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Where will you be when they turn off the lights in the United States economy?

    I hope I am wrong, but chances are, I'm not. I've seen this melodrama before, and it was a sad story then, but this time, there will be a twist - a mad, mean twist that has a bad bent, a demonic desire to hurt good people, while merely grazing the not so good.

    Accordingly, strains of Candidate Obama's oft-mentioned phrase, "the rich should pay their fair share" will be at the heart of this sorry matter. A well meaning Federal Reserve President Ben Bernanke's "QE (Quantitative Easing) Forever" will remain in this grand Socialist's (The Candidate's) orbit, with its growing gravitational pull made worse by the constant greedy need of the unproductive, the promised, the backing force of the Obama juggernaut. At some point, that orbiting satellite will collide, in a great conflagration, with the remnants of the United States' free market, in this unsafe world, and Candidate Obama will stand idly by, promising more of other people's wealth to the great unworthy that will always vote government checks, or possibly, leave this sorry mess to a more worthy, competent president to struggle and, we pray, to repair this Republic's former promise that is so well tarnished in "The Candidate.'

    Candidate Obama has proven, in his imperial presidency, to be abjectly incurious of the exogenous events his wrong-headed policies have created. The Candidate, and his mindless minions, have, and will continue to blame all of his economy's systemic faults on former President George W. Bush, but only the collected beneficiaries of "The Candidate's" collective possess the intellectual dearth to continue to believe as this sorry mess unravels rather badly soon and for years to come.

    The rest of us, patriots from the beginning, will be left to pick up the pieces of this national nightmare from this disingenuous presidency, which is only about getting elected, and the election of other insipid politicians, like himself. If Americans are still bent on electing the Stupid, who would continue to carve up this nation's former promise to buy the political booty of more sorry, incapable incompetents, like "The Candidate," it's lights out, game over for America.

    I am usually of the mind of the irrepressible optimist, but this time it is different, and, sadly, I can "put my finger on it," and it might be unsolvable.

    Why so negative?

    Our present America is an entitlement society, not unlike the economies of Europe that are still ensnared in their own multi-year recession. Remarkably, the European entitlement, redistribution model has long been the template that Candidate Obama has well espoused as his goal for his "transformational America." Transformational America? You know; the America that the imperial First Lady, Michele Obama, can "finally be proud of."

    This is an America, built in some sectors into an uncaring, unworthy class of "entitled," and well rewarded subjects, who only vote Democrat, that will need another transformation, a reversion to its past if it is to survive the imperious political care from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barry Obama, the eternal candidate. It is an America that will have to survive an economy built on easy federal reserve money, the burgeoning food stamp industry, the stratospheric disability industry, the monopoly of a dysfunctional education industry, the "green jobs" / Democrat reward slush fund (formerly the public's money), and who could forget ObamaCare - the singular job killer of all time.

    This is the Obama economy. Its functionary foundation is built upon the "wires and mirrors" flow of: printing money in an unsafe world to sell bonds to skittish foreigners that bolsters, with historically low interest rates, a Democrat Senate's inability to construct a budget; fake unemployment numbers that gives only low talking lip-service to an inordinately low labor participation rate, which is bolstered by Obama's exploding food stamp industry and disability industry, a silly predilection toward "green job", "carbon footprint" and the economic "fairness" of redistribution.

    Couple this unsustainable Socialist platform of governing an "entitled" People, with a United States raging bull stock market, built upon easy (QE) money, a codependent bond market reactionary in the mean reversion of an over-accommodating federal reserve, and one has the murky soup of a potential collapse of the United States economy. The "greater fool theory" that is lending a potable power to an emerging equities market is also governing a Democrat economy built on handouts for votes and self-reliance only for the producing class that: the food stamp, disability, monopoly education, green/carbon footprint industries depend upon. This only works for those "entitled" folks, who have the budding intellect of a petulant child nurtured on the dictum of "What's in it for me," This "entitlement" intellect, unequivocally, will not lead this nation out of its intellectual quagmire led by the cool, the lost, the stupid that imbues the Democrat leadership in Washington, DC. Those who drink this potable Kool Aide of taking from one to give to the other, while kicking back, and living large while voting Democrat, understand this: This is not a sustainable lifestyle, nor an example for an environment to raise a family of functional Americans.

    If you don't care about these fundamentals of a proper social fabric, ask yourself: What will you do when the "other people's money runs out, and voting Democrat no longer serves your longstanding ambition of remaining without ambition?"

    How will the coolest president of all time serve you then?

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, while printing large sums of money to bolster an incompetent president and Democrat senate, while building an equities bubble is right about two key problems for future America: 1) an unsustainable federal debt built on uncontrolled spending, 2) the longer people stay out of work, the closer they come to joining the ranks of an unskilled work force.

    Understanding these basic economic truths leading to further tenuous times, aided with the firm realty that eventually "other peoples' money" will run out, what will the "entitled class" do?

    Understandably, some will organize a strategy to deal with the inevitable economic crash of a nation that will not elect leaders that form complex thoughts, when others will not. This probable reality as the "new normal" will be a harsh end for some, and, possibly, a new beginning for others.

    Which side of this great divide will you wind up on? Will you be that greater fool?
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