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    Core Democrats, from their President to their presidential candidates seeking the 2016 nomination, intend to welcome 100,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, a byproduct of the Obama/Clinton "Leading from Behind" Middle East doctrine, and ISIS sends their thanks. As Hussein Obama mentioned in his timely press conference held at the conference for the G20, "It's the right thing to do" to accept them all, in all of these states united.

    "The right thing to do", for an Obama intellect, may well be that this Trojan Horse, as first revealed in Homer's Odyssey, would be invited by the host into its gates, fortuitously, so that host could be destroyed at a more convenient time by their Greek enemy from the belly of the wooden beast. It is a metaphor, but it perfectly reflects what has happened in France, and what could happen in America if Obama, and the Democrats get their way on this refugee issue.
The Trojan Horse by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo

    At the heart of abject evil enemy within the Trojan Horse is the ISIS attack in Paris, where 129 innocent people - soft targets all - were wantonly murdered at the behest of Islamist Terrorists. Remarkably the naive Amateur President had boasted, in his patent grand sophistry, this Friday the 13th, that ISIS was contained. What we also have learned is that one of the attackers came to France, hidden within the recent Syrian refugees, who are so abundant since the total failure of the delusional Obama/Clinton "Leading from Behind" Middle East doctrine.

Below is the full G20 Press Conference for The Amateur.

    Now, France has learned well what an ISIS Trojan Horse looks like. America's amateur president pleads that he wants some of that too. Will we let him? That depends on congress, and there are still plenty of Democrats in congress, and what have we discovered about Democrats in congress. running for their party's nomination: They will not fight wars again radical Islamist Terrorist - they can't even say the words - they don't care about the truth of Benghazi, or to seek justice for the "four dead Americans" on our American soil in a foreign land.

    One other thing that we saw today in the G20 News Conference - 'group think' Democrats may need to pay attention here - the Democrat Mainstream Media asked some tough questions of the visibly frustrated, and completely disingenuous, Amateur President. There is no telling how long they will suspend their slavish devotion to the 'group think' goals of Liberalism, but today was a start, and that will not bode well for those who can't grasp complex thoughts while governing as Liberal.

Listen early in this 48 second segment, and you will find The Amateur claim that "ISIS is contained": Below.

    Fortunately, governors, even a few Democrats, are defying Amateur Obama, and have declared that they will not take any Syrian refugees. This could have been avoided if Hussein Obama had only acted as real president at any time earlier in his administration. I predict that the rest of we real Americans, the American patriots that act as caretakers for our nation, and our communities, will collectively and vehemently decry, NO TROJAN HORSE!

Should America accept Syrian refugees right now, as prescribed by the Obama Administration, or should Congress legislate to pause the process until a more proven vetting apparatus is in place to inhibit possible ISIS infiltrators?
13.68%   Yes, Obama is right, we should show the refugees compassion, and admit them as soon as is possible.
73.68%   No, Congress is right, we should pause the process to be more certain that terrorists aren't among them.
12.63%   It does not matter.
95 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Considering the fact that the Democrat Mainstream media has taken a "hands-off" policy in regards to Democrat scandals for the purpose of providing cover to a Democrat Department of Justice's choices to not pursue criminal indictments on proved Democrat criminal behavior: Is there a double standard for the Democrat Mainstream media?
80.25%   Yes, what is the practice for the Republicans should be proper for Democrats.
11.11%   No, Democrats should be immune from serious investigation and prosecution because they care so much more.
8.64%   I don't care, I prefer the low-information approach to life.
81 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

If you could vote today for one of the Republican front runners for the GOP primary nomination: Who would it be?
11.57%   Donald Trump
25.75%   Ben Carson
13.81%   Carly Fiorina
4.1%   Jeb Bush
32.09%   Ted Cruz
12.69%   Marco Rubio
268 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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