Putin endorses Biden, says he is more "predictable" | Eastern North Carolina Now

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has let it be known which of the major candidates for US president he prefers, and it is Joe Biden, because Biden is "more predictable".


It probably also does not hurt that Biden is following Putin's own playbook against major opponent Aleksi Navalny is his own efforts to bring down Donald Trump. - trying to take him off the ballot and jail him on trumped up criminal charges.


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Big Bob said:
( February 20th, 2024 @ 6:05 pm )
RH I guess we have a different definition of strength. Your lord and savior was the strongest "man" to walk the earth, and yet never hurt anyone. Trump is just weak. Not sure how Mellon Head can stand it, but the money helps.
( February 20th, 2024 @ 8:07 am )
If we had a strong president like Trump, we would not be having these foreign problams. The solution is to get Trump back. A pathetic scatter-brained weakling like Biden makes America weak. Destroying our armed forces with DEI political officers, like the political officers in the old Soviet army, makes our military weak, too.

Oh, and Little Bobbie, conservatives can multi-task, even if that is a challenge for lefties. Another way we need to show that America is strong is to defend our border from illegal alien invasion.
Big Bob said:
( February 19th, 2024 @ 8:51 pm )
We agree, Putin has rolled the dice and thinks we are weak. What to do? Continue to argue about the trannies or grow a spine and stand up to the threat?

10 bucks says MAGA will continue to fight the trannies and let Putin take what he wants.
( February 19th, 2024 @ 7:31 pm )
It was Biden's abrupt pullout from Afghanistan that sent the very same signal to Putin that Neville Chamberlain sent to Hitler with his climbdown at Munich over the Sudatenland. It had the same result, the dictator invading other countries. It is Biden who was today's Neville Chamberlain. Trump would never have made that serious mistake.

We also have to remember that when Putin first started meddling in Ukraine with his takeover of Crimea and his partial takeover of the Donbas, the Obama-Biden regime only sent Ukraine non-lethal assistance. When Trump became president, he started sending combat equipment that could actually be put to use to kill Russians on the battlefield.

Putin rolled the dice because he saw Biden as a weakling from his disaster of an Afghan withdrawal.
Big Bob said:
( February 19th, 2024 @ 4:34 pm )
Nope, it's us. Putin sees we spend more time fighting each other than anything else. He thinks Americans are weak and divided to the point he is willing to roll the dice. If we don't get out sh^t together, Russia will roll through the EU and likely a nuclear war.

Wake up.
Big Bob said:
( February 19th, 2024 @ 4:37 pm )
MAGA - the party of Neville Chamberlin
( February 19th, 2024 @ 12:42 pm )
It was Biden's disastrous pullout from Afghanistan that encouraged the aggression of dictators like Putin against Ukraine, and probably soon the ChiComs against Taiwan. If Trump had been president, the Ukraine invasion is unlikely to have happened. Trump still in office may have even discouraged the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.
( February 18th, 2024 @ 3:19 pm )
PUtin and Biden are two peas in an authoritarian pod. Both try to jail political opponents and / or kick them off the ballot. No wonder Putin prefers Biden. Plus, a little cash in Hunter's pocket and Biden will do what he wants. I wonder how much Putin just paid for Biden to cut off US LNG supplies to Europe?

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