Is Biden Incompetent or is He Just a Puppet? | Beaufort County Now | We have all been talking about this steady march toward Socialism and Marxism. This group of Global Elites are calling the shots and it is them who created the circumstances to get this President elected.

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Who is The Puppeteer?

All of the Conservative Media have stated their belief that Biden is in cognitive decline, or stupid or both. I have no doubt that his mental faculties are not what they have been in the past, but he is not stupid or incompetent. The fact that his handlers limit his access to the White House Press Corps could be nothing more than limiting his well-known gaffes or miss-speaks, or his propensity to drift off topic.

I have little doubt that he knows exactly what is expected of him and that he is carrying out the instructions of the Global Elites that are behind all of the anti-American actions that he has taken since becoming President.

We have all been talking about this steady march toward Socialism and Marxism. This group of Global Elites are calling the shots and it is them who created the circumstances to get this President elected.

So, who are these Globalists and what is the objective that they wish to achieve with their puppet President? The list is very lengthy, but it can essentially be boiled down to a few major goals as per the following:

The first is to remove all obstacles to foreigners crossing the southern border. These people are streaming into our country unobstructed and being transported and dropped all over the country.

The second goal is to collapse the healthcare system. This will be accomplished when all of these people, crossing the border, need healthcare and go to their nearest hospital for treatment. They will get free healthcare and all their babies will be born without cost which will be borne by the hospitals. I know a Mexican who lives right here in Elizabeth City who has had three babies born at Albemarle Hospital at no cost to the parents. We can only imagine how many similar situations will occur in the coming years as this new class of immigrants enters our country.

Impair the supply lines of goods and services coming from abroad for sale in the United States. We saw a perfect example of what this will mean to us with pharmaceuticals coming from China and their reluctance to furnish us with those products because we were complaining about the source of the coronavirus.

Create a condition where our military is not respected in the world such as the situation with our departure from Afghanistan. We all know the individual components of what that situation was but most people wanted to give the administration the benefit of doubt, that this was not being done intentionally. I have absolutely no doubt that this was done on purpose in order to diminish our military in the eyes of our allies. When our allies believed that they cannot count on us and our enemies no longer fear us, the decline of the United States will be close at hand. Do you think that we can be counted on to support our ally, Israel? Obama ignored Israel. Will we do the same? If we enter a war in the Middle East will this be the impetus for Arab Countries to take out 2 enemies at the same time?

So, who are these global elites? As I have mentioned in several previous articles, a few of the principles are the World Economic Forum and their Chairman Klaus Schwab, the British Royal Family, Pope Francis, as well as the top executives of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank or chief among many that are advocating for the Great Reset. As we all know, this term is a slogan that is being used to avoid the use of the term New World Order.

I have written previously about the slogan that Biden is using, Build Back Better. This is a slogan that is used by the Democrats as a means of conveying a message that creates an impression that is one thing while the actual meaning of the term is something completely different. Most people might think that build means to create a better society by some means that have not been defined. What it really means is that citizens of the United States will no longer have the economy that has been the building blocks of wealth creation in the past. In this new society, the rich will get richer and everyone else will get poorer. At least that is what Biden and Pelosi and Schumer and others want to believe. But I believe that the reality is that these people are simply stooges at the top as a matter of convenience but once they have accomplished their task, they will be right down with the rest of us. The Chinese are ruthless people who will smile at you when they are face-to-face and turn you around and stab you in the back when they no longer need you.

Isn’t it curious that in order to Build Back Better, something must first be torn down. Why is no one asking that question?

I believe that everyone knows by now that the Covid-19 vaccination is very questionable in terms of its long-term benefits. That’s okay with Biden and company because they will demand that you take a booster shot such as the discussion we are now hearing where citizens who took the first shot as little as eight months ago are now facing their first booster shot. Biden is demanding that companies with more than 100 employees must take the shot or face being fired. There is no surprise that members of the military are reluctant to take the shot. You may be surprised to learn that 27 Air Force jet pilots have resigned since August 27. In addition, another 16 crewmembers for the B-52 bombers have also walked off the job.

In addition to the vaccine, digital vaccine passports will soon be required which will track your every move. They will know where you go, what you like or dislike, what you buy, where you buy it and every movement or action that you take. There are already plans of how to restrict access to Supermarkets unless you have received the shot. Did you know that Bill Gates is the largest owner of farm land in the US? What does he know that we don’t?

In addition to the passports, the use of our currency as a method of payment for everything that you purchase, will be changed over to a digital currency. The money that you have in your account can easily be displayed on your smart phone so when you purchase something that amount is deducted from the balance when your purchase is completed. I wrote about this last year when the issue of digital currency first became public. This is where the Bitcoin came from. The Banks will issue these digital currencies instead of Fiat or Paper Money.

We have reported what will happen when the conversion of the United States has finally taken place. For those of you who own a home, own a car or various other forms of creature comfort and accomplishment, you can expect those things to be confiscated. A statement by Klaus Schwab was that you would own nothing and you would be happy. So, for those Americans who want to believe the best will result from this utopian society, they should read some books and inform themselves as to what privileges they now have that will be lost once this transformation is completed.

If there is any doubt about any conclusionary statements made in this article, think about this: Biden is already attempting to drive the American economy into bankruptcy with this reckless spending and create hyperinflation in the process. Companies that own supermarkets are already saying that the cost of food is going to increase exponentially. He has already attempted to destroy the fossil fuel industry and most of all, he has attempted to drive the small business industry, out of business. Groups like Antifa have attempted to burn down some major cities and we have politicians and prosecutors in some areas of the country that won’t even prosecute these criminals. Can we expect more of this? There is no way to know at this time but if the intent is to drive businesses out of downtown areas so that wealthy people can purchase those properties on the cheap and develop them into rental properties, then perhaps this outcome might not be as far-fetched as it might first appear. Remember that over whelming the system has been taught by Cloward and Piven as a means of destroying the economy. They have indoctrinated people with an 8-point plan: 1) Control Healthcare, 2) Increase poverty, 3) Increase debt to an unsustainable level 4) Gun Control and remove self-defense, 5) Welfare control by taking control over every aspect of people’s lives, 6) Education control and control what children learn in school, 7) Religion control removing God from people’s lives, 8) Class warfare pitting people against each other such as the wealthy and the poor. Easy to tax the wealthy with support from the poor.

Canadian Prime Minister Justen Trudeau was recently quoted as saying that so much had been learned about the virus that they know how to use this is other circumstances. Clearly, the vaccine is more about control than any medicinal purpose. The Elites are using the virus as a means to usher in the means of total control.

Let there be no mistake that the issues we are dealing with today are not disconnected individual events but they are in fact a calculated and coordinated attempt to destroy the United States in order to create this utopian society that the Political Left envisions for us. If we are to survive this transformation, we must be prepared to fight for this country like no other fight we have ever had. Representative Maxine Waters was asked not long ago why they were pursuing an agenda that was anti-American. She answered very truthfully, “We Have the Guns”.

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