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Had all you are going to take? Want to do something?

Many of us are very frustrated with the present political situation in both North Carolina and the Washington, D. C.  We cannot bear to watch CNN, MSNBC and to some extent FOX.  The major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR) are about as bad, if not as blatant.  Many people have stopped watching all together or  have found other news  programs to watch.  Newsmax, Brietbart, First America News and other conservative platforms are growing by leaps and bounds while the traditional “Mainstream”media are losing viewers.  The same trends can be see on the internet.

There is no doubt both the Democrat and the Republican parties have abandoned the people and the Constitution.  We are in extremely risky times, both for the economy and the preservation of freedom.

So many people simply do not know effective methods to correct this situation.  I can assure you the bad people in both parties do not want you to know how to fix things.  One fix is simple and requires two evenings each year, of your personal time, maybe even every other year.  You cannot delegate this effort to anyone.  You have to do it yourself, personally.  When I explain this later in this article you are either going to say, “this does not work” or “the system is already too corrupt.”  You are wrong on both counts.  The bad boys have seized the system from the tip top in Washington, DC right down to your neighbors, relatives and close friends.

Both political parties are organized and work about the same way.  Believe it or not, there is very little difference in party machinery between the Republicans and the Democrats.  The problem is that so few people know how the system is supposed to work.  Every registered Democrat and Republican has a say in how his/her party is run.  However, there are typically less than 50 people in each of the most of more than 3069 counties in the United States who make the decisions about who runs for office and what the party platform and goals will be.  This has led to the corruption, and communist tendencies we now have in the Democrat Party and the liberal and weak leadership we have in the Republican Party.  I am not talking only about top officials, I am talking about the entire tribe from your neighbors here in Beaufort County to Washington, DC.

We are entering a new political season.  It begins every two years just after the November elections.  This is a time to take back our political system from the Establishment.

There are precinct meetings every two years, or more often if the leadership in the precincts are active.  Precinct meetings are the grass roots level of politics.  At precinct meetings delegates are selected to attend the County convention.  What these delegates think is very important.  They carry the message from the grass roots to the county convention.  They let the next political level of leadership know what the grass roots think about abortion, gun control, honest elections, voter identification for elections., election security, law and order,…. Any issue you can think of.

Delegates from the precincts go to the county convention and elect a county chairman, and an executive committee to carry out the wishes of the grass roots,,,,, the precincts, mine and your neighbors.  The County Chairman and the executive committees run the affairs of the party for that two year cycle.  They promote candidates and raise money for the needs of the party and candidates. 

When the county convention is held, delegates are elected for the district convention and the state convention.  At both the state and district conventions an executive committee and a state party chairman are elected to run the affairs of the party for the coming two years. They guide the party thru the next two-year election cycle. All executive committee meetings are open to the public.

Politics is a complex game. There is always a lot of lying by people who want cushy jobs that pay good money.  During the past 20 years both parties have been taken over by individuals who are looking out for themselves and who have political axes to grind.  They are not representing the people.  They are representing legalized abortions, the control of guns, the control of speech, the opening of borders, guaranteed incomes, socialism, communism, and a world of special interests and people who are looking for government handouts.  If you think different you need to participate in these meetings.

One of the tasks done by political parties is to select poll watchers and workers.  Yes, the Democrat party put the crooks in place who cost Trump the presidency. Where, you may ask, were the Republican appointees who were supposed to keep the Democrats honest?  The answer is that weak Republicans, never did their job. Then there is the Fifth Column of never-Trumpers and RINOs.

If you are unhappy with the way things have been going you should go to your precinct meeting and take an active part in guiding your party.  I warn you, this is hard and emotional work.  During my sixty years of involvement, I have seen some of the world’s grandest liars and deceivers.  Be on your toes. Use your common sense. Listen to everyone and then make up your mind.  Grow a thick skin.  One of the bad boys tricks it to make you mad so you will not come back.  Then they are totally in charge.  Freedom is not easy.

This a lot better than signing petitions which only gets you on a fund-raising list most of the time.

Those who know how the true system is supposed to work are not going to tell you about it because they do not want to share power with the citizens.  This is another way the system is rigged.  You have the power to change it. 

The process can be confusing daunting. It takes personal courage and commitment.   Most people get the hang of it after a few meetings.

Nonetheless, this is an important process.  It is the way we make the political parties be what we want them to be.  It is well worth your time and patriots should take the time and make the effort to participate in the precinct, county, district and state meetings.

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