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    Publisher's note: I remember this one back in May, 2010, back when I gave the entire Obama Administration the benefit of the doubt. Like anyone in my position, I endeavored to sniff out the stupid, and I did encounter a strong whiff in AG Holder, but I had no idea to what depths his dishonesty would sink.

    Not unlike Candidate Obama, AG Holder is the worst Attorney General of all my 58 years, and that includes John Mitchell. Is there any wonder why the Candidate is so loyal to his AG, our United States Attorney General.

    He just also appears to not be that smart. Of course, he could just be lazy, which gives him a dang good excuse for not being that smart. Regardless, he does pose an accurate reflection upon the Obama Administration, which is: Maybe they are all just an extremely lazy bunch.

    Recently this was all revealed before the House Judiciary Committee, on May 13, 2010, upon a direct query by Representative Ted Poe, R, Texas, Attorney General Eric Holder admitted: “"I have not had a chance to read it (the 16 page Arizona Law stipulating that state‘s willingness to enforce federal immigration laws). I've glanced at it,"

    Now the Attorney General’s admission, in itself, is no cause for alarm; however, we can all admit that it is imperative that the nation’s top lawyer must at least read the 16 page law if he is to publicly attack the constitutionality of that state’s law. That day, under direct questioning, and under oath, Attorney General Eric Holder did at least prove two things: It appears that he is an honest man and he is not fit to occupy his current job.

    He also proved one more thing: He is a good soldier for the Barak Obama Administration. Obviously, attacking Arizona for their “racist / Nazis” illegal immigration law, which mirrors federal law, is good Democrat / Socialist policy. It has been my experience that even the not reading of the law is often standard operating procedure for this new brand of Democrats / Socialists, whose candidates were the preferred choice of the electorate in the last number of elections. Why do these once preferred politicians not read their legislation or the legislation of opposition before pronouncing it good or bad?

    Because they are managed by others. President Barak Obama is managed by the entitlement special interest. Attorney General Eric Holder and Vice President Joe Biden is managed by Barak Obama. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, of San Francisco, is managed by the Gay and Lesbian / Ultra Liberal community. Senate Majority Leader Harry Read is managed by the Trial Lawyers / Tort Lawyer special interest. And then, depending on which state you live in, it all flows downhill, from top to bottom. I believe the vernacular is top - down government. If you love the Barack Obama plan of governing, where every Democrat / Socialist politician is managed by someone else, this works well for you.

    In individual states, where government is just as important in folk’s lives, there is an usual continuation of the top - down government model unless the state is a Republican controlled state, and then the abusive cycle is usually broken. In those states their governing cycle is the bottom - up model of governing, where the electorate and the lower echelons of government have a larger voice in the direction of that community’s path.

    This two prong approach to governing: Where one fork in the path leads to American citizens responding to their own needs and the needs of their community, and the second fork is that American citizens first look to the government to solve their issues, rather than working within themselves and their community, is the divergent philosophical construct that will keep this nation divided until there is fundamental change. That change will come in the form of more Democrats / Socialists getting elected, and cramming down their central committee philosophy upon The People, or, conversely, there will exist a return to our founding principles, where Americans will have the freedom, and hopefully the free will (if it is not yet lost) to be successful in their endeavors or to fail, but the right to endeavor again if they are so disposed.

    The well-managed Attorney General Eric Holder is a perfect symbol of the second path in the aforementioned divergent philosophical course. He is well-managed, does what he is told, but he is lazy, and brings no clarion purpose to his very important job. His only purpose now is to function as a tool for the central committee, and intellectually, because of his laziness or his innate inability to understand complex legal / moral constructs, he wilts terribly under the direct questioning of congressmen, who well understand and pursue the aforementioned first, and more traditional, path.

    Attorney General Holder is the perfect symbol of the loyal, but poor soldier of a bad leader - possibly a despot. Barak Obama is the first entitlement president in modern times, where he was given a pass by the mainstream media, and his own Democrat Party when running for the office of president. They were so predominately “in the tank” for the man, for whatever baseless liberal purpose, that most of the “independent minded voters” who occupy the squishy middle, never really got to know the man. Many of these “independent minded voters,” who generally do not pay attention until weeks before the election, never learned that his occupation, before running for president, was predominately that of a community organizer.

    Sure, he had spent 8 years in the Illinois Senate as that chamber’s most consistent Liberal, but he also abstained in 129 votes, which is a phenomenal record for indecision. Obama’s four years in the US Senate would qualify as 2 slender years of service, since he spent the other two years running for President, writing books full time. Considering Mr. Obama’s accomplishments: Community organizer first comes to mind. Similarly, when I consider former North Carolina Senator and Presidential / Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards: Ambulance chaser first comes to mind.

    Fortunately for himself, perpetual candidate Edwards is so tied up with his moral and legal troubles, he has not rendered an opinion on the constitutionality of Arizona Illegal Immigration Law. I am certain he does not need any more self-embarrassment, however, I do have to wonder: Would he have read it first?
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( May 21st, 2010 @ 10:58 am )
Touche, Stan !! Touche. You would think that before the Attorney General of the United States seeks to bring the wrath of the federal government on a state matter, an issue touching uniquely on Arizona, he would at least have the decency to read the bill.
( May 17th, 2010 @ 10:03 pm )
I'm a big fan of profiling instead. It worked well years. In fact the FBI still employs it with great deal of success.
( May 17th, 2010 @ 4:24 pm )
I'm to bet that he has read this one. ( )
This would be right up his alley. Why in the hell should Americans have to prove we are Americans????

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