If Joe Biden Was a Republican | Beaufort County Now | I was listening to my favorite local commentator this week and something he said caused me to consider how the debate that Joe Biden (B) had recently might have gone differently if Biden was running for President as a Republican. | beaufort observer, joe biden, from the right, republican, october 26, 2020

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If Joe Biden Was a Republican

    I was listening to my favorite local commentator this week and something he said caused me to consider how the debate that Joe Biden (B) had recently might have gone differently if Biden was running for President as a Republican. For a minute consider Biden was sitting down as a Republican in the NBC Town Hall with Savannah Guthrie (G) as the moderator. It might have gone this way.

    Mr. Biden let me start by asking you if you want to respond to the your critics that claim you are starting to suffer from dementia and may not be fit to be President

    (B) Let me say I am not suffering from...... (G) Have you been tested?

    (B) No I do not need to be test...... (G) Do you not believe the American people have a right to know if their President has any mental issues?

    (B) I am fine and strong as a ...... (G) Is that why you have taken the last three days off so you can recover and not to prepare your answers for the debate?

    (B) I want to be ready for the debate and I am properly doing..... (G) Is it true you are using microphones in your ear so you can be fed the answers? Is it part of your sickness? Do you not feel the American public has the right to know?

    (B) I am just preparing for the debate and ....... (G) Or is it not the fact you are hiding so you do not have to answer questions about your son, payments from foreign countries, and possible kickbacks for your family?

    (B) My son has nothing to do with this and all of this is a smear on........ (G) There are documents that indicate differently and speaking of your son are you not afraid his addictions to alleged drugs and women will create situations that would allow people or nations to blackmail you if you are elected?

    (B) That is ridiculous- When I am e............. (G) Sorry we need to move on as there is much to cover. Can you address the issue of using tax loopholes to avoid paying $600,000 in Medicare taxes?

    B) I did nothing wrong and used the tax laws to.......... (G) Tax laws you helped write and pass obviously to your own benefit. Do you not think it is wrong to avoid paying the Medicare tax and self- employment tax on the millions you made that year especially when we know how much financial difficulty Medicare and Social Security is in?

    (B) I followed the Law and................. (G) Enough of this we need to move on for the sake of time. You are on the record on making disparaging remarks about African Americans?

    (B) I have always had the greatest respect for Afr........ (G) "Is that why you told one host he was not black if he had a problem whether you are for me or Trump"? Or when a Black reporter asked you if you would take a cognitive test and you replied he would take a drug test to see if he was on cocaine?

    (B) That was taken out of context and........ (G) Or the time you said on NPR that "Unlike the Afro American community with notable exceptions, The Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things."

    (B) That was also taken out of context and...... (G) We need to move on as time is running out and we have to address your stand on Fracking, Exactly what is your stand on Fracking in the US?

    (B) I support topping fracking on federal lands only and............. (G) Yet we have video of you saying if elected you would eliminate all fossil fuels including Fracking.

    (B) Again it was misquoted and what I really said was..... (G) We have run out of time and we are now switching to an interview with Candidate Trump, the Democratic candidate for President.

    (G) Stay tuned as we find out what Donald Trump likes for desserts and what books his wife read during the quarantine for COVID 19.

    Stay tuned........

    Possible? I submit with the way the Press treats Republicans if the shoes were reversed it would have gone like this.

    VOTE REPUBLICAN and tell the Press we are wise to their ways!!!


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