Will Corrupt Democrat AG Loretta Lynch Allow This to Proceed? | Beaufort County Now | Finally, Chairman Jason Chaffetz, and the House Oversight Committee will submit to the Hussein Obama Justice Department that Lying Hillary Clinton lied while under oath to Congress. | Chairman Jason Chaffetz, United States Congress, House Oversight Committee, Lying Hillary Clinton, Perjury, Lying to Congress

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Will Corrupt Democrat AG Loretta Lynch Allow This to Proceed?

Representative Jason Chaffetz, Utah
    Finally, Chairman Jason Chaffetz, and the House Oversight Committee will submit to the Hussein Obama Justice Department that Lying Hillary Clinton lied while under oath to Congress.

    The case is substantive, and simple to determine since many of us have watched this lie tainted testimony, as L. Hillary perjured herself far beyond question. The testimony was all out in the open for once, and I witnessed all of it ... all of it.

    For core Democrats, who are, obviously, not smart enough, or principled enough to determine that obvious truth, your unprincipled opinion doesn't really matter here. Still, please comment; it will be fun.

    Will anything come from this truthful submission to Obama's dept. of corrupt justice? Probably not.

    Democrat Attorney General Loretta Lynch is utterly corrupt, and without any quantifiable principles, not unlike Lying Barry Obama, so ... don't expect any traction here.

    There is one truth here that should concern all Americans: Core Democrats, and many RINOs, have no sense of integrity to the prevailing point that the words: liar, lying, unprincipled and corrupt have no real meaning to them, anymore; maybe they never did. And why? They too are either utterly stupid, or they too are: liars, unprincipled or corrupt themselves.

    It is really that simple.

    We tragically resemble the government we elect, and, I will have no part of of that tragedy.

This below is from the Hillary for Prison 2016 people. What a fine use of words.


( September 12th, 2016 @ 10:00 pm )
The FBI has publicly been subpoenaed for all of the documents, without redaction, of their investigation of Lying Hillary Clinton.

The House Oversight Committee Chairman, Representative Jason Chaffetz, will be re-elected, so core Democrats and RINOs, you need to work doubly hard to insure that the Democrats gain a majority in the House, and, or, the Senate, because the sparks will not end after this election.

For those of you that don't understand what the congress does, oversight is one of their largest duties. They also spend the public's money, hence, the oversight.

Video to follow.
( September 12th, 2016 @ 7:48 pm )
It is proceeding through congress right now, and will be heard by the House Oversight Committee tomorrow, September 13, 2016.
( August 16th, 2016 @ 12:41 pm )
The utterly dishonest Democrat DOJ AG, Loretta Lynch, sought the opinion of the FBI when it came to Jim Comey's morally ambivalent split regarding L. Hillary's improper handling of the public's email that she hijacked and destroyed the public record.

When Jim Comey requested that the FBI investigate the corrupt "Play for Pay" scandal involving the whole of the Clinton Foundation, which was evident from the emails; the similarly corrupt DOJ AG, Loretta Lynch did not respect Jim Comey's opinion, and declined to allow the investigation. The corrupt Lynch knows that this Clintonian corruption is significantly more provable, and could possibly put both Hillary and Bill in Federal prison.

The morally bankrupt Lynch cut the deal with the hyper partisan Obama, and then consolidated the deal on the tarmac in Arizona with Bill Clinton, where she spoke to him, in private, and exclusively on the subject of his wife's felonious conduct, while she was under investigation by the FBI.

The unprincipled AG Loretta Lynch should be impeached.

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