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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
    Several people have contacted me about the sign on my office front window which says: "Today We Have A Fake Pandemic." I appreciate them contacting me directly with their concerns. The sign has been there for three months. Why the sudden interest? The four or five complaints all went to the same reason for their displeasure. The death of Mayor Mac Hodges. The sign suddenly became disrespectful of Hodges, but not about the other 8 known deaths in Beaufort County from this virus. Are they somehow of lesser importance?

    This week, I went to services for two men whom I consider to be my friends. Warren Smith and Mac Hodges. I mourn the loss of each of them. I valued my relationship with both men. I do not think either man was offended by the sign. We knew each other well enough for them to give me their honest opinion, had they any concerns about the sign.

    But really, the sign is not the issue.

    The corona virus is a horrible disease. I believe everyone who considers themselves to be at risk should take all measures they deem appropriate to protect themselves. I am in the high-risk group myself, being more than 70 years of age and I do just that.

    But those who tried to make the sign the issue exposed a lot about themselves.

    None of them was at all concerned about the free speech issue. It takes a very self-righteous person to ask anyone to give up an inalienable right. But we are experiencing a pandemic of sorts from the Left to suppress any form of free speech with which they disagree. The battle of free speech is being fought everyday within the social media and the streets of places line Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Milwaukie, New York and Atlanta etc.

    Nor was there any concern expressed about the imposition of draconian government policies and regulations. There was no expression of appreciation for individual liberty of citizens to make their own health care decisions. Likewise, there was little concern for the economic disaster these regulations have caused many businesses and the loss of jobs.

    I firmly believe this virus "pandemic" has been over-hyped by anti-Trumpers and the Elite Media. Never, in our lifetimes, has any public health issue caused so much harm, not because of the medical results but because of the government over-reach; and those draconian policies are political, not medical.

    But the real fact of the matter is that we have not had a pandemic in Beaufort County, nor in much of North Carolina. I'll spare you the numbers but suffice it to say that the death rate from COVID has been close to zero. The deaths that have occurred appear to be complications from co-morbidities. The media reports "deaths" but don't report how many deaths would have occurred without any COVID present. Regardless, while a single death is terrible, the percentage of people in Beaufort County who have contracted COVID is one percent. The nine deaths represent two-tenths of one percent. That is not a pandemic.

    There have been many infectious diseases that have killed more people and done more severe damage to the United States than the corona virus. Among these are: polio, yellow fever, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, small pox, ebola, etc etc. No doubt, it is a disaster when any disease hits close to home. What about the other 47,000 people in Beaufort County who may not have had the corona virus and so far are not affected by the corona virus but have suffered severe economic damage from the lock down? What about the loss of liberty we have all suffered? What about the people who have committed suicide and turned to pain killing drugs as a result of depression from the loss of their jobs, homes, cars and hope. How much do the people who complained about the sign care about the loss of dreams as a result of the Pandemic of Fear generated by unscrupulous and/or ignorant politicians who have imposed, or as in the case of five members of our County Commission, refused to take a stand on behalf of people suffering from draconian, and un-necessary, government over-reach?

    Again, the corona virus, by itself has not killed anyone in Beaufort County. All those who have died have had other health issues.

    What about the damage done to people, businesses and the economy by the unconstitutional, unconventional and heavy-handed way government leaders have chosen to handle the corona virus? For the first time in our history a nation has been deliberately ordered to shut down because of a disease. The conventional way contagious diseases have been handled has been to quarantine the sick and those at risk and allow the remaining population to keep the country running. We are yet to see the full extent of the financial damage done to us by this gigantic mistake. The damage to education and emotional stress imposed upon individuals from the unjustified fear of losing life, and bankruptcy, is yet to come.

    Financial and educational damage goes far beyond the lock down. The seizing of power by elected officials and the cowardice of minor officials in not protecting the interests of the public will continue and may go on for years. The lack of courage by elected officials and the terror spread by a liberal and ignorant press will be felt at least until the November elections and beyond, depending on who wins.

    My heart goes out to all who have had this virus and all who have lost someone because of virus complications. I pray that I do not succumb to this disease, but I just as strongly pray that harm will not be inflicted on my fellow citizens to protect me from a faux pandemic.

    I also pray for the five of the seven commissioners in Beaufort County who have failed to protect the personal liberties and freedoms; and economic interest of the 47,000 residents of the County. Only two, Hood Richardson, and Stan Deatherage have made an effort to open up business and schools and get us back to work. One reason this has happened is because the good people who exercise rational thinking in assessing this risk have simply not pushed back against abusive government action.

    For this reason, the sign will stay in the window until the paranoia is cured.
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