Project Veritas Appears To Catch Activist Boasting About Selling Illegal CRT Curriculum To Indoctrinate Kids, Mocking Gov. Kemp | Eastern North Carolina Now

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Amanda Prestigiacomo.

    A teaching activist and self-styled "equity, diversity, and inclusion specialist" allegedly appeared to boast on video that he intentionally breaks Georgia law by selling Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum materials to teachers in multiple districts, and mocked Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and his wife for being unaware of his scheme.

    Video released by investigative organization Project Veritas on Wednesday morning appeared to show Dr. Quintin Bostic, who reportedly serves as content manager for The Teaching Lab, unknowingly speaking to an undercover journalist for the organization in numerous settings.

    "I would say I'm a good salesman, but I'm also an evil salesman," Bostic brags about selling the CRT curriculum to be used on kids in kindergarten.

    According to the activist, using the term "diversity, equity, and inclusion," or "DEI," instead of CRT, is a good way to sneak in the content. "If you don't say the words 'Critical Race Theory,' you can technically teach it," he explained, adding that DEI "is more accepted than, like, anti-racist education or Critical Race Theory."

    Bostic then dissed the state for having "no clue" he's pushing CRT materials, noting that two districts - Cobb County and Fulton County - are using his materials. "There are teachers of color who are like, I want to use this," the activist said. Children can now learn the curriculum and eventually teach their own parents, Bostic argued, according to the video.

    "He's, like, such an idiot," the activist said, allegedly referring to Kemp. "Like his wife does a lot of stuff on education here as a former teacher, so she does like book donations and those books are just like," Bostic added, rolling his eyes.

    Asked what Marty Kemp would do if she found out about his CRT scheme, Bostic responded, "Oh I would get nailed, for sure." Bostic suggested his "business license" would be taken away, but noted he could just go on to consult.

    The activist noted that teachers are really the ones on the hook for the content, since they are the ones buying it.

    Back in April 2022, Kemp signed legislation to promote curriculum transparency for parents and banned divisive theories like CRT in the classroom.

    On Bostic's website promoting his work, he's described as an "equity, diversity, and inclusion specialist" with "a reputable career in the field of early childhood and elementary education."

    "With a vast amount of experience as a language and literacy content developer, public speaker, equity, diversity, and inclusion specialist, Quintin has built a reputable career in the field of early childhood and elementary education," the site boasts. "Quintin's Ph.D. research examines how ideas of race, racism, and power are communicated through children's picturebooks. He currently serves as a Partnerships Manager for the Teaching Lab. Quintin also serves as the Antiracism Co-Chair for the National Association for Professional Development Schools (NAPDS)."

Considering what has happened to our Representative Republic since the corruptive orthodoxy that led to the tolerated abomination - The Russia Hoax - where felonies were perpetrated upon the American People by the creation of the Two Tiered Justice System, in the misnomer of "Social Justice:" Where do you stand on sustaining our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in a society where injustice is chronically sanctioned by one political orthodoxy?
  I believe in a perfected society by employing a higher governmental authority to train the behavior of the public.
  The United States Constitution does not allow just a few freedoms, it guarantees ALL freedoms promised to Humankind by God.
  Just don't take away my Social Media.
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