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By Rev. Mark Creech
Christian Action League
April 14, 2022

Those who follow my columns know that I haven’t addressed the issue of COVID vaccines, whether to get them or not. Exemplary Christian leaders have encouraged getting them, and many people have followed their advice. However, the information available has always been so conflicting that I never had any peace about recommending the jab one way or the other.

In August of 2021, I contracted a severe case of COVID, which lasted several weeks. I nearly died. I suffered a 105-degree temperature, which I cannot recall. I only know about it because my doctor told me. I could hardly think and process what was going on around me. I experienced profound flu-like symptoms, along with violent vomiting. Once I collapsed and went out like a light on the bathroom floor. I awakened to my wife calling out my name and rubbing me on the back. I have never experienced any sickness so severe. During a follow-up visit to my physician’s office, he shocked me by saying he was expecting me to die.

For several months afterward, I had to walk with a cane. My memory was significantly impaired. My cognitive functions were also blighted.

Currently, I’m being treated for COVID Brain and low energy. I have Long-Haul COVID symptoms and still find it challenging to work for more than half a day. I often feel as though I can never get enough sleep.

I wasn’t vaccinated when I came down with COVID, and one would think I would get the shots after all I went through. But I remain unvaccinated.

Here are some reasons why.

First, it seems that credible information about vaccines, which ought to have been known, have been withheld from the public.

Liberty Counsel, a Christian law firm led by Mat Staver, which focuses on religious liberty, has been vigorously fighting vaccine mandates and passports in court throughout the pandemic. Staver argues they are being used to restrict and control people. He says they are a serious threat to freedom and, if accepted, could be used by the government long after COVID.

I believe Staver to be a trusted source, and he says the FDA attempted to keep Pfizer’s COVID shot data a secret until a Texas Judge recently said that they couldn’t.

He notes a report by Journalist Kim Iverson who gives an overview of the documents meant to be suppressed, but were released by a court order on April 1st.

All of the following information has been admitted to by Pfizer and has been known by the FDA for over a year:

Natural Immunity Works. Study participants who had natural immunity from a previous COVID infection were protected against future COVID exposure. Not a single case of severe COVID was reported from the participants with natural immunity.

The shots weaken the immune system. Pfizer knew that for seven days after the first injection, white blood cells drop sharply, disrupting natural immunity and making it more difficult for the body to fight off viruses, bacteria, illness and serious disease.

The true death toll is far higher than reported. People who died in the week following the first injection were improperly recorded as “unvaccinated” despite having received the shot. Thus, the number of deaths from the Pfizer shots were false and underreported.

Shot injuries are more common in younger groups. Pfizer admits the highest prevalence of shot injuries was found in people under 55. In fact, the number of adverse events increased as the age of shot takers decreased. Yet the FDA and CDC have been pushing propaganda campaigns to inject these age groups despite the evidence they are more likely to be harmed.

Pfizer lied about myocarditis. The shots have caused 10 times more cases of myocarditis than Pfizer originally said.

Pfizer has no idea of the long-term side effects of these shots. Pfizer specifically notes it does not know the long-term effect on fertility, pregnancy, birth defects or safety for nursing children.

Pfizer cannot rule out Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE). This is a phenomenon in which the shots cause a worse and more deadly reaction when the person later comes in contact with the virus. The FDA knew about this concern as early as October 22, 2020!”

When attempts are made to keep critical facts such as these from the public, and the government knew the shots could be deadly, yet engaged in a billion-dollar campaign to get people to take them anyway, I smell a skunk in the woodpile. Something is seriously amiss.

Furthermore, what haven’t we been told about the other vaccines not manufactured by Pfizer? In light of such, shall I blindly offer my arm to the needle and syringe? As the steward of my own health that doesn’t seem a responsible course of action to me.

Second, beyond this weighty question, there seems to be a deeper issue that’s spiritual in nature. It appears the loss of faith in our culture is rendering many vulnerable to the exploitation of their fears of suffering and death. For many in our day, faith in God has been replaced by faith in science, despite the fact that many of the conclusions of science are ever-changing with time. Faith in the perceived absolute power and wisdom of science leads many to accept whatever the scientists say or advise, regardless. This is imprudent.

We should recognize medical science is not flawless. It cannot cure every illness, and it remains an art requiring guesswork and sometimes trial and error. A doctor who was recently going over my chart and discussing some of my remaining COVID symptoms admitted to me, “We really don’t know what we’re doing.” I appreciated his honesty. Some physicians act as if they expect their patients to defer to their judgments unquestionably.

Please understand me. I don’t intend to demean the value of medicine and its practitioners. They are God’s gift to us. Nevertheless, medicine is not an exact discipline, and doctors are fallible human beings. A healthy faith in the omnipotent power of God won’t allow for an uncritical trust in medicine. If our faith in God is sound, we won’t view health care institutions and professionals with an unwarranted sacral mystique. Instead, we’ll recognize they are imperfect instruments in the hands of our Creator, who alone provides healing.

Therefore, with so much uncertain and conflicting information about the COVID vaccines, I have chosen to remain unvaccinated. My faith is also a part of my resolve because it assures me whether facing tremendous suffering again or possible death, God’s grace, as it always has been, will be sufficient for my every need now and forever more.

Because of vaccine mandates and required vaccine passports, not everyone has been afforded to make this decision of conscience as I have. That’s wrong and it should be passionately resisted by every liberty-loving American.

May God’s richest of blessings be with you, coerced or free, vaccinated or not.

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