IRG, U-Haul, and Election Observers | Eastern North Carolina Now | Never before in the history of U-Haul, founded in Phoenix after WWII to service the market of newly-discharged military personnel starting families, has there been a problem of this sort.

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   The Iranian Revolutionary Guard continues trying to assassinate former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton. Motivated by the Ayatollahs’ fatwa and promise of three million dollars bounty, an Iranian fanatic last week stabbed and nearly succeeded in murdering author Salmon Rushdie.  

   In order to celebrate these IRG promotions of international terrorism, the Biden Administration is begging the Islamic Republic to accept additional tens of billions of American dollars, in return for not detonating their nuclear weapon test, codename “Tel Aviv,” until after the mid-term elections.


   Congressional critics keep nipping at the heels of the Biden Administration over the continuous threats of international terrorist action by the Iranian government.  Republicans in Congress protest the White House program to dump billions of Fed-created dollars into the hands of the IRG, but it doesn’t matter.  

   Just doesn’t matter.  John Kerry and Valerie Jarrett are committed to subsidizing the International Reign of Terror by the IRG and the Ayatollahs with American taxpayer money, until the United States of America is brought to its bloody knees.  "Death To America ! !"  "Death To America ! !" remains the operative chant, led by radicals in the Democrat Party.

   U-Haul and other rental companies are having a serious problem.  So many people are making one-way rentals of trucks and large trailers out of California that they have no inventory in the Golden State.  Their inventory is piling up so deep in Florida, Texas and Tennessee that they are paralyzed.  In order to get a truck available in California, they have to fly a driver to Florida, then pay him to drive a rental truck pulling a large trailer 3,000 miles back to California.

   Same thing is true to a lesser degree regarding New York State, Illinois and Massachusetts.  All these states where people are voting with their feet.

   That process adds over $1,000 to the cost of making a truck available to rent in California.  In fact, it would be far cheaper to allow somebody in Florida to rent a truck for free if they will one-way it to California.

   Never before in the history of U-Haul, founded in Phoenix after WWII to service the market of newly-discharged military personnel starting families, has there been a problem of this sort.

   Noreen and I spent the day in training to be Official Election Observers, and I am crushed with despondency.  North Carolina has 101 Boards of Election, each with five members hand-selected and appointed by our radical Democrat governor.  The Boards of Election hire their precinct election workers, and appoint an Election Judge, always a Democrat partisan, for each precinct to supervise election conduct.

   Election observers are charged with being alert for violations of state election law taking place at the polling places.  They are forbidden to communicate with anyone whatsoever, except the Judge, who is under no obligation to respond in any way to law violations reportedly taking place under his supervision.  Election observers are able to document violations they see, and these reports are collated after the election is over, never to be acted on again.

   The hundreds and thousands of felony election law violations described by our instructor which he has personally observed over the years have never resulted in  any consequences for any of the corrupt officials who enabled them.  He said their typical reaction is to laugh at him.  The electoral corruption within the Democrat Party in our state is so deeply entrenched that they are completely impervious to the law, which is so riddled with loopholes as to be ineffective.

   The only way anything will ever change is if the laws are changed to establish a mechanism for enforcement, independent of the Democrat Party election machinery.  The only way any laws will be changed is by the legislative representatives who got their positions through the corrupt system.  Not a single one of them has any motivation to rock the boat that got them where they are.

   My enthusiasm for helping to establish integrity in North Carolina elections has boiled away to a crusty residue.  In this state the Margin of Fraud is apparently insuperable, now and forevermore.  My visions of honest elections have evaporated like the disappearing dreams of yesterday.

  May the Almighty have mercy on our Republic.

  Semper Fi ~ Guy

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