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    It is a rhetorical question, so, accordingly, the only acceptable answer to this titular question shall remain, egregiously yes and HELL YES! As a senator in the U.S. Senate, Senator Obama, D, Illinois, had the Democrat foresight to stridently oppose the World Wide War on Terror in the Iraq Theater, but professorially reflected upon the Afghanistan Theater as the 'good war'. Now, Candidate Obama will be the first American president to lose a war since Vietnam, a war also lost by Democrats.


    This insipid and sophistic Democrat refrain (openly pronounced as if in a cheer) was well heeded by Senator Obama, and, unremarkably, nearly every Democrat in congress that voted to fight terrorism after 9/11. When the going got tough in Iraq, the Democrat base, most of whom feel that Global Warming is the great evil of our time, conspired to fight the Iraq conflict in half measures, if at all. To put an exclamation point on those efforts, Representatives Dennis Kucinich, D, Ohio co-sponsored with Robert Wexler, D, Florida, to bring 35 articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush at the height of George Bush's quasi-successful prosecution of that war; however, the bill failed on the House Floor.

    President Bush's 'blitzkrieg' incursion into Iraq in 2003, and, subsequently, that sudden victory supported by both houses of congress - Democrats and Republicans - in this World Wide War on Terror, quickly devolved into a bad plan for the Democrats after limited quantities of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) were found in Iraq. Couple that with President Bush's strategic blunder of allowing the State Department to win the peace, rather than the military, was indeed a blunder of magnificent proportions.

    The State Department's push, under former Secretary of State General Colin Powell, for the De-Ba'athification of Saddam Hussein's former military, led to their transitioning from unpaid, unemployed Baathist for Saddam to fight alongside the terrorist insurgents that were trickling in from other Muslim regions. De-Ba'athification of Saddam's former troops also was the chief proponent behind the United States losing control over the location where the stockpiles of hidden weapons were stashed.

    The State Department initiative, with Ambassador Paul Brenner 'riding point', was a colossal failure for other reasons as well. Rather than following standard military prerogatives: such as keeping the military intact; paying that military to perform as per military practice, using that military to find all caches of weapons, and guard the oil production and its transmission infrastructure, which we should have used a fraction of the profits, as a royalty, to fund much of that Baathist military to help win that continued peace in Iraq, President Bush got all Democratic in his reasoning. It was a critical juncture, a time to make the right decision, when Bush '43' took the 'high road', the path to the idealistic democracy of building a Republic out of a disparate nation of warring tribal, Arabic Muslims. It was the wrong path.

    Furthermore, the United States's incursion into Iraq, while sold as defeating Saddam, and his claimed WMD's, President Bush should have leveled with the American people, and stated that we were going there to defeat a bad guy who wants us destroyed, and that we need Iraq as a perfect embarkation point to surge into Syria and Iran ... for obvious reasons whenever that time was needed. Iran, soon to be nuclear, needed to be contained, and Syria's racist regime will always need to be dealt with. Now with Syria a training ground for Al-Qaeda, and President Bashar al-Assad's regime murdering their own people, by the thousands, with the probable Sarin gas that bordering neighbor Saddam Hussein deposited there before the 2003 American invasion, Candidate Obama remains aloof, golfing, and detached, waiting for the next Climate Change ... Global Warming(?) issue to hail his only attention.

    What is obvious to me, and others that understand military history and logistics, is completely wasted on most Democrats, likewise, too many Republicans, but most notably this 'Amateur President' and his terribly short span of attention. Our Amateur commander-in-chief, whose idea of running this country is: continuously playing the candidate; playing politics; lying pathologically; covering-up for a variety of transgressions, not least of which is his utter incompetence; lying about the many cover-ups; apologizing for America rather than defending her; and playing golf, with the requisite his and her vacations (Michelle Obama 'loves her some vacations' on the public's dime), is in the wrong position at the worst time for our nation.

    The Candidate's understanding of being a real commander-in-chief is: to announce that you are retreating and tell your enemy when and how so they can well prepare; play the part of the 'paper tiger' as he did in Syria and Benghazi; and never listen to the consensus opinion of his military advisers. Watch closely as Afghanistan becomes the next to fall to the remnants of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban just as the Iraqi government is seeding land the size of Indiana to the Al-Qaeda affiliate terrorist group - Isis. The Candidate has announced when he will retreat in the Afghanistan Theater, and like Iraq, Commander-in-Chief Hussein will not leave any well trained military advisers behind to give guidance to those that cannot be trusted to defend their own country otherwise.

    Dim-witted Democrats can continue to blame President George W. Bush for the plethora of atrocities currently broadcast from Iraq, perpetrated by Isis as they be-head their way to Baghdad, but at last count, I surmise that Candidate Obama is well into his 6th year as president, and even he should put some distance between himself and the 'learning curve' by now. Once again, growing up to be a community organizer just doesn't prepare one to be President of these States United.

    Growing up to know the metal of a good Community organizer did; however, prepare The Candidate to be both a very good Democrat and a very bad President.

    Today, with a small Carrier Group in the Persian Gulf, and The Candidate back from his 3 day golfing weekend in Palm Springs, possibly, we will see what the Community Organizer will do to stem the Isis Terrorist Caliphate from continuing to form in north central Iraq. I vote that he does nothing productive in a real sense, and finds some basis to, astonishingly, blame it all on something, or somebody else, and then scores another tax-payer funded vacation, and Michelle ... well, she enjoys one too.

    Meanwhile: Benghazi was like 'Dude, two years ago', the IRS is now complicit with, and for, The Candidate by lying to Congress over lost Lois Lerner e-mails (the 'smoking gun' for Obama's impeachment); the Bowe Bergdahl Rose Garden kiss-up, and that scandal of gross commander-in-chief incompetence all lay about like the rotting carcasses of dead fishes, signifying well that all bad ambitions finally come to an end.

Considering Mr. Obama's chronic incompetence in making important decisions, moreover of late, those that would keep Americans safe: Is he competent to serve as president for the duration of his term?
4.58%   Yes, I am enamored with this 'transformational' man.
93.7%   No, the man should be removed from office before he does anymore damage.
1.72%   I only know that I was hauled to the polls to vote for him.
349 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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