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It Is A Dark Time For Conservatives. But There Is A Way Forward.

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Matt Walsh.

    Joe Biden, a man with the mental acuity and awareness of an oyster is now in the White House, where he will be taken by the hand, guided into a closet and handed some coloring books to keep him busy while Kamala Harris runs the government — a government that will be, let's face it, radically far-left and entirely unfettered. Democrats have full control and will exploit that control to the fullest extent, because that's what Democrats do when they have power. This stands in contrast to Republicans, who mostly twiddle their thumbs and bide their time, waiting to be out of power again so that they can pretend to care about the policies they didn't enact when they had the chance. You will notice that Republicans become significantly more gung-ho about the conservative agenda at the precise moment when they no longer have the power to implement it. Democrats don't play that game. They make use of the authority they are granted, and often will even make use of authority they are not granted.

    Speaking of the conservative agenda, whatever progress may have been made in that direction over the last four years is already being reversed. Soon it will be as though none of it ever happened. Donald Trump actually reversed some of it himself on the way out the door, for example rescinding his own executive order banning administration officials from taking lobbyist jobs within five years of leaving government. I suppose he was just saving Biden the paperwork on that one. As for the rest, Biden, or his handlers, can undo almost all of it through executive order. Legislation probably won't be required, but if they need legislation they can pass that, too. Republicans may have been able to block some of it had they held Georgia. But the Georgia race became a circus freak show with faux-conservative carnival barkers and grifters lining their own pockets and telling Republican voters to stay home. Now there is no legislative dam to hold back the flood waters. It will all come rushing in, and we cannot stop it.

    Meanwhile, the conservative movement is fractured into pieces. Trump leaves office impeached, deplatformed, and facing the possibility of a Senate conviction. Many other conservatives have also been deplatformed or unpersoned in other ways, and the Powers That Be are currently dreaming up new methods to silence the rest of us. We on the Right are under suspicion and attack. The Left has taken control of the presidency and the Senate and their opposition is currently scattered, disorganized, leaderless, and weakened.

    That is the reality of the situation. It's best now that we look it straight in the eyes, as uncomfortable as it may be. The Right has deluded itself with fairytales for long enough, telling itself stories about secret plans and "4D chess" and insisting that everything will magically work out in the end. Even as recently as Tuesday night, right up until the last moment, there were significant numbers of people still holding on desperately to the baseless hope that Trump would remain in office, and whatever great plan would unfold, and everything would be okay. Some will probably keep holding onto that hope, against all odds and all reality. I wouldn't be surprised if the new theory is that Trump is actually still president, secretly running the government from his bat cave deep underground somewhere. But those of us with the intellectual honesty to face reality, must face it, once and for all.

    The question then becomes: What now? Where do we go from here? What does the road ahead look like? Is all hope lost? Are we doomed? Should we give up? I think I can answer those last three with a no, no, and no. Hope is not lost, we are not doomed, and we should not give up. There is, in fact, a silver lining around this big dark cloud. Now, finally, conservatives can stop looking to one man in Washington to save them and their families, and instead focus on making an impact where it really matters and can be felt. Going forward, the most important fight is exactly where it has always been, though we have largely neglected it in favor of focusing on national politics. The fight is in the culture at the most local levels. The true battle for the future of the country is happening right around us, within arm's reach, and we can win profound victories in that arena if we are willing to put in the effort.

    Just one tangible example: The school system. Millions of children are sent into government buildings (or into Zoom meetings, as the case may be) where they are conditioned and indoctrinated into the dogmas of the far-Left. We could have nothing but Republican presidents for the next 50 years and it would make almost no difference, culturally, as long as we keep feeding our kids into this system. The Left doesn't need the White House if it has your kids, though it is quite happy to have both. We can change this if we want, and if it is important enough to us. We can pull our kids out and form homeschool co-ops with likeminded people in our communities. Fifty million children are currently enrolled in public school. Cut that number by a half or third or even a quarter, and it won't much matter who is president because we will have so significantly taken back control over our own families and thus the culture. The condition of the family is what determines the condition of the culture. We control the culture, then, to the extent that we control our own families.

    There are plenty of other things we could do, though none of them are flashy or fun. We can get involved in local politics. Attend our town hall meetings. Maybe run for a local office. We can speak out when things are happening in our neighborhoods that we don't like. There are things like Drag Queen Story Hours in nearly every community in the country. That's not because nearly ever community supports having crossdressers perform for children. It's because the people who don't support it — the majority — choose to stay silent.

    And our local involvement does not always have to be negative or defensive. As we speak there is a pro-life pregnancy center in your town that is barely paying its bills because the vast majority of the local pro-life conservatives do not donate their time or money. All of these things, and a hundred others, can be done no matter who is president. And if we do them, we would see a dramatic sea change in the culture. We would start winning — for real this time, and in lasting and meaningful ways.

    These are our options, the diverging roads that lay before us. We can do nothing but mope and complain about the Democrats, or we can get serious and start doing the sorts of things that the Left has done for decades in the public sphere in order to achieve the cultural dominance they now enjoy. The choice is ours.


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