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Smoke and Mirrors, Fooling the Public

    Propaganda takes many forms. The American people have had a complete and broad education in all forms of propaganda during the past three years of the Trump administration. If anything good has come form the abuse of President Donald John Trump it is that more Americans than ever know how vile, corrupt and deceptive the vast majority of the press is and has been for some time. The press people have destroyed themselves in an effort to bring down a true conservative. One really has to be dumb to destroy themselves in an effort to defeat his enemy.

    Even more surprising is these people believe the more time the propaganda (the lie) is repeated the more believable it has to be.

    Deceit does not come from some far away place like Washington DC. We have it in Raleigh, NC and right now here is Beaufort County.

    About a year and a half ago, some of our more illustrious and cunning commissioners started complaining about the quality of the filming of the commissioners meetings. Their complaint fits the unqualified, inept, and ignorant. They complained that some commissioners looked better in the close up shots than others. Actually, their complaint was based on who made common sense and accurate presentations. These commissioners, Waters, Evans, Booth, and Langley were being shown up for making some really bad decisions at every meeting.

    These commissioners were in the majority so they spent more than $110,000 dollars on some high tech audio and video equipment. Then they decided to use a fixed camera to film all commissioner meetings. They fired Randy Walker whom they accused of making some commissioners look good on camera. When they fired Randy Walker they put the whole thing in the hands of a county employee.

    The result has not been good. I have had a lot of complaints. For two or three months, there were no commissioner meetings on the cable channel. Then, when it was on, it froze or the voices were garbelled.

    For $110,000 the public got a whole lot less than before, but the back room boys got the camera off them. The amount of information conveyed to the public and the quality of the filming have been greatly reduced. That is what Commissioners Evans, Waters, Langley and Both wanted. The less the public knows and understands, the more safe these guys are in their commissioner jobs.

    The camera should be focused on the speaker. That is the way the rest of the world does it. When focused on the speaker the viewer (the public) can make a lot of determinations quickly. By looking at facial expressions, and body language the viewer can determine whether the speaker knows what he is talking about, whether or not he is lying, and how much confidence the speaker has in what he is saying. The present system at an expense of $110,000 provides none of this.

    What the public would see if the camera was focused on Chairman Evans would be Frankie Waters directing Evans in how to conduct he meeting. Evans is a puppet of Frankie Waters.

    In an effort to keep you in the dark, Beaufort County has stopped filming things such as the strategic planning sessions, the budget retreat and the budget workshops. This has happened during the past three years, since the new Republicans, along with the old Democrats, took over the Board. Remember, the new Republicans got in control because the old Democrats voted for them.

    Secrecy is necessary for really bad governments to function and for back room deals to work.

    Deliberately providing very poor quality fixed camera filming of commissioner meetings for the purpose of deceiving the public is just as dishonest as thievery. It is stealing the truth. It is fraud.

    Voting for the 2020 conservative slate of commissioners will result in the filming of these important government meetings being made available to the public and a reduction in taxes.

    Because of RINOs Beaufort County, has lost the Hospital in Belhaven, wasted millions of dollars on EMS, the jail and the sheriff's department. We have employees who are making over $20,000 per year in overtime with no effort to control overtime. These same commissioners are determined to make government even bigger by building a public safety complex (a jail). Taxes have been raised every year and all reserve funds are depleted. Taxes will increase another ten percent with a new public safety complex.

    Electing a conservative slate will allow us to lower taxes and control all of the departments that are bleeding us to death.

    In this election it is more important who you do not vote for than who you do vote for. Do not be fooled by those people who tell you how conservative they are and then they vote for higher taxes. Evans raised taxes every year he has been in office. Rebholz says he is a Buzzeo Republican. Do we really need more of that?


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