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NC Congressman Dan Bishop, other conservatives, come out against


Kevin McCarthy gave away the store to Biden in a debt limit increase deal, and conservatives are coming out in opposition to it.  One of the first to oppose the rotten deal was NC conservative Congreeeman Dan Bishop.  Apparently local congressman Greg Murphy has not taken a public position yet.   The deal calls for a $4 Trillion debt increase rather than the $1.5 billion in the bill that has been passed.  It only limits hiring the army of new IRS auditors for one year.  It delees a lot that was in the House passed bill.

Speaking of McCarthy's folly, Senator Mike Lee said it best - "With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats".

Call Congressman Murphey's office at 202-225-3415 and tell him to join Congressman Dan Bishop in opposition.  Our late Congressman Walter Jones who took a very hard line on spending and debt would have opposed this bill

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( May 30th, 2023 @ 6:52 am )
It is not a compromise. The point is well made that from a conservative standpoint, it is worse than the "clean" $1.5 Trillion increase the Democrats originally sought. McCarthy has been played and has illustrated his incompetence. It is time to vacate the chair. His choices of Republican congressmen to negotiate were very very poor, and it went downhill from there.
Big Bob said:
( May 29th, 2023 @ 9:20 pm )
its a compromise. The US cant default. If it does the political blame will spread far and wide. Neither party wants to be responsible. They. huff, They puff, but they will come to an agreement.
( May 29th, 2023 @ 1:19 pm )
I'm calling Greg Murphy's office tomorrow. This is something that Walter Jones would already be leading the charge against. Murphy seems to be on the fence. If he votes for this excrement sandwick, he should not expect votes from my family or I ever again, and he can expect that we will get behind any conservative primary challenger that comes along. We are getting clobbered by inflation, and that idiot McCarthy wants to let the Democrats keep on spending. That is just unacceptable. The piece linked above that says that McCarthy's deal is worse than the $1.5 Trillion "clean" increase is absolutely right. They haven't even cut out those 87,000 IRS auditor thugs.
( May 29th, 2023 @ 9:45 am )
Well, now we see the real Kevin McCarthy, and he is as much of a weasel at Boehner and Ryan were. He has betrayed Republican voters. If Greg Murphy votes for this, he needs a primary.

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