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A Nation Held Hostage

    We are living in remarkable times. There is no lie too big to not be told. There is no amount of money too big to not be printed and thrown to the masses, the interest groups-big and small. We are truly in the midst of times that will be written about and analyzed for the next 50 years. Communists to the right, socialists to the left and liars straight ahead.

    Our government has become like the Roman Empire before its fall. During those days people who were in power were dependent on the citizens of the City of Rome to stay in power.. That was because of limited communications. Rulers set policy and played to the wants, needs, and vile sentiment of the citizens of Rome. Today, because we communicate at the speed of light, all 50 states are now Rome.

    Our present government taken as a whole, that is both Republicans and Democrats collectively, are acting no different than the Roman Rulers, and we know how that ended.

    Our national government caters to the wants, needs and whims of the entire nation, all 330 million of us. It took the Roman empire a long time to fail, because the other 99 percent of the empire generated enough wealth to support the vile mistakes made in Rome. That is not true today, we are all in one small basket. No part of our empire generates the wealth the one percent lives on.

    Rome did not generate wealth, it used it, wasted it and spent it. Rome was on a hard currency, gold, silver, and barter system. They could not print paper money by the boat load to compensate us for government mistakes.

    No nation that has tried to make progress based wholly on debt or the servicing of obligations that are debt like has survived. Things look rosy for a while but they fade when debt gobbles up wealth. The socialists and communists have already started their program by not allowing rental income to be collected, providing loans to all business that are not based on traditional standards such as equity, and the profitability of the business. Further down the road, if the Democrats win the November elections, we will see debt forgiveness for students, guaranteed incomes, truly socialized medicine, livable wages, etc. None of these create wealth, they waste it.

    Our nation is held hostage, not by the corona virus, but by weak and socialistic political parties, Democrats, Socialists, Communists and even Republicans.

    It is remarkable there is so little debate about the Constitution, capitalism, and Christian principles.

    Where are the churches when it comes to standing up for their religion? I guess it is more important for the preacher to be paid. Where are those rock ribbed conservatives in the Republican Party? Where is the fight back and the law suits against governors? I guess it is more important to hold back so they can pick another liberal Republican who will not rock their RINO boat.

    We have helped our enemies bring us to the point that we all know we need to do things much differently, to renew our Christian Standards, our constitutional principles and cast out the vast majority of elected and hired officials. This is where our enemies wanted us to be. Now they have a chance of dividing us and could get lucky and win the November elections.

    The socialists, and communists have maneuvered this nation to the point that we all know something is terribly wrong. This helps socialists and communists. It does not help the original capitalist concepts of freedom this nation was founded on. Those of us who are not liberal have lost our way. Unless we win the November elections, we will become a socialist, if not communist nation.

    Get out and vote and get your friends to vote. You cannot depend on the vast majority of elected and

    hired officials to do anything but protect their standing in the new hierarchy. Vote them out of office but be careful not to replace them with something worse.

    The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners is not any different than as is described above. Only two of us, Stan Deatherage and myself have tried to get schools to open on a normal schedule, or help businesses return to normal, or challenge the governor and his illegal orders. The other five have not supported any return to normal. Neither has this group supported gun rights. Two of these commissioners are running for office in November. They are Jerry Langley and John Rebholz. If you vote conservative you will not be voting for these two.


( August 1st, 2020 @ 9:39 am )
Yes, we are Hood. Thank God, I will have your second Monday night to further this resolution of support for those that still care for our Republic: www.beaufortcountynow.com

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