Analysis of Americas Challenges | Beaufort County Now | There are great many problems that we face in this country today that have a direct bearing on the survivability of the United States and the freedoms of its people.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
John Woodard
    There are great many problems that we face in this country today that have a direct bearing on the survivability of the United States and the freedoms of its people. There are forces at work, behind-the-scenes to most people but out in the open to many others that have the goal of changing the United States from a capitalist society where everyone has an equality of opportunity, to a more structured society where everyone has the same outcome no matter how hard they work and that is known as socialism. A good example of this last statement was when candidate Barack Obama said that he was five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States. Everyone shouted and cheered and were overjoyed with what he was saying but clearly none of them knew the meaning of the words he was using. Now, Pres. Biden appears to be on track to make his first term as president a third term of the Obama presidency. It is not unusual for an incoming president to change legislative priorities established by the prior administration. We saw that with Pres. Trump who made wholesale changes to the legislative priorities of his predecessor. Each president has his view of the world which is reflected in the legislative agenda and cabinet nominations that they make. But Pres. Biden has been particularly obvious in his attempt to overthrow all Trump era legislation and change it for the worse in what appears to be a furtherance of his attempt to transform the United States in the Obama model.

    So, in the context of trying to evaluate who and what are behind the decisions that Pres. Biden is making, we have reviewed available information about the World Economic Forum and their plans for the Great Reset, COVID-19 and the resulting loss of individual freedoms that are being taken away from us, day by day. We have also sought to evaluate elements of the governmental response to the virus and whether there is any relationship between these elements of societal change.

    The World Economic Forum and the Great Reset

    The World Economic Forum has annual meetings the most recent of which was in June 2020. The theme of this meeting was The Great Reset. There were three core principles that were established at this meeting as we will note below:

  1. Create conditions for a "Stake Holder Economy". An economic model where corporate's move toward social welfare model rather than the profit maximizing model, which is already being widely used.
  2. Build a more "resilient, equitable and sustainable" manner of growth. The suggested way is based on environmental, social, and governance metrics which would incorporate more green public infrastructure projects for a cleaner approach for a greener and sustainable future.
  3. Harness the innovation of the "Industrial Revolution" for public good.

    A speech by Prince Charles at the launch in June 2020 was very similar in wording and intent to the core principles stated above. The annual meeting for 2021 has already been given the same theme as the 2020 model, The Great Reset.

    It is all set to connect global leaders in Davos with a multi-stakeholder network in 400 cities around the world.

    Critics have claimed that these proposals are the means of bringing about socialism and an excuse to spend the wealth of the public on climate change. There are some who believe that this is partly true, but is it the entire story?

    The views of proponents and opponents alike have differing views of what the impact of The Great Reset will be. Some see it as mere diplomatic rhetoric while others see it in more dire terms. However, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a speech 2 months after the annual meeting in June 2020, saying the pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.

    In a video, also in August, the view was stated that Donald Trump was the only leader that could thwart such a plot of socialism which uses Covid-19 to bring the United States economy to its knees so that the reset can begin and that people are left to beg for vaccines. Prime Minister Trudeau says we are in a time of anxiety where people are looking for reasons for what is happened and fall prey to misinformation. What misinformation he is referring to is unclear but his original statement was clear enough for most people.

    Is Western Civilization Degrading Into The Utopian State?

    We know that prayer and the Bible were banned from the public schools in 1965. Abortion was legalized in 1973, and in 2015 same-sex marriage was likewise discovered to be hiding in the bowels of the Constitution.

    The cancel culture began to overtake college campuses in 1990 and quickly spread to the corporate world. Before long, there was a list of things you couldn't say, people you couldn't criticize, and now in 2021 there is an ex-Pres. you're not allowed to support. Violators of these cultural codes are publicly denounced in the media, simply for espousing views that for centuries had been considered mainstream. Say goodbye to the First Amendment.

    Now the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case, affirmed by lower courts, which would allow police to enter your home and confiscate firearms without a search warrant. This could be done on the flimsiest of excuses based on their role as community caretakers. Say goodbye to the Second Amendment.

    Now our President who owes his political existence to the most powerful communist regime in the world, equates his political opponents to domestic terrorists. Say goodbye to the fourth, fifth and 14th amendments.

