHS.

If you have followed my outlines on this issue [Category Here], you will note exactly where this latest Jack Smith development falls on the continuum.   The 2024 election is right around the corner. Previously, I stated the artificial intelligence (AI) component to the internet surveillance system was going to launch toward the end of this year.  Then DHS announced exactly that [SEE HERE].

I find it very interesting the DHS memo was issued on August 8th, but only published for the general public September 14th.  July and August were when I first identified a new set of AI spider crawls underway as launched by Google.  Pay very, very close attention to the two underlined words in the following paragraph:

[SOURCE pdf, Page 3]

Take out the word “improper” and the admission is, DHS uses AI to profile, target and discriminate.  In the second sentence, DHS currently participates in systemic, indiscriminate and/or large-scale monitoring, surveillance, or tracking of individuals.

The only thing those sentences in the paragraph say, is that DHS will not allow AI to create improper outcomes within a system they outline that already exists.

Stop and reread that last sentence as much as needed.  Inasmuch as this DHS guidance is telling us the rules for Homeland Security (DHS) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) as they use AI, they are also outlining what current processes of surveillance would be enhanced by it.

DHS’ AI task force is coordinating with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on how the department can partner with critical infrastructure organizations “on safeguarding their uses of AI and strengthening their cybersecurity practices writ large to defend against evolving threats.”

What are those critical infrastructure organizations?  They include voting systems.  Who or what are those evolving threats?  You!

Federal News Network – […] The report also recommends DHS encourage pursing off-the-shelf commercial solutions instead of “building everything in-house.”

Mayorkas emphasized the need for DHS to adopt AI quickly, regardless of whether it’s commercially acquired or internally developed technology.

“We have got to change the procurement capabilities of a government agency to actually move quickly and nimbly, so that when we’re dealing in a very dynamic environment, we can actually move with dynamism,” Mayorkas said. “I’m not suggesting moving to a sole source model, but we just have to be quick.”

He also stressed the need for DHS to prioritize where it will use AI, rather than attempting to adopt it across every mission and use case. The report points to combatting both fentanyl and human trafficking as use cases that could be “accelerated and championed” across DHS. But it also suggests DHS “integrate AI/ML into as many areas of the DHS mission as possible.”

“We’re going to need to prioritize what aspect of our mission should we really double down on to harness AI because I worry about diluting our focus too much,” Mayorkas said. “And I really do want to demonstrate, as quickly as is responsible, how this could really be a game changer for us in advancing our mission . . . we have to pick our spots here, in my view, somewhat surgically.” (more)

Notice the emphasis on speed.  Get this AI system launched into DHS surveillance, tracking and monitoring systems as quickly as possible.

Now do you see my point about how radical and fast everything is going to change?  It’s the 2024 election targeting.

Remember, the Dept of Defense (DoD) will now conduct online monitoring operations, using enhanced AI to protect the U.S. internet from “disinformation” under the auspices of national security. {link}

I share this information with you so that you understand what is being constructed and what is about to be deployed on a large scale.

Folks, I’m not crazy or a conspiracy theorist.  We can all sense something is happening, just like we sensed it in the background of the 2016 election but didn’t know at the time how vast the DHS/Intel Community operation against Trump, the “six ways to Sunday,” was.

Put all of that metadata gathered by the DOJ together, with the AI operation from DHS, and then overlay the parameters and definitions.  What you get is the targeting system to control the outcome of the 2024 election.

DHS’ AI task force is coordinating with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on how the department can partner with critical infrastructure organizations “on safeguarding their uses of AI and strengthening their cybersecurity practices writ large to defend against evolving threats.”

Remember, in addition to these groups assembling, the Dept of Defense (DoD) will now conduct online monitoring operations, using enhanced AI to protect the U.S. internet from “disinformation” under the auspices of national security. {link}  So, the question becomes, what was Chuck Schumer’s primary AI reference:

(FED NEWS) […] Schumer said that tackling issues around AI-generated content that is fake or deceptive that can lead to widespread misinformation and disinformation was the most time-sensitive problem to solve due to the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

[…] The top Democrat in the Senate said there was much discussion during the meeting about the creation of a new AI agency and that there was also debate about how to use some of the existing federal agencies to regulate AI.

