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Hussein Obama wants to appear that he cares a little bit about fighting terror, but, mostly, he wants the World to rather know that he is doing it with one hand tied behind his back to be a good sport.

Liberal Americans can thank their president for not invading the core Democrats' knowledge of the constitutional right to Facebook privacy for Jihadist San Bernardino combatant Tashfeen Malik, and only 14 Americans had to die so that their president could appear so Worldly, so climate aware.

    Hussein Obama wants to appear that he cares a little bit about fighting terror, but, mostly, he wants the World to rather know that he is doing it 'with one hand tied behind his back' to be a good sport, hence the secret presidential directive to not check the Social Media accounts of those seeking a visa to enter our country. I reckon when you are the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for being a Community Organizer from the social utopia that is Chicago, one does not wish to appear too harsh on the diversity that is terror to one's new climate-change-warrior friends. Every American that is long an indoctrinated student of our multi level Education Industry is well familiar that the harsh reality of Global warming far outweighs the Obama negotiated truth that terrorists will soon have nuclear, and possibly chemical and biological capabilities.

    Furthermore, Barack Hussein Obama has done so well to put the terrorists back into the Jihad rotation, even resourcefully brought home an "American hero", Bowe Bergdahl, for deserting the Afghan conflict with "Honor and Distinction" for the 5 most capable leaders of these Jihad insurgents. Soon, the Liberal ideal of harboring no "freedom fighting" detainees will be accomplished, and with the good Democrat rhetoric of your president, Hussein, he will continue to admonish more Republicans, en masse, and soon you may accomplish your Worldview desire of "Open Borders", not only to Hispanics, but to admit more Muslims from the wore torn Middle East, where your very cool president was so wise to surrender everything that "Patriots" had fought and died for to win.

    Besides the Obama cliche of "That's not who we are. That's not what we do", there is the cliche, "We can chew gum and walk at the same time", in regards to the aspirational Climate Change consummation juxtaposed against the necessity of dealing with terrorism. In real terms, in this regard of being ambidextrous in a governing sense, Obama, and his group of lost losers, have proved that can't even negotiate removing the gum wrapper, much less chewing and walking. Nobody, who knows purposeful governing, would support that poorly considered proposition ... except the core Democrat - the 'low-information voter'.

    Furthermore, rest assured of this one certainty, you good Obama loving Liberal, even though some "Patriots" might accuse Hussein of his unconcern of defending the nation by NOT tracking down these "Jihadists", you can be thankful for your president's vigilance of "homegrown Tea Party terrorists" by denying them their constitutional rights, where possible, and using the IRS to track them down for targeting on such a wide scale. And when their Republican congresspeople swooped down to raise constitutional and criminal objections, your president was wise to insulate himself; IRS leader Lois Lerner, her superiors and subordinates with his Democrat Department of Justice, headed first by criminal AG Eric Holder, and now Democrat Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

    Within this Liberal inaction, possibly, there is some Democrat ideal, emboldened by your Champion Obama, that all of you can be proud of. The rest of us unworldly "Patriots" will make preparations to defend our families, our communities, and our Constitution, and, maybe, just maybe, our Republic will survive you Liberals, and your president, Hussein Obama.

Should America accept Syrian refugees right now, as prescribed by the Obama Administration, or should Congress legislate to pause the process until a more proven vetting apparatus is in place to inhibit possible ISIS infiltrators?
13.68%   Yes, Obama is right, we should show the refugees compassion, and admit them as soon as is possible.
73.68%   No, Congress is right, we should pause the process to be more certain that terrorists aren't among them.
12.63%   It does not matter.
95 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Considering the fact that the Democrat Mainstream media has taken a "hands-off" policy in regards to Democrat scandals for the purpose of providing cover to a Democrat Department of Justice's choices to not pursue criminal indictments on proved Democrat criminal behavior: Is there a double standard for the Democrat Mainstream media?
80.25%   Yes, what is the practice for the Republicans should be proper for Democrats.
11.11%   No, Democrats should be immune from serious investigation and prosecution because they care so much more.
8.64%   I don't care, I prefer the low-information approach to life.
81 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

If you could vote today for one of the Republican front runners for the GOP primary nomination: Who would it be?
11.57%   Donald Trump
25.75%   Ben Carson
13.81%   Carly Fiorina
4.1%   Jeb Bush
32.09%   Ted Cruz
12.69%   Marco Rubio
268 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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