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One of the state's most powerful special interest groups, which has sometimes been called "the mother of all special interest groups", the center-left NC Chamber of Commerce has sent out a mailing endorsing Bob Brinson in the GOP primary for NC Senate.  The center-left Chamber assures us that Brinson is a "conservative" and they claim that Brinson, whose only public vote on taxes (on the New Bern city council) has been to RAISE them "can be trusted to cut our taxes."

In recent years, the Chamber has been associated with major liberal policy positions such as ending bathroom privacy by repealing NC's bathroom privacy law (thus legalizing biological men going into womens bathrooms and locker rooms), passing the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, and NC's Green New Deal, HB951.  On the Green New Deal, many businesses that use electricity testified at the Senate hearing against the bill due to its cost to them in higher electric rates, but major Chamber member, "woke" energy monopoly Duke Energy wanted the bill to boost its ESG credentials, so the Chamber pushed it to the detriment of many of its own members.  The Chamber is also historically very weak on illegal immigration issues.

The Chamber has moved steadily to the left over the years.  Half a century ago, it routinely supported Republicans over Democrats.  Then it moved to a position where it supported establishment Republicans over conservatives in primaries and establishment Republicans over Democrats in general elections.  The Chamber tilted even further left in 2020 by supporting a raft of Democrats against conservative Republicans in the general election for Congress, which led the US House Republican caucus to stop dealing with Chamber lobbyists on legislation.

When one compares Chamber positions with Brinson's stated positions, they do not match on many issues, just like the stated positions of Brinson do not match those of his major backers like liberal Senate boss Phil Berger and local liberal state senator Jim Perry.  All of that makes one wonder if Brinson is telling them something different from what he is telling voters.

The term "Chamber of Commerce Republican" has long been synonimous with "establishment Republican" or "Republican in Name Only (RINO)".  So now we have one of these critters running in our district.

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( March 2nd, 2024 @ 7:46 pm )
Brinson's alignment with the swampy Chamber of Commerce go back before he entered electoral politics. Online materials when he ran for New Bern Alderman show he mentioned attending Chamber political seminars prior to running. This guy is, indeed, a full fledged Chamber of Commerce Republican, a slimy swamp creature who should not be trusted.
( March 1st, 2024 @ 8:58 pm )
ANother of those Brinson postcards from the Phil Berger dark money group arrived today, and again had Brinson photoshopped onto a picture from elsewhere in North Carolina that is represented to be "our district". Again we had a dark money group that hides it's own donors try to tell us that Brinson represents "transparency" and they claim Brinson who is misrepresenting his record on taxes, which he voted to RAISE on the New Bern city council represents "honesty" and "integrity". This dark money group is full of BS.
( March 1st, 2024 @ 9:10 am )
The Chamber is also not exactly friendly to tax cuts. Brinson showed his true colors when he voted on the New Bern city council to raise taxes. We can conclude he is lying when he sends out postcards or others do for him that say he believes in tax cuts. That claim ia contradicted by Brinson's actual record in public office.
( February 29th, 2024 @ 9:42 pm )
The Chamber of Commerce has been absolutely HORRIBLE on illegal immigration, amnesty, and open borders for a long, long time. Their backing of Brinson for state senate tells you he is not on the level on his claims to oppose illegal immigration. Brinson also is the creature of the man who stopped the attempt to crack down on sancturary cities in NC, Senator Phil Berger. Berger is responsible for the lions share of Brinson's campaign funds and would thus "own" Brinson if he were to get elected.

Mike Speciale has always been a strong voice against illegal immigration. He has proven where he stands with a voting record in the NC House. Brinson, like his buddy Mark Robinson, is all talk, but with aliiances that raise big questions about whether he is being truthful with his talk.
Bubba said:
( February 29th, 2024 @ 7:05 am )
The more I learn about this Brinson dude, the more I see that he is a phony who is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

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