It’s Time for Beasley & Jackson To Speak on Israel-Hamas Conflict | Beaufort County Now | US Senate Candidate and former Gov. Pat McCrory (R-NC) released the following statement today regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas

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Press Release:

    Charlotte, NC     US Senate Candidate and former Gov. Pat McCrory (R-NC) released the following statement today regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas:

    "For nearly two weeks, the world has watched as violence has erupted between Israel and Hamas. There can be no equivocation by America: we must stand with Israel. As one of our closest allies, Israel has a right to defend itself against Hamas and their acts of aggression.

    It's time for my Democrat opponents to let the voters know if they stand with Israel or with Hamas. While Chuck Schumer may try to hide on this issue, I won't let Cheri Beasley, Erica Smith and Jeff Jackson do the same. We are running for the United States Senate, these issues are now before that body, and voters deserve to know our position on this critical conflict.

    My answer is simple: I stand with Israel. And I call on my Democrat opponents to tell North Carolinians — finally — which side they're on."

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Governor Roy Cooper is again encouraging high school students in North Carolina to explore careers in cybersecurity by participating in CyberStart America, a free online cybersecurity competition sponsored by the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation and SANS Institute.
It may be a new year, but Democrats are playing the same game. Donors from blue states like California, Massachusetts and New York are boosting Cheri Beasley in the hopes of buying North Carolina’s senate seat.
Over the next 12-24 hours, portions of North Carolina could see severe storms, heavy rain, significant snowfall, gusty winds, and coastal flooding. Governor Roy Cooper urges North Carolinians to stay aware of the local weather forecast and prepare for the conditions expected in your area.
Happy Holidays! In case you missed it, the Republican National Committee has been spending this holiday season hosting dozens of charity drives across the country, with 7 being held in North Carolina alone.
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