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These thick viscous revelations of core Democrat involvement in using foreign (Russia /Ukrainian) entities to formulate fake salacious allegations against an American presidential candidate will now be investigated by congress, and it is just the proverbial "tip of the iceberg". After over 14 known months, it is high time to get to the bottom of the Russia Collusion Scandal.

    This revelation is just the core of a Democrat kabal to support Hillary Clinton through her many felonies that were only partially, and well unenthusiastically investigated by the FBI under Director Jim Comey (who well may be part of the Democrat cabal). This loosely associated core Democrat cabal, which will include some nominal Republican elitists, has always operated in the gravitational pull of perceived power, and that perception of power has been the Clintons, Bill and Hillary as that central gravitational body.

    The unravelling of this Clinton cabal, and its involvement in: this Foreign dossier, much of it fake, on President Trump's campaign and beyond; the Uranium One sale of 20% of the United States Uranium, by Obama and his Democrat cabinet sponsored CFIUS committee; and the cover-up /FBI Fake investigation, managed by Director Comey, of Hillary Clinton's Mishandling of Sensitive Documents, Obstruction of Justice by destroying of her government servers on her personal property, her Lying to State Department Officials, and probable Lying to FBI Personnel; and, the yet to be investigated FBI's role in the Uranium One sale, and the Clinton Global Initiative's role laundering 145 million dollars of donations (in relative terms a massive amount of money) from the Uranium One Board of Directors.

    Incredibly, this should probably be the beginning of the investigation, which may be subject to change as more information is uncovered. This investigation should unravel badly for those that have long covered up the truth and should drag the worthless, unprincipled Democrat Media /Fake News front out into the open, and may be that final nail in their self-made coffin constructed of the "House of Cards" of their unmitigated, prodigious supply of propaganda.

    The Democrat Media, since Trump became the presumptive Republican Nominee in May, 2016, began their new avocation from quasi journalistic endeavors, to being "in the tank" for Hillary Clinton. When she unexpectedly lost, then attention was drawn to their Fake allegation that it was Russia's fault, thereby Trump's obvious, unsubstantiated collusion with Russia.

    Remarkably, as more initial evidence is unveiled, even super Liberal media guy Ed Schultz is seen here making much conversation, with his more conservative guest, that the Clintons /Democrats are in some deep doodoo over these recent develpments, and, accordingly, the Democrat Media either is collectively too unprincipled and ignorant of what real in their World, or, they just do not have the gravitas to become journalists again, a real which came first, the ... (?) scenario.

There are real journalists that ask topical questions, and right now, they are vindicated as such in this giant void of the Fake News, below:

This information revealed in this video, and the motives of Representative Nunes will have a profound impact of future investigative directives: Below.

    More later on this thickening mess, as more is discovered and reasonably analyzed.

Now that the Russia Collusion scandal has most completely boomeranged on core Democrats, the Democrat Media, and the Deep State, who have promoted this scandal for over one year: Should congress and Jeff Sessions's DOJ investigate the DNC, the Clintons, and, notably, the FBI /Obama DOJ with the same fervor that they have hounded all things connected to Candidate, then President Donald Trump?
  Yes, it is a necessity that we discover all that is corrupt, and stains the government of this land.
  No, investigate only everything connected to Donald Trump, as a candidate and then president.
  I generally don't pay attention to most things except what is normally pop culture.
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