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North Carolina's leading gun rights organization, Grassroots North Carolina has endorsed former State Representative Mike Speciale in the GOP primary for State Senate in District 3 (Beaufort, Craven, Lenoir).  GRNC-PVF stated, " Scoring a perfect 100% on GRNC's candidate survey and having a 100% voting record on pro-gun issues, MICHAEL SPECIALE has earned GRNC's highest 4-star eveluation.  He has a history of sponsoring pro-gun legislation and standing up to leadership for gun rights.  He will be a leader for your rights in the NC Senate".

In other races, GRNC endorsed either Dale Folwell or Mark Robinson for governor, Hal Weatherman for Lt. Governor, Michele Morrow for Superintendant of Public Instruction,  Colby Hammond for Commissioner of Agriculture, and A.J. Doud for State Treasurer.

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( February 18th, 2024 @ 9:07 pm )
Well, as a Hamas apologist, Bob, you might consider hundreds of dead and sometimes tortured Jews to be funny, but most of us do not. And in the previous century, if not for Hitler's Reich Gun Law of 1938, Germany's Jewish citizens might have had some means to defend themselves against being sent off to the camps.
Big Bob said:
( February 18th, 2024 @ 6:38 pm )
heheheheh, that's funny.
Another mass shooting today in Minneapolis. So many more on the way. We choose this. Get used to it. Nothing will change until republicans lose relection over the issue. Since that is unlikely;y to happen...anytime, anyplace. No one is safe.
( February 18th, 2024 @ 5:28 pm )
If Israel had not made it so difficult for civilians to own guns, there might have been much more succesful resistance to Hamas' October 7 massacre in Israel. Orwell had it right in the quote in the post above. The politicians who want to impose gun control, both in US and abroad are often the very same ones pushing government censorship of free speech.
Big Bob said:
( February 18th, 2024 @ 9:48 am )
Good to know. Only 45 mass shootings in 48 days. We are on a roll!
( February 17th, 2024 @ 7:41 pm )
The GRNC is not as well known to the general public as the NRA, but those involved in gun rights issues know that GRNC is the organization that gets things done in the legislature. The NRA's NC lobbyist is based in Richmond, VA and only occaisionally shows up in Raleigh. GRNC volunteers, on the other hand, have an almost constant presence and they are the driving force in pro-gun legislation in our state. Indeed, other national pro-gun groups like Gun Owners of America, and the National Association for Gun Rights have a greater presence in our legislature than the NRA. GRNC is state-based and works with all the national groups.
( February 17th, 2024 @ 11:14 am )
Many of us thought that Robinson was going to develop into a great hope for the people. Then he got a little taste of power and money, and he received that Raleigh inoculation. Now he is falling right in line to "Go along to get along". Makes me unhappy but sometimes we have to face reality and make necessary adjustments. It looks like Folwell will be our better choice.
( February 17th, 2024 @ 11:05 am )
Illegal immigration is another issue where Phil Berger sold us out, and Brinson is owned by Berger but claims to be against illegal immigration. Berger has bought Brinson, lock stock and barrel, with all the campaign money he has dished out. Berger was the one who killed the attempt to crack down on sanctuary counties in the legislature a couple of years ago. Brinson is bought and paid for by Berger, so how would he dare go against Berger if the gets to Raleigh?

I know someone who tried to talk to Brinson about what the legislature can actually do about illegal immigration, as they are really constricted in powers on that, and Brinson was absolutely clueless with no plan whatsoever. All he did was mouth generalities, apparently recognizing that it is a big issue in the polls but never having bothered to drill down into specifics. That is a lot like Mark Robinson being very articulate in mouthing generalities but running away from specifics.

Mike Speciale was there ready for battle on every legislative effort against illegal immigration when he was in the House. He is the only one of the two primary candidates in the Senate race that I trust on actually working against illegal immigration in the Senate. Berger will be a formidable foe to overcome. Berger has sold his soul to the special interests, and the special interests like the status quo on illegal immigration.
( February 17th, 2024 @ 9:42 am )
Phil Berger showed his true colors in not giving a hoot about gun rights when he killed Constitutional Carry last legislative session. 27 other states had already passed it. That Mark Robinson is now Berger's little puppy dog tells you all you need to know about Mark Robinson, another phony.

This election season, Berger gave Robinson a list of pro-Berger candidates to endorse in Senate primaries, and Robinson said "yes, bossman" and did it. One of those was Bob Brinson in our district. Mailings keep going out on Brinson's behalf saying he is "pro gun" but the simple fact is that after Berger has spent over a hundred thousand dollars trying to buy this district for his stooge Brinson, Brinson would just be another Berger puppet in Raleigh with Berger controlling how he votes. He would not be free to be pro gun if even he wanted to be. We can do better. We can elect a genuine pro-gun rights senator who owes Berger nothing, Mike Speciale.
( February 17th, 2024 @ 8:31 am )
The GRNC endorsement in the governor's race is also interesting - Folwell first, but also including Robinson. The Daily Haymaker wrote an article on that some weeks ago. There was a split in GRNC's endorsement committee, with many wanting to only endorse Folwell, but a slight majority also wanted to include Robinson, probably out of deference to his viral speech at the Greensboro City Council on gun rights several years ago that launched Robinson into politics.

GRNC's vice chairman, who also heads its legislative operation took a leave of absence from GRNC so he could back only Folwell and tell the story on Robinson's shortcomings on gun issues. Robinson got a big black eye among gun rights supporters when he went AWOL and refused to get involved when liberal Republican Senate boss Phil Berger killed Constitutional Carry in the legislature.

But then again, Mark Robinson has repeatedly gone AWOL on just about every key conservative issue that has come up in the legislature. He is absolutely useless - all talk and no "do". When it comes to key specific issues, Robinson has not even done the "talk" part.

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