Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Tells Rogan Mark Zuckerberg Is ‘Now In Cahoots With FBI’ | Eastern North Carolina Now | Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, who usually reserves his most unhinged vitriol for the state of Israel, trained his acid tongue on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Thursday, telling Joe Rogan, the billionaire proved he is “in cahoots with FBI” by suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story

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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Katie Jerkovich.

    Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, who usually reserves his most unhinged vitriol for the state of Israel, trained his acid tongue on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Thursday, telling Joe Rogan, the billionaire proved he is "in cahoots with FBI" by suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election.

    During Spotify's "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast Thursday, Waters, who is widely viewed as anti-Semitic for his frequent rants about Israel, told the host that Zuckerberg shouldn't have his "finger on the delete button" and said the CEO is now part of the "propaganda to keep us all in line."

    "Zuckerberg, [Jeff] Bezos, you know [Bill] Gates, I don't care who they are," Waters said. "They are hugely rich, American oligarchs. I'm sure it's true of Russian oligarchs and Chinese oligarchs. They amass huge amounts of money because it gives them power."

    "Then they buy newspapers and television stations and whatever, so they become part of the system of propaganda to keep us all in line," he added. "I actually wrote a sketch about ... Zuckerberg. Unfortunately, it's not in the show."

    Waters then described the sketch that included a grumpy sounding Zuckerberg in a penthouse ordering an assistant who's there to tell him that they've run out of space to store all the money to "buy another f***ing island."

    Rogan talked about how Zuckerberg created the social network and how it's become "wildly popular."

    "And he's[Zuckerberg] now in cahoots with the FBI and the CIA and have some cozy meetings with them deciding who to allow to communicate with their brothers and sisters," Waters replied. "And who to censor."

    He has called Israel an "apartheid state" and has accused the country of carrying out a genocide against Palestinians.

    Rogan reminded the rocker he had Zuckerberg on his show and they discussed the squelching of the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election.

    Rogan said Zuckerberg told him the FBI came to them and warned them about some "Russian disinformation leading towards the election." In response, the CEO said they decided to "limit its engagement," as The Daily Wire previously reported.

    Waters called Zuckerberg a "prick" and said the FBI could "f*** off" with their "Russiagate."

    "They can f*** off," the rocker said. "If I ever hear about Russiagate again ..."

    Rogan replied that the "fascinating part" of the laptop "disinformation" story is that it turned out not to be true.

    "Well, the fact is in my view, what's really dangerous is this prick [Zuckerberg] has any hand at all in deciding what any of us read about anything," Waters explained. "He should not have his finger on the delete button on anything that goes through Facebook, in my view."

    "And certainly anything to do with foreign policy," he added. "For instance, for anything to do with the Ukraine war. You can't have Meta deciding what we should believe about that. It's bad enough that the whole of the print section of mainstream media and all television has decided what we should believe about the Ukraine."

    "So, they're all completely happy to tell us Russian soldiers have been raping babies to death. And then you know three days later, you find out that it's unattributable ... but nevertheless it's already been printed. And it goes somewhere into the conscious," Waters continued.

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