    How did we get to this point in the world's oldest Constitutional Republic, the land of the free and the home of the brave? It turns out slogans on our coinage and our venerable Constitution with its amazing Bill of Rights were not enough to protect us from totalitarianism.

    A learned man recently stated that learning history is the only thing that keeps us from becoming slaves to the spirit of the age. As we look across the bow of today's Western Culture, all we see is a lot of slaves, with more to come. Their minds are infected with the twin viruses of collectivism and statism. Put another way, their religion is secular humanism and they worship the Almighty state. Many of them walk around in masks, for no other reason than a certain government-sanctioned scientist told them to do so. He didn't even need to present a new scientific proof that mass work. He just said it and they obeyed.

    Like women living under Islam, our American men are now afraid to show their faces in public. When you enter a grocery store you see 98% compliance with man schools, and it's hard not to notice that the majority of the 2% of brave souls are women. I can't help but think perhaps that these are the few women who studied Islamic culture and see the reason for the facemask coverings-to deny us our individuality and therefore our humanity is a sign of submission to our new Masters but how did the men of America become so domicile? It is not their pastors or priests who their listening to and making decisions as to what they will wear, what they will think and what they will publicly espouse. No, it is the secular state! Because they lack a spiritual grounding, most men cannot even see what is happening to America let alone feel confident to resistant. In their defense, the transition to a totalitarian society has been so gradual that it's difficult for them to see engrams, especially if they have not studied the history of totalitarian movements in other countries like Germany, China and Russia.

    John Strickland authored two great books on the history of Western civilization. He traces the birth of modern secular-humanism to the Renaissance period of the late Middle Ages. But the roots of Christian cultural decline may be found 500 years earlier, in the Great Schism which was the beginning of many divisions that led to the Reformation, and after the Reformation the Protestant churches themselves split into thousands of different sects. In his article the Birth of Utopia he writes that he would like to take his readers back beyond the 20th century, beyond even the past five centuries, to the movement when in his judgment, an event happened that symbolizes a shift away from traditional Christendom to the modern Christendom that would see a decline in Christianity directed toward the kingdom of heaven. It symbolized the end of paradise and the birth of Utopia. This separation and disunity in global Christianity played right into the hands of the devil, a crafty fallen angel who is the original master at "divide and conquer."

    The same spirit of division is what drives every revolutionary socialist movement. They divide people into groups and pit them against each other. If class warfare doesn't work, then divide them by race or ethnicity or gender, always making sure to framing one side is the oppressor and the other as the oppressed. This is Marxist critical race theory and is being taught to your children and grandchildren in the public schools every day. Right now, the face of oppression is the white, straight, male Christian. It is all a lie of course, but as the Nazis found out, if you tell a big enough lie and tell it often enough, people will believe it! The promoters of the lie have the entire mainstream media, the federal bureaucracy, Big Tech, and the world's wealthiest private foundations on their side. Helped by these divisions, radical secularism has gradually taken over the culture and fill the void that would be occupied for centuries by Christ's church.

    Many men are trapped into the fallout of the secularized, hellish culture that is modern America. They work at their jobs, they come home, watch sports or externally in some other diversion then go to bed and get up and start again. They do whatever is necessary to keep their minds off of the depressing decline of everything that has made America great, but there are consequences for this spiritual lethargy. Sometime around the onset of the Industrial Revolution, Western man stopped centering his life on Christ and His church and began to focus on career. A Majority of American men, especially those over 50, still identify as Christians. Many even hold conservative, family values. But they remain trapped in the mindset of today's secular-humanistic society and they continue to play by its rules. How many younger people that you know who don't go to church? That is why the patronage by worshipers is declining and threatening the existence of the churches. This mindset includes the belief that what you do for a living and how successful you are financially is what defines your value to society. It's common to hear men talk proudly about the things that they one another has done to accumulate stuff, such as homes, cars, boats, vacation homes, and the size of their 401(k)s. While there is nothing wrong with any of these things, and of course we all need to earn a living, but when material things become the overriding focus of one's life then our lives become out of balance and empty. The more disoriented culture becomes the more perfect the breeding ground for the most advanced, most militant form of secularism which is communism. A culture based on materialistic communism cannot survive. Russia learned this; China learned it an America will be learning the same soon.

