U. S. House Speaker calls out the sham "trial" of Donald Trump in New York | Eastern North Carolina Now

By:  Chase Smith, The Epoch Times 

In a brief press conference held outside the Manhattan courthouse where former President Donald Trump’s New York trial is ongoing, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) strongly criticized the proceedings, calling them a “travesty of justice” on Tuesday, May 14.

Mr. Johnson, a former litigator and the current highest-ranking Republican, expressed his outrage at the legal proceedings and the broader implications for the American judicial system. He said he called President Trump and told him he wanted to be at the trial in person.

“I am disgusted by what is happening here—what is being done here to our entire system of justice overall,” Mr. Johnson said. “I wanted to be here myself to call out what is a travesty of justice, and I think everybody around the country can see that. President Trump is a friend, and I wanted to be here to support him.”

Restrictions and Concerns
The press conference took place outside the courthouse, as Mr. Johnson noted that the court did not permit statements to be made inside the building. “That’s just one of the many things that are wrong here,” he added.

Mr. Johnson condemned the trial, now in its fifth week, as a deliberate attempt to hinder President Trump’s 2024 campaign efforts.

“They are doing this intentionally to keep him here and keep him off the campaign trail, and I think everybody in the country can see that for what it is,” he said.

The speaker did not mince words in his criticism of the key figures involved in the trial, accusing them of blatant partisanship.

“What we’ve got here is a partisan Democrat district attorney, we have a Biden donor judge, and we have an assistant DA who was recently a top official at the Department of Justice, Biden’s DOJ, and recently received over $10,000 in payments from the Democratic National Committee,” he said.

Mr. Johnson reaffirmed his commitment to supporting President Trump and fighting what he described as politically motivated trials.
“These are politically motivated trials, and they are a disgrace. It is election interference, and they show how desperate the opposition to President Trump is and how desperate they truly are,” he said. “The American people are not going to let this stand. Election day cannot get here soon enough, and we will continue to shine a light on all of this in Congress because we have that constitutional responsibility.”

Erosion of Public Trust
Mr. Johnson voiced his discontent with the trial’s implications for the justice system.

“The people are losing faith right now in this country in our institutions. They’re losing faith in our system of justice, and the reason for that is because they see it being abused as it is being done here in New York,” he said.

Mr. Johnson emphasized the importance of facts in a trial, noting that President Trump’s actions had previously been reviewed with no charges filed.

“Now, eight years later, suddenly they’ve resurrected this thing, they brought it back. And why is that? Well, just apply common sense; everyone can see. It’s painfully obvious that we are now six months out from election day, and that’s the reason. That is the reason why they brought these charges here and across the country,” he said.

Mr. Johnson also singled out former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s star witness, as lacking credibility. Mr. Cohen was on the stand for the second day inside the courthouse as Mr. Johnson spoke outside.

“This is a man who is clearly on a mission for personal revenge and who is widely known as a witness who has trouble with the truth. He is someone who has a history of perjury and is well known for it. No one should believe a word he says today,” Johnson said.

Mr. Johnson also criticized the charges of falsification of business records, pointing out that President Trump was not the bookkeeper for his company.

He decried the gag order placed on President Trump as a violation of his constitutional rights.

“They were overriding his constitutional right to defend himself from political smears from his harshest critics at the most important time,” he said.

Reflecting on his travels across the country, Mr. Johnson conveyed widespread public discontent with the trial.

“I’ve been in 102 cities in over half the states in the last few months, and I can tell you that no matter where we are around the country, I’ve been doing large events,” he said. “People from all walks of life come to these events, and they are concerned about this. They are disgusted about this. They are fed up. They’ve had enough because they see what’s happening.”
Mr. Johnson was joined in court on Monday by fellow Republicans, including two men rumored to be on the shortlist for President Trump’s 2024 vice presidential pick—Gov. Doug Burgum (R-N.D.) and former GOP candidate for president Vivek Ramaswamy—as well as Florida Reps. Byron Donalds and Cory Mills.

