Thank You to WILD BILL FOR AMERICA For Endorsing “The Rufino Plan” to Put Power in the States’ Hands to Curb Federal Taxing and Spending | Beaufort County Now | Hey Everyone, I have some very exciting news to share.

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    Hey Everyone, I have some very exciting news to share.

    The wise and wonderful, and loveable Wild Bill for America (aka, Bill Finlay) has put out a video introducing "The Rufino Plan" for resisting the tyranny and control of the federal government. He is pushing it in Florida and with his Constitutional Party. The title of the video is "The Money Hammer Solution."


    As Wild Bill starts off in his video: "What's the difference between the Constitution Party and all the others? The Democrats and Republicans create problems and then they get re-elected by promising to fix those problems. But the never seem to get to that part. The Constitution Party brings common sense solutions that should have been implemented years ago. And today we're going to look at one of the best....

    By far the biggest weapon Washington DC has to use against us is the tax dollars they take from us. Look at a map of the United States. Washington DC is just a little speck. And that little speck confiscates horrendous amounts of money from all of us. Then they dole it back out to the States a little at a time - AS LONG AS THE STATES ARE DOING AS THEY ARE TOLD. That is the exact opposite of what our government is supposed to be.

    Washington DC is supposed to be subservient to the States, but as long as Congress holds the 'money hammer' we will be financial slaves to the Washington DC cabal.

    Diane Rufino has a brilliant plan to take that money hammer away from Congress and give it back to the States, where it belongs. Diane is a teacher, scientist, attorney, and excellent mother and wife. She has submitted what I call "THE RUFINO PLAN" to her home state of North Carolina. She is calling for North Carolina to set up a special escrow account.... "

    Please watch Wild Bill's video to see how he brilliantly describes my plan.

    "The Rufino Plan" is another name for my "State Escrow Accounts" plan to allow each State to put a most effective check on the size and scope of the federal government - by putting an end to unconstitutional taxing and spending. It puts the power to "check and balance" the actions of DC back into the hands of each State. Wild Bill calls it "a brilliant plan to take the "money hammer" away from Congress and give it back to the States. And hence, the title of his video is "The Money Hammer Solution," which I must say, is a much more palatable characterization of the problem and solution.

    Link to Wild Bill's video - OR

    Here are the references to my Plan, as posted on this, my blogsite:

    "The Rightful Remedy to Curb Federal Spending: State Escrow Accounts" -

    "State Escrow Accounts to Curb Federal Spending" -

    "A Proposed State Tenth Amendment Resolution Establishing a State Escrow Account to Curb Federal Spending" -
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