    In 1931 Joseph Stalin filmed the demolition of Christ the Savior Cathedral, Russia's largest Orthodox Christian Church, for propaganda purposes and built the world's largest public swimming pool in its place. He thought he could crush Christianity by intimidation, brute force and propaganda. Tens of thousands of priests, pastors and laypeople were sent off to prison camps, many more were shot. But what was the result of that you asked, Christianity is thriving in Russia today. The new Cathedral of Christ the Savior, an exact replica of the original, was rebuilt and consecrated in Moscow on April 19, 2000. The swimming pool was filled in. A majority of Russians in a recent poll said they believe strongly in what Lenin and Stalin called the opiate of the people.

    We have two directions for the future course of America. We can take the events of the last year as an eye-opening lesson, realize the error of our ways and return to God, or, we can double down on nihilistic materialism and make whatever compromises are necessary to stay in the good graces of our secular-humanist commissars who think they can rule over us and keep us in our place through naked intimidation. Maybe that's why God allowed political power in America to be usurped by a godless, power-hungry, illegitimate administration maybe we needed to be jolted back into taking our lives more seriously than just saving up for that next material toy and whittling away our free time watching overgrown men throw leather balls.

    While the materialistic lifestyle many Americans have been caught up in, they have been comfortable and warm at times, many now find themselves feeling anxious and, tormented by personal conflict.

    You might be the star employee of some company but if you are caught harboring certain thoughts, your presence on the payroll becomes a liability in today's woke society. To preserve our God-given freedoms of speech, to dare to speak about the most fundamental truths such as God creating us as males and females in his image and that the value of all human life is sacred marks you as an enemy of the woke society. American Christians have no experience with persecution. This is something our fathers never had to deal with. They didn't have to deal with it on their jobs, in their communities and certainly not in their families. But we are learning how many of us have woke children who condemn us outright and treat us as pariahs simply because we hold to our old-fashioned beliefs. What we are learning as Western Christians is that those in what known in the East have known for centuries. It takes currents to practice Christianity under totalitarianism.

    Remember this quotation "courage is faith in a crisis."

    Americans are confused right now as to how they should react to the crisis at hand. They're not accustomed to being called extremist and domestic terrorist. Some are still not yet aware that we are living under a form of soft communism. They think this is just a brief phase that will pass and in 2022 the Republicans will take over and things will return to normal. Maybe that will be the case. But more than likely it won't. The leadership of the two major parties are working together, in unison, to make sure something like Trump, who believes in protecting America's borders and respecting the values of Christianity is never again elected to the highest office in the land. Have you ever noticed that even when the Republicans take Congress, we always end up with a GOP leader like John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell? These men are globalist who pander to the same special interests that Democrat politicians pander to on Wall Street. These multinational corporations want nothing more than an endless flow of cheap foreign labor, endless wars and the ability to outsource manufacturing jobs to China. These same global corporations want to silence patriotic Americans, take away their guns and brand them as white nationalist even if they don't go along with program. To confront and resist these totalitarians makes you vastly less valuable in the eyes of the modern secular world but hugely more valuable to the Kingdom of God.

    Most Americans were never taught by their parents, teachers or even their pastors that obedience to government ends at the point where godless politicians start making laws that turn right into wrong and wrong into right. It was always assumed that this is America, a nation governed by the rule of law, and that there was only so much evil that even the worst politician could accomplish. We have all those things but we are not the ones who exercise these things. Government and government officials are the ones that we rely upon to enforce these things and we can only respond at the ballot box at certain intervals.

    All of our protections have been exposed as extremely fragile. They can simply be ignored or selectively applied when wicked leaders are supported by a dishonest press and an education system that turns out global citizens brainwashed in socialist groupthink. History shows us how we got to this point and it will help us get back to the path of freedom. We must resist. Sometimes that is just a matter of standing up and saying "No".

    If we look to the God of the Bible and the Christians of past totalitarian societies for our roadmap, we will find that they went on the offensive, fearlessly declaring their faith and letting the chips fall where they may. At some point truth prevailed over the lie. It always does.

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