The GOP elected officials were seen entering the courthouse with President Trump as he walked to cameras to give brief comments before court resumed on Tuesday morning.

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Big Bob said:
( May 18th, 2024 @ 8:10 pm )
Dude’s a rat.
( May 18th, 2024 @ 3:39 pm )
Hannity is a reliable source of information. Far left internet troll Bolshevik Bob is NOT.
Big Bob said:
( May 18th, 2024 @ 10:47 am )
In other words no, you have none.
Sean Hannity - poster boy for a weasel.
( May 17th, 2024 @ 6:36 pm )
Most recently, it was mentioned by Sean Hannity on his radio show today, but I recall it being mentioned also at the time it was announced he would be the judge, and a later time when it was contrasted that the Georgia judge was a random judge unlike Marchan. Of course that Georgia judge turned out to be a political contributor, alond with his wife of Fani Willis' campaign for DA, which gave him a massive conflict of interest in hearing the motion to remove her.
Big Bob said:
( May 17th, 2024 @ 2:27 pm )
Please offer evidence that the judge was "picked".

And I doubt it was trump who said no to MC. During his first term, there were some adults in the room. Betting it was one of them.
( May 17th, 2024 @ 2:02 pm )
What was really corrupt in New York procedure in this case was allowing the prosecutor to choose the judge, instead of having one assigned randomly. The prosecutor, Bragg, is a political hack, his office being purchased for him by far left globalist totalitarian George Soros, so he got a fellow political hack, Merchan, assigned as judge. This was a rigged game from the beginning.

Michael Cohen lobbied hard for appointment as either US Attorney General or White House Counsel, but Trump had the good sense not to bring him into government. He must have seen enough during the time he was Coben's sometime private client, even though Cohen had not yet been caught in his web of lies yet.
Big Bob said:
( May 17th, 2024 @ 12:49 pm )
So trump had serial liar on his paid staff for how many years? Who does that? Why would trump need the services of a serial liar? Birds of a feather?
( May 17th, 2024 @ 12:17 pm )
Here is George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley's take on the implosion of serial liar Michael Cohen and where it leaves the trial:
( May 17th, 2024 @ 9:20 am )
This column in the UK's largest circulation newspaper, the Daily Mail of London on the Trump trial shows what a laughing stock the Biden Democrats and their political show trial are making of America's justice system:
Big Bob said:
( May 16th, 2024 @ 11:12 am )
If your daddy says so.
( May 16th, 2024 @ 10:40 am )
The conflicts of interest for crooked Judge Merchan just keep coming. The latest is that the judge's daughter is the political consultant for Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman, who has publicly stated he prepared Michael Cohen to testify. Cohen is Bragg's star witness, and a serial liar who has admitted to perjury in other matters. www.breitbart.com

This is a political show trial from start to finish, and is not what one expects in a democracy that respects the rule of law.
( May 16th, 2024 @ 10:00 am )
Wrong, Bob. You clearly have no training or experience in the law. Jonathan Turley is a respected law professor who is often quoted in the media for his opinions on cases.

Conflict of interest is something that is judged on a case by case basis. Sometimes it is put directly in front of a judge by a motion to recuse. More often, in my experience in practicing law, a judge will recognize it on his own and inform the parties that he has a conflict, cannot hear the case, and must assign it to another judge. I have seen the latter scenario go down here in eastern North Carolina quite a few times.

I am flabbergasted that, given his multiple conflicts of interest, Judge Marchan would insist on presiding over the Trump case. Maybe he is determined to strike a political blow for his cause or maybe he just craves the media spotlight. He is very different from the judges I have dealt with here in eastern North Carolina.

Another flagrant conflict of interest was the judge in the Fani Willis case hearing the motion to remove her as counsel in that case. Since both the judge and his wife were political contributors to Fani Willis' campaign, and she was at that juncture currently involved in a primary challenge for her office, he had a massive conflict of interest in hearing that motion (and arguable the entire case).
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