Missouri Atty. General opens investigation on Biden collusion in Trump prosecutions | Eastern North Carolina Now

Missouri's Attorney General, Andrew Bailey, has launched an invesigation into collusion by the Biden White House and Biden DOJ in the political prosecutions of President Trump.  His office has filed a demand for "communications relating to the illicit prosecutions of Doanld Trump".

Congressional committees are also conducting investigatiions into the coordination by the Biden White House and DOJ of the political prosecutions of President Trump.  Unlike a state Attorney General, however, the Congressional committees do not have the power to bring indictments.

A good example is the prosecutor in Alvin Bragg's office who is the lead counsel in the current Manhattan prosecution of Trump.   He has been paid previously by the Democrat National Committee as a political consultant and his wife is a big Biden political contributor.  He was given a very high ranking political appointmnet to the third ranking position in the DOJ after Biden's election and then resigned that to take a much less pretigious position professionally with the Manhattan District Attorney's office.  Attorneys just do not make those sort of downward career moves unless there is an agenda involved, such as being dispatched by the Biden apparatus to do a political hit on their chief opponent.

  He is not the only person from the Biden DOJ who went to Manhattan to work in the prosecution of Trump.  Another one recently pled the 5th Amendment in a congressional hearing when asked if he had ever broken the law in his investigation of Trump.

Prosecutors from the offices of Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, and Jack Smith also have their names in the visitor logs of the White House itself, not just the Biden DOJ.



Since President Trump is a candidate who will appear on the ballot in Missouri, it opens up potential prosecutions for things like election interference.  It would be nice to see thugs like Merrick Garland, Jack Smith, Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg and their underlings facing criminal charges in a Missouri court.  The shoe would then be on the other foot.  It would be nice to see some of these corrupt judges indicted, too, and Bragg's money man George Soros as well.

Lawfare is a two edged sword.  The Democrats unsheathed it for the first time in American political history and it may be about to swing back against them.  One can only hope so.

Meanwhile, more corruption in the way the persecution / prosecution of Trump by the Biden regime and its minions continues to be exposed:




The work of these Democrat hack prosecutors reminds one of Stalin's KGB Chief Beria, and his famous remark to Stalin preceding the Stalin Show Trials:

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Bubba said:
( May 10th, 2024 @ 5:45 pm )
Hooray for Missouri! Something like this has badly needed to be done. Go for it, guys!
( May 10th, 2024 @ 1:08 pm )
The biased dishonest political judges are as bad as the corrupt prosecutors, so hopefull they can get indicted, too. Take Juan Marchan in the Manhattan case, who is personally a Biden political contributor and has a daughter who works as a Democrat political consultant with Biden's running mate Kamala Harris as a client and who has actually fundraised off of this very case. Juan Marchan is a walking conflict of interest and should never have been allowed to preside over this case. His rulings are blatantly one-sided, putting a gag order on President Trump while allowing Bragg's witnesses to go on media tours. That is clearly a politically motivated ruling. Then he has allowed Bragg to put in irrelevent and prejudicial evidence while blocking relevant witnesses from Trump. This is a kangaroo court and this crooked judge needs some consequences for it.

Maybe some other state Attorney Generals will jump in with similar investigations and we can get these thugs prosecutors in multiple states for election interference. LOCK THEM UP!
( May 10th, 2024 @ 10:18 am )
This is very encouraging. I would love to see these despicable goons prosecutred in a heavily Republican Missouri county and do some serious time in a Missouri prison. And yes, the crooked judges, too.

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