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A Moroccan illegal alien "asylum seeker" has received a life sentence for his random stabbing attack that killed a 70 year old British pensioner as well as a prior attack on another migrant who had converted to Christianity which left him seriously injured.  The migrant said he conducted both attacks due to being upset with Israel.

Two Jordanian nationals, at least one of whom had recently entered illegally through the southern border and was on the terrorist watch list tried to crash their way into the Quantico Marine base in a truck after claiming to be Amazon delivery drivers.

An illegal alien "asylum seeker" from the Congo who had been held up by the liberal German media as an example of successful integration into German society has been convicted of raping and beating his own mother pulling a knife and threatening to kill her if she denied him sex.

An illegal alien from Mexico has been charged in Los Angeles with two counts of forcible rape after police said he was operating a "rape dungeon on wheels."

A homeless Muslim illegal alien from North Africa has been arrested in Brussels, Belgium for stabbing to death a Belgian couple who had allowed him to stay in a spare room in their home.

A 46 year old illegal alien from El Salvador was arrested in West Virginia for murdering a 33 year old woman in Berkeley  County and in a separate incident severely injuring two homeless people with a baseball bat in  Jefferson County. The illegal alien had been denied asylum in Canada, but Biden's border patrol released him on parolie into the US interior.

Germany's rail union has complained that the country's rail system is turning into a "battleground" due to attacks by male migrants on female rail workers and passengers, with an average of 90 violent crimes and sexual assaults per day on German trains and stations..

A 26 year old illegal alien from Mexico who was deported under President Trump but returned under BIden's open borders has been arrested in Montgomery County, Texas for killing a three month old baby.

In France, at least two prison guards have been killed in a gang ambush that freed a Muslim drug gang kingpin from a prison transport van.

Gangs of illegal aliens are engaging in  widespread oil theft in the Permian Basin in West Texas, the largest US oil field.  Is oil theft one of those "jobs Americans don't want to do"?

In the Belgian city of Kortrijk, a gang of ten "asylum seeker" migrant youths from Muslim North Africa and Somalia are being sought for the gang rape of a 14 year old Belgian schoolgirl, after posting videos of it on Snapchat. This is the second gang rape by migrants of a young girl in that city in weeks.

In the first three months of 2024, the sanctuary city of Chicago has arrested over 1,000 Venezuelan illegal aliens for various crimes.

Recent German crime statistics show that while illegal aliens make up 14% of the population in Germany, they commit nearly 60% of all violent crimes.

A 20 year old illegal alien from Guatemala who came in through Biden's open borders has been arrested in Florida for kidnapping and raping an 11 year old girl.

An illegal alien from Mali who says he is a Muslim holy man, laughed at the judge when he was given a 15 year sentence for raping nine women in Paris.

An illegal alien from Mexico wanted for murder and attempted murder in his home country was among the illegal aliens who got into the US under Biden's weak border policies.  He was arrested on other criminal charges in the US, and has now been turned over to Mexico to prosecute on their cases.

An illegal alien in sanctuary Montgomery County, Maryland with a substantial criminal record and multiple failures to appear in court, has been arrested for the hit and run death of an American father with a 5 year old  son.

A 15 year old French boy has been stabbed to death in the French region of St. Denis by a 15 year old Afghan migrant.  Both the teenage migrant and his 37 year old mother, both from Kabul, have been charged with murder.  The mother beat the victim while he was lying on the ground bleeding out.

An illegal alien from Guatemala was arrested in Florida for murder in the very gruesome stabbing death of a young American mother and her 4 year old daughter.

A gang of illegal alien "asylum seeker" migrants has invaded the grounds of a school in Germany to assault students.  Several people, including a teacher, have been injured.

Fairfax County, Virginia has repeatedly released and refused to turn over to ICE an illegal alien from Honduras charged with raping a child.

An illegal alien from Mexico is charged in St. Josephs County, Michigan with breaking into a home and sexually assaulting two girls under 13 years of age.

