Good Friday: The Passion of Christ | Beaufort County Now | The great misnomer for non Christians that the day Jesus Christ was executed by occupying Romans, is celebrated by Christians as "Good" Friday must be a paradox of ominous proportions.

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The Passion was Real
Actor Jim Caviezel, as our Savior Jesus Christ, hangs from the cross, suffering the last indignities of the cruelty of Roman Law as prescribed by the Jerusalem Sanhedrin, in Mel Gibson's epic film "The Passion of the Christ": Above.

    The great misnomer for non Christians that the day Jesus Christ was executed by occupying Romans, is celebrated by Christians as "Good" Friday must be a paradox of ominous proportions. If one does not, or can not accept and believe in the Resurrection, celebrated as Easter by over one billion Christians: How could non believers possibly receive that terrible day, around 1985 years ago, as the Good Friday?

    Simply, The Passion of Jesus Christ is that He willingly, as was God's inexorable will, allowed Himself to be tortured to death by the terrible execution of Crucifixion is the paradox of the Passion; dying on that terrible cross only to rise again less than two full days later from the fine tomb, owned by a wealthy pharisee, Joseph of Arimathea, who donated this last resting place for Jesus as an atonement for this Man so terribly wronged. Incredibly, Jesus Christ only borrowed the tomb for a short while, surrendering that tomb of stone that wonderful Sunday morning to then walk upon the earth for another 40 days; until He ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of God Almighty, and thus taking His forever place in the Holy Trinity of Christendom.
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( April 10th, 2020 @ 5:04 pm )
About 1,987 years ago, today (or near about thereof), Jerusalem was being rocked by some most unusual events, as if 'the God was angry'. And why would he not be angry?

His son had just been hung from a cross to die the most brutal and humiliating death; all so that by his blood sacrifice - his passion - all of Man could seek redemptive salvation ... if they would just earnestly asked for it.

This is our blessing. Christ's sacrificial temporary death is our Good Friday.

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