‘The Party Of Massacres’: ‘The View’s’ Sunny Hostin Wants To ‘Get Rid’ Of GOP, Republicans | Beaufort County Now | “The View’s” Sunny Hostin preached that America should get rid of the Republican Party.

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    "The View's" Sunny Hostin preached that America should get rid of the Republican Party.

    The conversation that prompted the remarks revolved around gun control and mass shootings.

    Hostin called the GOP "the party of massacres."

    "Look, I didn't always agree with Joy on this, 'Don't vote for Republicans,'" Hostin said, referring to co-host Joy Behar. "And you just can't vote for Republicans down the ticket."

    "I don't think that Mitch McConnell is going to legislate for gun safety," she started ranting. "You can't trust Mitch McConnell and his word, ever, because he's a filthy liar and has been for quite some time. Republicans get in lockstep against gun safety because all they care about is power."

    "And so I do not think that you can - and all everyone's talking about, even with red flag laws, is about temporarily taking guns away. It's a minor solution," she lectured.

    "The solution here is, as Whoopi (co-host Whoopi Goldberg) has said, is get the AR-15s off the planet, really, in my view," she opined. "Get rid of bump stocks; get rid of these weapons of war; and it's not gonna happen with Republicans in power."

    Hostin conveniently ignored the fact that the Democratic Party controls the White House as well as both houses of Congress.

    Then she reached her apotheosis: "So I'm now with you, Joy. Get rid of Republicans; get rid of the party. The party as it stands now, because it's the party of white supremacy, it's the party of insurrectionists, it's the party of massacres at this point. It's the party that - you can't trust it."

    In early May, Hostin mocked the idea of black and Latino Republicans, snarling, "I feel that's an oxymoron, a black Republican. ... I don't understand black Republicans and I don't understand Latino Republicans."

    That triggered Utah GOP Congressman Burgess Owens, who is black, to fire back, "There are people who look like me that instead of standing up for my race, they will do anything they have to do to keep in power. Those folks who want to stay on 'The View,' they will hold that line no matter how many blacks have been killed in these cities; how inflation is eating up our livelihood; how black businesses were burned during the last two years by Black Lives Matter."

    "They love their jobs; they love their power, they love their profitability," Owens charged. "These are the worst of the worst of our country. People who do not stand for every American living the American dream, particularly those who in the past had a difficult time getting there. We need to get back to basics: at the end of the day, those who focus on race are called racists. Period. I don't care if they're black or white."

    "Those of us who look at each other from the inside out and look for meritocracy," he stated. "Those of us who feel that the American dream could be of anyone, we need to make sure that message of hope and unity comes together, instead of this devious hatred and anger that we see on places like 'The View' right now."

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