An Illegal alien from Guatemala has been arrested in Sumter County, Florida for fatally stabbing a man at a hotel.

Biden's DHS has released an illegal alien migrant from Brazil who is wanted for child rape in his home country, into the US interior.

In Dresden, Germany, an Afghan taxi driver who drove an intoxicated German student home from a party, helped her up the stairs to her apartment and then raped her there.

In New Rochelle, New York, the Home Depot has had to hire guards, wearing bullet proof vests and with German Shepherd dogs to patrol its parking lots because of "aggressive" migrant thieves.

In Munich, Germany, a Jordanian asylum seeker illegal alien whose claim for asylum had laready been rejected, was on trial for a series of rapes and sexual assaults when he threatened to kill the prosecutor.

In 2023, foreigners (migrants) committed 77% of all rapes and sexual assaults in Paris, leading the city's police chief to issue a warning for the upcoming Olympics.

Anicet Mayela, a Congolese citizen who illegally entered the UK, received notoriety in the media from a widely circulated photo of him holding a sign at a demonstration that read "Migrants are not criminals".  But now Mayela has pled guilty to the rape of a 15 year old girl.  Mayela has escaped deportation several times with the intervention of "human rights" lawyers, but where are the human rights of his 15 year old rape victim?

An 18 year old illegal alien who entered the US in 2021 during the Biden open borders era has been arrested in Nevada for a hit and run collision that killed a top aide to a Democrat US Senator.

In Germany, violent crime has reached historic highs, driven by illegal aliens in the country. The most recent figures from the police show that 41.8% of those committing violent crimes were foreign citizens (this figure does not include those with migrant backgrounds who have German citizenship) while 75% of victims were German citizens.  For rape and sexual assault the figures are even worse.

Also in Germany, police are now hunting for 6 migrants who gang raped two 14 year old girls in Rostock.

In Orange County, New York, a Haitian illegal alien, released into the US on Biden's "parole pipeline" mobile app has been arrested for a double murder

It has also come out that the illegal alien who kidnapped and muredered Laken Riley was given a work permit by Biden's DHS even though they knew he had a criminal record.  He should have been deported, not given a work permit.

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( May 15th, 2024 @ 12:19 pm )
Whether it is Europe or America, bringing in more illegal aliens means bringing in more crime. It is time to put a stop to it and send them home.
( May 4th, 2024 @ 1:07 pm )
Maduro opened prisons in Venezuela and send his people to destabilize South America countries like Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile and now they are here as "refuges" according to Biden.
( May 3rd, 2024 @ 10:12 am )
Biden has put a particular focus on bringing Venezuelan migrants into the country, but they seem to be the migrants most prone to crime. 1,000 Venezuelan migrants arrested for crimes in one city in 3 months is very telling. Biden's migrant pipeline has also brought Venezuelan crimimal gangs into our country, including the extremely violent Tren de Araguq criminal gang.
( April 18th, 2024 @ 10:34 am )
The extreme left wants to characterize this as a racial matter, but it is not. The problem lies not in all persons of several ethnic groups but instead in the subgroups of those individuals who have entered countries illegally in defiance of their immigration laws. These people clearly have an attitude that they do not have to obey laws, whether it is immigration law or criminal law. They are a threat to the peace and security of the countries they invade.

In the US, we have lots of Hispanics who have been here for generations and they are NOT a crime problem. The crime problem is from the scoflaw border jumpers.

Some decades ago, Germany invited in gastarbeiters (guest workers) mostly from Turkey. They and their descendants are NOT the crime problem. The crime problem is from the border jumpers from the Middle East and elsewhere.

Those who enter legally tend to be law abiding. Those who thumb their nose at the immigration laws also tend to thumb their nose at our criminal laws, too.
Big Bob said:
( April 18th, 2024 @ 9:25 am )
Brown people crime - bad
White people crime - wait whaaaat?

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