UNC Board of Governors moves to strike down DEI in UNC system | Eastern North Carolina Now

A key committee of the UNC Board of Governors has voted unanimously to strike down the DEI ("diverstiy, equity, inclusion) apparatus in the UNC university system.  The full UNC Board of Governors will vote on the issue in May.

Florida began the process of banning DEI in its universities, which has been followed already by a number of other states.  North Carolina now appears set to be the latest to drive a stake theoruh the evil heart of DEI.  On the flip side, the out-of-tough Beaufort County Comminity Collega administration is now pushing this far left program here in our own county.

Currently, the UNC system has a DEI bureaucracy on all of its campuses, and under the new policy all of this bureaucracy will be fired.  The committee cited free speech and institutiaoinl neutrality as reasons to end DEI.

Republican nomineee for Superintendant of Public Instruction Michelle Morrow is campaigning on elimination of DEI in the public schools.  She says DEI should stand for "Discrimination, Exclusion, and Indoctrination".  Sean Ono Lennon, son of John Lennon of the Beatles, says DEI should stand for "Dumb Evil Idiots".



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Big Bob said:
( April 25th, 2024 @ 1:12 pm )
I'll stand by my post on the topic. I think my opinion, unlike yours, will stand the test of time.
( April 25th, 2024 @ 11:52 am )
I am sure you were looking in the mirror when you posted that, Bobbie.
Big Bob said:
( April 24th, 2024 @ 9:51 pm )
Ron White said it best: you can’t fix stupid.
( April 24th, 2024 @ 11:35 am )
Its ok to be compassionate but its not the role of the Govt to be
compassionate. Everyone in Govt swears an oath to protect the Constitution. The Constitution provides for equality of treatment...not equity of treatment. NOT the picking of winners and losers by said Govt.

Remember... if we all have equal rights, then you must also remember that "your rights END where my nose begins." Otherwise you as a Govt, are showing favoritism. When a Govt shows one person a favor, then that Govt (Washington,NC) is stepping on the toes of a different
citizen. (corruption)
Let's leave it to charities and individuals to be the compassionate ones, to help those in needs.
( April 24th, 2024 @ 11:37 am )
If you think that historical timeline equals 120 years, Little Bobbie, you must be using Common Core Math where two plus two can equal anything you want it to be. Your number about doubles the actual timeline.

Jim Crow DID very much know a party and it was the Democrat Party. When North Carolina passed its Jim Crow laws in 1899 and 1901, all the Democrats voted for them and all the Republicans and Populists voted against them. That is pretty darn clear cut.

DEI is the notions that people should be treated as members of groups instead of individuals, that equality of opportunity should be replaced by equality of result, and that everyone should be treated as "oppressed" or an "oppresser" based on things that happened before they were even born. These notions are purely Marxist and entirely un-American.

Surrendering to this Marxist crap is a lose - lose for everyone except the progressive ideologues trying to control us.
Big Bob said:
( April 24th, 2024 @ 10:28 am )
Thank you for confirming the time line.

Second, Jim Crow, like racism knows no party. I understand blame is important to you because it offers some sense of false absolution but regardless of the party the result is the same. in this case ,I think we can all accept some blame. Me and you.

Considering the history, DEI is just the notion that others have a right to the opportunity you and I enjoy. Nothing more, nothing less. The important thing to do is ask yourself, 'What can I do?". How can I act in ways to ensure others, who don't look like me, have a better experience?

it costs you nothing. it makes the community a better place. Win win.
( April 24th, 2024 @ 10:46 am )
The Democrats are consistent in race baiting and being race hustlers although their perspective has changed through the years. From the turn of the last century for six or seven decades they were race hustlers as white supremists. Now the Democrats race hustling and racism is from a virulently anti-white perspective.

Republicans, on the other hand, have been consistent in treating people as individuals instead of stereotyping people by groups.
( April 23rd, 2024 @ 8:45 pm )
120 years? You must be on your second bottle of Old Crow, Bobbie! Lets look at some real history instead of your fairy tales.

The War Between the States ended in 1865 and was followed by Reconstruction, during which northern troops occupying the South often disenfranchised southern whites who had fought for the Confederate states and politically promoted southern blacks. Northern troops were withdrawn in 1877, although Reconstruction impacts lingered for some additional years in some southern states. The gap between the end of Reconstruction and the advent of Jim Crow varied by state, so lets look at North Carolina. Black North Carolinians, who mostly voted Republican were active politically throughout the late 19th century, and participated heavily in the "fusion" campaign of 1894, in which a coalition of Republicans and Populists won control of the legislature. In 1896, the "fusion"coalition won the governorship and increased control of the legislature, and with the latter, also a US Senate seat. The successful fusion candidates included a black congressman and a dozen black legislators. It was that victory which led the Democrats to start plotting against the black population in order to regain power. In the 1898 election, the Democrats ran as strident white supremists and won back control of the legislature. The 1898 Wilmington massacre was part of the Democrat white supremacy campaign.

NC's first Jim Crow laws were enacted by the new Democrat majority legislature in 1899, but the most onerous ones came in with the 1901 legislative session.

The beginning of the end of Jim Crow came with court decisions in the 1950s, and the final stake was driven through its heart by Congressional Civil Rights bills in the mid 1960s. Not only did legislative Republicans vote unanimously against the NC Jim Crow bills of 1899 and 1901, but Republicans in Congress heavily supported the civil rights bills of the 1960s.

You are the Democrat, Bobbie, so it is you who should be "proud" of Jim Crow! It is your side that imposed it on North Carolina. So go enjoy your bottle of Old Crow. And learn the true history before making stupid statements that display your ignorance of history
Big Bob said:
( April 23rd, 2024 @ 4:32 pm )
Nope. More like 120 years of Jim Crow. Be proud man. You stuck it to em for about a century. Now it's time to move on.
( April 23rd, 2024 @ 1:38 pm )
Marxism / communism, rebranded as "woke", is the root cause of DEI.

Bobbie should lay off that bottle of Old Crow.
Big Bob said:
( April 23rd, 2024 @ 12:30 pm )
Big Bob said:
( April 23rd, 2024 @ 12:39 pm )
Jim Crow, re-branded as MAGA is the root cause of DEI. I'm not obsessed with Jim Crow, but like you I benefitted from it and am grown up enough to admit it.
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