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UK votes for parliament on July 4th, and EU voting for its parliament now


Nigel Farage, hero of Brexit and recently returned as leader of the populist nationalist anti-immigration Reform Party in the UK, was the clear winner of the BBC's televised election debate among seven parties contesting the July 4th parliamentary election.  A post-debate poll of 1,000 debate watchers found that 25% of them rated Farage the winner of the debate, significantly ahead of all the other party leaders including those of the major Labour and Conservative parties. 14% said there was no winner. Second place went to Labour's  leader with 18%.

Farage's strong debate performance comes only days after the most recent poll of voting intentions found that Reform had surged to within two points nationally of the governng Conservatives.

In the debate, Farage focused primarily on two issues, immigration and crime. The Reform Party has long opposed the climate alarmist Net Zero CO2 agenda which it calls "Net Stupid" but Farage put a new spin on the term when he called for Net Zero Immigration and explained how he intended to achieve that.

It was only after the campaign started that the Reform Party announced that Farage was leaving his slot as a TV commentator on GB News and resuming his role as leader of the party that he had originally founded as the Brexit Party   That has energized the party's campaign.  Farage is now the Reform candidate for parliament in the Clacton constituency, once won by the Brexit Party, where he is expected to easily defeat the Conservative incumbent.


The EU election is ongoing currently with member countries voting on a number of different days.  Polls have been predicting gains by the populist naitonalist right, losses for the left and greens, and little movement either way for the traditional conservatives.

In the Netherlands, which has already voted, exit polls show gains for the right, especially the populist right.  The populist nationalist anti-immigration Party for Freedom led by Geert Wilders is set to win 7 seats, a gain of 6 from the last EU election.  The Farmer Citizen Alliance, campaigning against what it calls "climate communism" will win its first 2 EU seats ever.  The traditional conservative VVD is on 4 seats, and the center-right Christian Democratic Appeal on 3 seats.  The ultra-conservative Reformed Party and the populist nationalist anti-immigration New Social Contract will win one seat each.  Parties of the left and greens will win 9 seats and the liberals 3.

In France, which has not yet voted, final election polls predict a blowout for the populist right against the governing globalist centrists.  The populist nationalist anti-immigration National Rally led by Marine LePen is in first place with 33%, more than doubling the 15% of President Macron's coalition which is in second place.  The Socialists are third with 14% followed by the far left France Unbowed at 8%, the traditional conservative Les Republicains at 7%,  and the more strident populist nationalist anti-immigration Reconquest Party at 6%.


UPDATE:  Here are the exit polls on Germany with seat allotments: CDU (traditional conservative) 23 (no change); AfD (populist nationalist anti-immigration right) 17 (gain of 6); Social Democrats (center-left) 14 (loss of 2); Green Party (left) 12 (loss of 9); Christian Social Union (Bavaria based staunch conservatives) 6 (gain of 1); BSW (populist anti-immigration anti-globalist left) 5 (new party); Free Democrats (small government center-right) 5 (no change);  Free Voters (populist nationalist anti-immigration right) 3 (gain of 3); Left Party (far left) 3 (loss of 5); Volt (pan-Europeanian federalist party) 3 (new).

In Austria, it is being reported that the populist nationalist anti-immigration Freedom Party is running first, with the tradional conservative Austrian Peoples Party second.  LePen's populist natiionalist anti-immigration National Rally has opened a wide lead in France over Macron, so much so that Macron has announced he is dissolving the national French parliament and calling a snap election for it.

UPDATE: Exit poll seat allocation in France: National Rally (populist nationalist anti-immigration right) 31 (gain of 8); Macron's coalition 14 (loss of 9); Socialists 13 (gain of 7); France Unbowed (far left) 8 (gain of 2); Les Republicains (traditional conservatives) 6 (loss of 2), Greens 5 (loss of 8); Reconquest (populist nationalist anti-immigration right) 4 (gain of 4).  That is an overall gain by the right of 10 seats with the populist right up 12 and the traditional right down 2.  The left had a net gain of 1, and the center a net loss of 9.


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Big Bob said:
( June 10th, 2024 @ 9:49 am )
FDR was in a wheelchair.
RR had Alzheimer's.
BC had an intern attached to his penis.
Nobody is perfect.

Never underestimate how many hate trump. Sure some love him but a lot hate him. Trump is your Hillary.
( June 10th, 2024 @ 9:49 am )
The situation with the UK's Conservative Party is really sad. Boris Johnson, a "small c" conservative, led them to a landslide victory in the last election. When a minor scandal erupted over Covid policies within the prime minister's residence, he seemed to be about to weather that storm when he was suddenly stabbed in the back by his number two in government, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and a couple of his allies, leading to Johnson's resignation. Sunak wanted the prime minister's job for himself. Under Conservative Party procedures, the Conservative members of parliament narrowed the choice for prime minister down to two and those two were submitted for vote by individual party members. Sunak was the top choice in parliament, but small "c" conservative Liz Truss easily defeated Sunak among the rank and file and became prime minister. Some big financial operators, who happened to be buddies of Sunak then went after the British pound financially, and the Bank of England, whose governor was a close Sunak ally refused to intervene. Truss resigned. This time in choosing a new prime minister, it was left just to parliament and the grassroots party members were not allowed to vote. "Fishy Rishi" Sunak then became the prime minister. Party polling under Sunak has been terrible, and backbenchers in parliament have been manuevering to try to replace Sunak with someone more electable, one possibility mentioned being a return of Boris Johnson. To protect his own flank, Sunak then called this election early.

This election is likely to be a low water mark of the Conservative Party, given the dislike of Sunak among grassroots Conservative voters, the strong appeal of Nigel Farage, and the fact that the right of center vote will be divided. Sunak has badly blown Johnson's landslide, and has set the stage for an almost certain Labour majority.
( June 9th, 2024 @ 12:11 pm )
When you think about the upcoming US debate, look at that picture with the British candidates all standing behind podiums, like all previous American presidential debates have been conducted. This year, however, the decrepid Joe Biden, who is falling apart, insists that the candidates sit at a table instead. If Biden can't function, why the heck is he even running?

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