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Pollution and an alleged link to childhood asthma is the reasoning behind latest government overreach plan

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the John Locke Foundation. The author of this post is Brittany Raymer.

    The federal government wants control of your kitchen, specifically whether you can have a gas-powered burner for your stove due to "indoor pollution." It's the latest bit of seeming crazy government overreach into the personal housing decisions of everyday Americans.

    When it comes to purchasing or building a home, having a gas-powered range with spider burners is the mark of luxury. It could even help increase the home price, with gas-powered homes selling for 6% more than the electric counterparts.

    But apparently, the federal government doesn't agree and wants to ban Americans use of the popular appliance.

    This came to light in a Bloomberg interview with Richard Trumka, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner, who said that the common kitchen appliance could be dangerous.

    "This is a hidden hazard," Trumka said. "Any option is on the table. Products that can't be made safe can be banned."

    His reasoning is that the appliance releases nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and fine particulate matter that has been linked by the World Health Organization to "respiratory illness, cardiovascular problems, cancer and other health conditions." A newly released peer-reviewed study also argues that 12% of childhood asthma cases could be linked to the use of a gas stove.

    RMI, a zero-carbon nonprofit, also claims that there are 50 years of studies showing that gas stoves are bad for our health.

    The Energy Department has joined this effort, considering regulating energy consumption for gas stoves, which could have a devastating impact on the industry.

    But rumblings that gas stoves might be on the chopping block have consumers up in arms. It's gotten so bad that Trumka had to respond to the insinuation.

    "We are not looking to go into anyone's homes and take away items that are already there. We don't do that," Trumka said. "If and when we get to regulation on the topic, it's always forward looking. You know, it applies to new products. Consumers always have the choice of what to keep in their homes, and we want to make sure that they do that with full information."

    He still admits that "everything's on the table."

    The situation's deteriorated so much that it's led to a bipartisan effort between Senate Energy Committee Chairman Joe Machin, D-VW., and Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to create legislation that would block the Consumer Product Safety Commission from using federal funds to ban gas stoves, whether new or existing.

    Manchin said, "The federal government has no business telling American families how to cook their dinner, which is why Senator Cruz and I introduced bipartisan legislation to ensure Americans decide how to cook in their own homes."

    "Make no mistake, radical environmentalists want to stop Americans from using natural gas," Cruz said. "The Consumer Product Safety Commission's proposed ban on gas stoves is the latest egregious scaremongering by the far left and their Biden administration allies."

    There are already concerns that certain sections of the government are overreaching into the lives of Americans and this situation is just another example.

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  I believe in a perfected society by employing a higher governmental authority to train the behavior of the public.
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