South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds, Schumer’s Republican counterpart in leading the bipartisan AI forums, said: “We’ve got to have the ability to provide good information to regulators. And it doesn’t mean that every single agency has to have all of the top-end, high-quality of professionals but we need that group of professionals who can be shared across the different agencies when it comes to AI.”

Although there were no significant voluntary commitments made during the first AI insight forum, tech leaders who participated in the forum said there was much debate around how open and transparent AI developers and those using AI in the federal government will be required to be. (read more)

This is the team now that will define for DHS how to focus their 2024 targeting efforts.

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas, Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) Ken Wainstein, and Counterterrorism Coordinator Nicholas Rasmussen announced the establishment of the Homeland Intelligence Experts Group (Experts Group). The group is comprised of private sector experts who will provide their unique perspectives on the federal government’s intelligence enterprise to DHS’s I&A and the Office of the Counterterrorism Coordinator.

“The security of the American people depends on our capacity to collect, generate, and disseminate actionable intelligence to our federal, state, local, territorial, tribal, campus, and private sector partners,” said Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas. “I express my deep gratitude to these distinguished individuals for dedicating their exceptional expertise, experience, and vision to our critical mission.”

“The Homeland Intelligence Experts Group is being formed at a time of unprecedented challenge, with the U.S. intelligence enterprise facing threats from a range of malign actors, to include foreign nation-state adversaries, domestic violent extremists, cyber criminals, drug-trafficking cartels and other transnational criminal organizations,” said Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Ken Wainstein. “The Experts Group will be an invaluable asset as we navigate through this evolving threat and operating environment and continue to strengthen our efforts to protect the Homeland.”

“The homeland threat environment is more diverse, dynamic, and challenging than at any point in our post 9/11 history, with threats tied to an array of different terrorist and violent extremist ideologies and narratives,” said Counterterrorism Coordinator Nicholas Rasmussen. “The experience, expertise, and perspective offered by Experts Group members will undoubtedly put the Department in a strong position to confront this threat landscape, and we are grateful for the willingness of the Experts Group members to serve in this important capacity.”

The Experts Group will provide DHS with a wide range of views and perspectives, with a membership that includes former senior intelligence officials, journalists, and prominent human rights and civil liberties advocates. (read more)

Now, does this search warrant look different?

Now, does Elon Musk’s commentary make sense?  He is trying to extricate himself from the downstream culpability he carries as an outcome of his platform ownership.  Musk even said Twitter may collapse.

Prior to his statement yesterday, Elon Musk talked to Joe Rogan about the scale and scope of U.S. government involvement in the operation of Twitter as an information and opinion platform.  Musk said, “The degree to which Twitter was an arm of the government was not well understood by the public.” {link}

Twitter was being used as an intelligence gathering operation, and with that in mind, the recently disclosed metadata demand to Musk just made all the prior metadata capture legal.

WE THE PEOPLE are the threat they need to control.

The need for control is a reaction to fear.


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( December 2nd, 2023 @ 9:50 am )
Big Bob: What "ton of probable cause" regarding Mr. Trump?

By the way, you do know that word "ton" is purely a measurement of weight /force.
big bob said:
( December 2nd, 2023 @ 9:45 am )
In the Trump case, there was plenty of probable cause. A ton. But I will add, if a billionaire can't do what ever he/she wants, what is this country coming to?
( December 2nd, 2023 @ 8:45 am )
Wake up and start voting out of office the politicians who are allowing this to happen to us.
90 percent of those holding office nee to go during he 2024 elections.

The Patriot Act should be repealed. New laws about accessing data by the courts need to be passed to stop these fishing expeditions.
( December 1st, 2023 @ 5:22 pm )
Trump said “They’re coming after you — and I’m just standing in their way”.

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