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    When I am out of town and have more time on my hands than I generally do, I look for places of interest to take pictures. I especially like to make images of sunrises and sunsets. What I predominately look for is landscapes with the ability to reflect light and color; ergo, I search for water.

    The following series of pictures that have not been used in any other article. They are an extension of my Beaufort County series, "Every Picture Tells a Story ... Don't It," however, I will make it my on the road edition. I hope you enjoy this sequential images of sunrises and sunsets on North Carolina's Outer Banks.

    On the crest of Jockey's Ridge, looking north across the Roanoke Sound, I expect a beautiful sunset due to the formation of the clouds. It did not materialize: Above. Looking in generally the same direction, but from the sound side of the giant sand dune, I again wait for an interesting sunset and this time I was not disappointed: Below.

    Taking that same northern look at the horizon as I move back up on the toe of Jockey's Ridge: Above. As I meander amongst the undulating dunes, I look back for another shot of dying color of a beautiful day: Below.

    Once again from the crest of Jockey's Ridge, looking north across the Roanoke Sound, we look toward the setting sun and we know tomorrow will begin anew: Above and below.

    From the top of the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge, we see the sun rise of a new winter's day: Above. Looking from the southern bank of Oregon Inlet, we look back toward the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge that spans the Oregon Inlet, and we see the morning haze at the western horizon of a clear new day: Below.

    A beautiful sunrise, especially on the beach, is a wondrous way to begin any day. I will share a number images with you that started these respective days on the right foot: Above and below.

    This morn that the images were made was warm and rainy, with an opportune break in the the clouds that allowed the sun to bring some rich color to the clouds: Above and below.

    This is the last sequential sunrise picture on that mid May morning: Above. The last two sunrise pictures were made on two separate mornings in mid July I hope you enjoy the pictures we provided until our next "Every Picture Tells a Story ... Don't It" edition.

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