Liberals Never Giver Up -The Gang of Four are Continuing to Build a Jail | Eastern North Carolina Now

    Publisher's note: This post was created by the Beaufort Observer Editorial Team.

    Jerry Langley, Ed Booth, Robert Belcher and Al Klemm, also known as the Gang of Four, have not slowed down in their effort to build a new jail. The jail committee continues to meet. They have applied for permits from the State authorities to build the jail.

    The Gang of Four requested another $125,000 at the September commissioners meeting. They have already spent two million dollars on architects. That money is gone. No one would admit what the additional $125,000 was for. The Gang of Four played dumb. This does not take a lot of acting ability on their part. Because no one would admit to how the money would be spent, even the Gang of Four allowed the issue to be tabled until we had an explanation from their consultants. With the Jail Committee meeting held this past week, the truth about theneed for the money is known. They need it to proceed with obtaining permits to build the jail.

    The money for this kind of permitting has not been approved by the entire board of commissioners. The public should think in terms of unauthorized expenditures and who may be responsible for paying these bills. Commissioners who spend money without the entire board having had a chance to vote could be held personally liable. That would be a fitting punishment for these four buffoons.

    Almost all of the Jail Committee's work had been done in secret without review or approval of the entire board. No question, the majority of the entire board of seven commissioners rules. The three board members, Langley, Belcher and Klemm along with their RINO buddy Ed Henry have made a lot of decisions, most of them bad, for the public. The County Attorney has reminded them on several occasions that anything they do should be approved by a majority vote of the endtire Board of County Commissioners. The Gang of Four has votes on the board but are so arrogant they refuse to submit to board control. Also, if they submit to the control of the board, their bad decisions will be exposed and they will suffer even more criticism. Like what are we spending an additonal $125,000.00 for.

    Make no mistake, the only way this jail construction will be stopped is to elect commissioners during the November elections who will vote to stop this gusher of spending. The jail has not been full during the past four months. We only had 71 prisoners at the end of August. That means 14 beds were empty. Gang of Four, please explain why we need a new jail. We will continue to have an empty jail because those prisoners who had sat in jail for up to two years without a trial cases have been tried. Most of our prisoners have been there for about six months. That is too long. A quick and speedy trial will do a lot for reducing criminality in Beaufort County.

    Candidates Kidwell and Waters have signed letters saying they will vote to stop the jail. Candidate Buzzeo says he is against he jail at Chocowinity. Democrat candidates Ed Booth and Robert Cayton will not say they oppose the jail.
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